Nicholas Kernan

Nick Kernan is Project Manager (Manufacturing) specialising in showcasing innovation and corporate success across Europe and the Middle East. Nick works with c-suite executives, industry titans and sector disruptors to bring you exclusive features. Nick also works on our APAC Outlook Magazine.
Project Manager
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KNF Flodos AG : Delivering Unmatched Proficiency

KNF Flodos AG delivers quality engineering, meticulous design, and outstanding innovation in diaphragm pump technology. We discover more with Chief Marketing Officer, Michael Davies.

Ed Budds Nicholas Kernan By Ed Budds Nicholas Kernan

Knightsbridge Development Corporation

Knightsbridge Development Corporation is championing social housing and large-scale project development from Canada. We speak to Will Smith, President and CEO, about the company’s central mission and its latest developments across the world.

Collegiate UK : Studying, Socialising and Sleeping in Style

Collegiate UK is changing perceptions of student accommodation and providing safe spaces for studying and living. We speak to CEO Robert Moyle to learn more.

Vita Group : Urban Living Reimagined

Informed by data and insights, Vita Group is the intelligence-driven platform redefining the residential space. David Ancell, Chief Brand Officer, tells us more.

Staticus : Contractors in Virtuosity 

When it comes to navigating the often-challenging European construction industry, Staticus has taken centre stage for providing long-term value for its clients, partners and society. We catch up with CEO, Ausra Vankeviciute, on smart building concepts and construction with an environmental conscience.

Ed Budds Nicholas Kernan By Ed Budds Nicholas Kernan

Hollis : Consultants in Excellence

Hollis has grown impressively into a multi-faceted real estate consultancy firm with business spanning all of Europe. Managing Director, Alex Brown, breaks down the company’s proven recipe for success.

Ed Budds Nicholas Kernan By Ed Budds Nicholas Kernan

Dormio : The Suite Life of the Hotel Industry

Dormio offers a vast array of resorts and hotels in inspiring holiday destinations. CEO, Don Van Schaik describes the premium services on offer.

Ed Budds Nicholas Kernan By Ed Budds Nicholas Kernan

ATI Project : The Summit of Italian Design

Architecture exists as a rooted cultural thread in Italy. We speak to Branko Zrnic, President of ATI Project, and talk about the relatively young company, its projects and explosive success in the sector.