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Expo 2020 : Topical Focus

Expo 2020, the first ever World Expo hosted in the Middle East, Africa and South Asia (MEASA) region, is showcasing the best examples of collaboration, cooperation and innovation from around the world.

Jack Salter By Jack Salter

Dubai Property Outlook : Bouncing Back Strongest

Paul Rothschild, Chief Advisor at PLDD Platinum Luxury Design & Development and BlackRock Asset Services, discusses Dubai’s property market, the impact of COVID-19 and what’s in store.

Paul Rothschild By Paul Rothschild

DocuSign: From Paper to Platform

COVID-19 has changed many aspects of our work and lives. Looking to the digital transformation of signatures, we turn to Matt Gibbons, Regional Vice President at DocuSign, and compare the old ways to the new.

Matt Gibbons By Matt Gibbons

CETA : The EU-Canada Summit

As the EU's most advanced and progressive trade agreement to date, CETA is a landmark accord that sets the benchmark for future agreements.

Editor By Editor

UAE : A Thriving Hub for Entrepreneurs

The UAE continues to serve as a hub for business innovation: a new study shows the number of LinkedIn members noting entrepreneurship has doubled in the past year.

Editor By Editor

World Brand Congress

World Brand Congress celebrates its Silver Jubilee in 2016 with a schedule of global events celebrating innovation in diverse areas.

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Hybrid Strategy Challenges Traditional Global Business Norm

Following a hybrid competitive strategy leads to superior financial performance in the internationalisation of high-technology companies, shows a new Finnish study in the field of marketing.

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UK Economy Needs to Upskill to Secure Future Growth

If the right steps are taken to optimise the UK’s digital capability, GDP could experience an additional £59 billion boost by 2020.

Editor By Editor

London for Tech Start-ups

Compared to its European rivals in the tech markets of Paris and Berlin, technology start-ups in London have attracted record levels of investment in the past year, receiving more than £1 billion in funding in 2014.

Guest Author By Guest Author

Russia Misses Out On an Eastern Renaissance

Stagnation or unspectacular stability is a distant dream for Russia however, as its ongoing veer towards complete independence similarly veers the country towards an inevitable economic depression.

Editorial Team By Editorial Team