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Expert Eye : Cultivating an Inclusive Ethos in Payment Technology

Catharina Eklof, Chief Commercial Officer of IDEX Biometrics, discusses diversity and inclusivity as instrumental factors in unlocking growth in biometrics, payments and more.

Catharina Eklof By Catharina Eklof

FISITA : Evolution Not Revolution

Chris Mason, CEO at FISITA explores the continued transition of the automotive and mobility industry.

Chris Mason By Chris Mason

Expert Eye: Can Technology Solve Greenwashing?

With global warming dangerously close to spiralling out of control, the sustainability agenda is more crucial than ever. Companies are under heightened scrutiny and as a result, pressure to adapt and re-shape their strategies to ensure sustainability is a priority.

Abbie Morris By Abbie Morris

Pandrol: Sustainability and Rail Infrastructure

Eran Gartner, rail industrialist and CEO of global infrastructure specialist Pandrol, gives his perspective on putting sustainable principles into practice in our challenging, changing world.

Eran Gartner By Eran Gartner

Supply Chain Resilience : Are You Risk Ready?

Sue Williams, supply chain specialist and Managing Director of Hexagon Consultants, talks about improving the resilience of supply chains.

Sue Williams By Sue Williams

DocuSign: From Paper to Platform

COVID-19 has changed many aspects of our work and lives. Looking to the digital transformation of signatures, we turn to Matt Gibbons, Regional Vice President at DocuSign, and compare the old ways to the new.

Matt Gibbons By Matt Gibbons

Spinnaker Support: Digital Transformation

COVID-19 has accelerated the imperative for digital transformation. But what does this really mean in today’s world? We get the inside line from Martin Biggs, Vice President and General Manager for EMEA at Spinnaker Support.

Martin Biggs By Martin Biggs

Harmonic : From Technology to Benefits

Digital transformation is an oft-touted phrase, but what does it mean in practice? Tom Samuel, Chief Executive of Harmonic, shares his thoughts.

Tom Samuel By Tom Samuel

Expert Eye: Navigating the digital future in the Middle East

Transaction banking in the Middle East is undergoing a digital transformation. How can banks effectively traverse this complex, fast moving landscape and embrace the digital age? Written by: Bana Akkad Azhari, Head of Relationship Management MEA & CIS, BNY Mellon Treasury Services  Over the past decade, digitisation has been changing the shape of the finance industry in the Middle East, acting as an enabler for banks to meet evolving client needs for transparency and speed. Now, the COVID-19 pandemic is further accelerating this trend, with the uptake of digital technology capabilities reaching new levels.  Indeed, although today’s unprecedented environment, and the accompanying move to “working from home”, has caused considerable disruption, it is also having the positive effect of bringing the digitalisation agenda to the fore. With paper-based methods of corresponding and transacting not only impractical but often simply impossible in the circumstances, banks in the region have reported significant increases in the adoption and use of digital solutions. And, in a recent PwC survey, half of the Middle East’s CFOs indicated that they plan to accelerate automation and new ways of working.  COVID-19 is therefore helping to drive rapid change, paving the way for a more agile, digital future. Against this backdrop, banks need to support clients along their digital journeys and provide a holistic suite of solutions that meet the broad range of individual client needs. By delivering digital capabilities – through a combination of more traditional methods, cutting-edge technologies and strategic partnerships – banks in the Middle East can help clients optimise their position in the new

Editor By Editor

Four Steps to an Impactful Sustainability Programme for Retailers

Capgemini’s Tim Bridges outlines how retail organisations can achieve impactful and positive change through sustainability strategies.

Guest Author By Guest Author