Issue 44

Papa John’s UAE : A Slice of Success

With a customer centric focus oven-baked into the company’s operations, Tapan Vaidya, CEO at the UAE master franchise of iconic US pizza giant Papa John’s, talks expansion and consumer-led innovation.

Phoebe Harper By Phoebe Harper

SLOVMAG, a.s. Lubenik : Materials to Handle the Heat

We speak to Milan Kvetko, Commercial Director of SLOVMAG, a.s. Lubeník, about enhancing the handling and processing of refractories in Slovakia.

thyssenkrupp Industrial Solutions Middle East & Africa

We speak to Dr. Wilfred Barkhuizen, CEO of thyssenkrupp Industrial Solutions Middle East & Africa, about the company’s delivery of industry plants and systems across countries, and its expanding digitalisation in the field.

Sohar Stones : Quarrying for Quality in Oman

Aggregates are used in a variety of applications across global industry. We speak to Jamie McTaggart, General Manager at Sohar Stones LLC, about the company’s operations and expansion in the Oman region.

Saviola Holding : Regenerative Manufacturing

Working solely with 100 percent recycled wood, Saviola Holding and the Composad furniture division embody the circular economy. We peel back the layers with Senior Managing Director, Nicola Negri.

Middle East Solar Industry Association (MESIA) : Spotlight

An overview of the growth of renewable energy across the Middle East and Northern Africa, and the increasing exploitation of solar power.

Heidi Chocolat : Chocolate that Inspires

The executive team at Heidi Chocolat tell us about the sweet taste of success for the chocolatier, where a positive zest of life is the key ingredient.

Jack Salter By Jack Salter

Eco Baltia : Leading Environmental Management in Latvia

Across the Baltics, material recycling and waste management is led by a few key operators placing sustainability at the fore. We speak to Māris Simanovics, Group CEO of Eco Baltia, to learn more about the industry.

Desert INK : Context-Driven Places

Creating exciting places with local materials and native plants, desert INK demonstrates what can be achieved when smart, ecological and human-centric thinking is placed at the forefront of the development process.

Chemkostav : Building Since 1996

Celebrating 25 years in the construction sector, we take a look at Chemkostav, and speak to Tibor Mačuga, CEO and Chairman of the Board, about how the firm has changed and what lies ahead.

Camlin Group : Optimising Green Infrastructure

Driven by the twin focus of technological development and sustainable practices, we take a look at Camlin Group and speak to Michael Cunningham, Managing Director of the Camlin Energy division, to learn more.

Marcus Kääpä By Marcus Kääpä

ATOS : Decarbonising Digital

Jean-Claude Geha, Global Head of Sales for Telecoms, Media and Technology industry at Atos, discusses acquisitive growth and driving carbon neutrality through digital transformation.

ASCO Industries : Passion in Precision

Since 1954, ASCO Industries has thrived as an historic family-owned aerospace engineering business supplying manufacturing of quality.

Dubai Property Outlook : Bouncing Back Strongest

Paul Rothschild, Chief Advisor at PLDD Platinum Luxury Design & Development and BlackRock Asset Services, discusses Dubai’s property market, the impact of COVID-19 and what’s in store.

Paul Rothschild By Paul Rothschild

Europe’s Mobile Banking Evolution : Topical Focus

Accessible at the swipe of a finger, we explore the technological progression of mobile banking and mobile payments in Europe.

Jack Salter By Jack Salter

Pandrol: Sustainability and Rail Infrastructure

Eran Gartner, rail industrialist and CEO of global infrastructure specialist Pandrol, gives his perspective on putting sustainable principles into practice in our challenging, changing world.

Eran Gartner By Eran Gartner

COP26 : The Summit of the Century

Climate change is a clear and present threat to both people and the planet. We take a look at the COP26 conference in Glasgow, and what agreements have been made so far.

Marcus Kääpä By Marcus Kääpä

What has inspired you the most throughout your career?

We gave featured business leaders of the issue the final word in answering “What has inspired you the most throughout your career?”

Editorial Team By Editorial Team