Krisha Canlas

Project Manager
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Aruba Investment Agency : Spotlight

As a top investment destination, Aruba is all sunny skies, cool trade winds, and anything but business as usual.

Krisha CanlasJack Salter By Krisha Canlas Jack Salter

Medicoindustrien : Denmark MedTech Spotlight

From remote patient monitoring to robotic surgery, we talk to Peter Huntley, General Manager of Medicoindustrien, about the culture of collaboration that makes Denmark a MedTech authority.

German Solar Association (BSW) : Spotlight

Germany is full speed ahead on the European solar-coaster. We speak with the German Solar Association (BSW) to discuss future ambitions.

Middle East Solar Industry Association (MESIA) : Spotlight

An overview of the growth of renewable energy across the Middle East and Northern Africa, and the increasing exploitation of solar power.

The Polish Alternative Fuels Association (PSPA) : Spotlight

The Polish Alternative Fuels Association are the unifying, educational voice furthering the potential of low-emission transport across Poland and the CEE region. Chief Expert of the Board, Aleksander Rajch, examines the organisation today, ahead of an industry-defining decade.

APPA Renovables : Spain’s Renewable Energy Sector 

We speak to APPA Renovables and examine the development of renewable energies on Spain’s journey towards decarbonisation, as the country endeavours to reduce imports and diversify the energy mix.