REZA Food Services Co. Ltd

Saudi Arabian food and beverage is an up-and-coming industry. We spoke to REZA Food Services Co. Ltd. about its operations across the Kingdom’s western and southern regions representing the McDonald’s brand

APPA Renovables

We examine the development of renewable energies on Spain’s journey towards decarbonisation, as the country endeavours to reduce imports and diversify the energy mix

Archea Associati

Executives at Archea Associati reflect on their organisation’s journey and the significant evolution since the studio’s founding in 1988

Emirates Beton

With an agile approach a necessity in the market today, Osama Hamad, General Manager of Emirates Beton, discusses evolution and how his firm is embracing change at scale


We speak to Evergas and discuss the company’s progressive environmental and people-centric mission within the European shipping sector


A family-owned enterprise of Italian origin, Faci S.p.A have been a mainstay in the chemical manufacturing sector since 1943. We discuss geographical expansion, circular production, and implementing a culture of quality


We take a look at Garbuio and the company’s development and innovative operations within the European tobacco machinery and equipment manufacturing sector

Glunz & Jensen

Martin Overgaard Hansen, CEO of Glunz & Jensen, discusses his company’s transformation and previews its place in the market post-COVID-19

Lahti Energy

Providing sustainable district heating in Finland, we speak to Jouni Haikarainen, CEO of Lahti Energia, about the company’s progressively green mission for carbon neutrality

Oman Cement Co.

Construction in the Middle East is a large industry. We take a look at Oman Cement Company, a key player within the cement production sector within Oman


Aviram Shotten, Chief Information Officer at Qualitest Group, discusses the emergence of AI within quality assurance

Suzuki Garphyttan

A key player in the steel manufacturing industry, we speak to Suzuki Garphyttan’s CEO Ad Raatgeep about the company’s provision of steel wiring for pan-industrial purposes

Synsam Group

A brick-and-mortar business dominating the Nordic’s optical retail sphere, Synsam Group are synonymous with constant innovation. We speak with Chief Innovation Officer Martin Daniels to discuss consumer-led improvements and forging a brand identity with sustainability at the fore


TenneT, one of Europe’s major investors in national and cross-border grid connections on land and at sea, is set to play a pivotal role in the energy transition


Joshua Gould, CEO at thebigword, discusses the evolution of the language technology industry and his company’s goal of making the world smaller by giving everyone the power to communicate without the language barrier


Cristian Taranu, Managing Director at UMEX, discusses his company’s position at the helm of Romania’s port operation

Valmet Automotive

A key player in the European automotive manufacturing industry, we spoke to Valmet Automotive about the company’s multiple business lines and its roots and growth into the up-and-coming EV manufacturing space