What has inspired you the most throughout your career?

Editorial Team
Editorial Team
The Final Word: Career Inspiration

We gave featured business leaders of the issue the final word in answering “What has inspired you the most throughout your career?”

Jean-Claude Geha, Senior Vice President and Global Head of Sales, Atos TMT

“There are two aspects – the technology that we have been working with for many years can do so much good for humanity, to simplify and improve our daily lives. Most importantly, it can create opportunities and include a lot of people that were not previously included, particularly in health and safety, employment, education, and banking to name a few.

“The other aspect that influences my passion for this industry is the possibility for us to have a tremendous impact on a green society, and help humanity face this big eco-challenge. What we work with every day is very useful in this space across all sectors.”  

Andy Gatesy, CEO and Chairman, Toly Group 

“This had to be my father; he was the pioneer behind Toly. He fled Eastern Europe and his home country twice in his life in search of a better one, and he constantly believed in his future, proving that he had the resilience and showing strength through adversity. And from this, he not only learnt new skills but remained a positive person – a man of the people – and the mixture of these things formed the backbone of our company that lasts to this day.”

Duncan Denley, Managing Director, desert INK 

“For myself personally, nature has been a huge inspiration to me all of my life. As a child I largely spent my time outside, building things to take into the woods, going on camping trips with family, all those kinds of things. Sadly, I think that we see this less in kids today, and I know how much nature can fuel creativity and wellness. All of my greatest inspirations in the area of landscaping architecture have come from outdoors activities, whether that is a simple walk, hiking, camping or windsurfing. Nature brings out our best ideas.”

Michael Cunningham, Managing Director, Camlin Energy 

“My inspiration is definitely my father, for having the vision and courage to create something out of nothing. There is a type of heroism I feel in that, and I am also inspired daily by the dedication of many of my colleagues. I am lucky to be surrounded by highly talented people, working hard and trying to do things that make a difference.”

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