Despite the challenges presented by COVID-19, Romanian retailer Profi continues to diversify and grow its business to the benefit of consumers

Al Taiseer Aluminium Company

The Middle East’s metal industry is substantial, we spoke to Suliman Al Oufi, CEO of Al Taiseer Aluminium Company, about the latest in Saudi Arabian metal production

Bateel International

Ata Atmar, CEO at Bateel, discusses his organisation’s innovative approach in the Middle Eastern gourmet food market

dpa lighting consultants

We spoke to Richard Bolt, Partner at dpa lighting consultants, about the company at the centre of the lighting design industry

DSA Architects

On the back of a disruptive 2020, Tim Goodall, Partner at DSA Architects, discusses the challenge of navigating today’s dynamic Middle Eastern market

Global Technical Group

We spoke to Fadi Rida, Founder and Managing Partner of Global Technical Group, about Romania’s up-and-coming tech industry and his company’s position within it

Gulf Extrusions

Gulf Extrusions has enacted a number of projects which are delivering a competitive advantage to the benefit of its customers, from state-of-the-art die simulation to several environmentally beneficial initiatives

Itema Group

We spoke to Ugo Ghilardi, Principal CEO of Itema Group, about the textile machinery manufacturing industry, and how the company stays ahead of its competition amid the repercussions of COVID-19

Korozo Group

Filip Lens, CEO at Korozo Group, discusses the importance of harnessing a greener approach in day-to-day operations as well as in the product design

Lafarge Iraq

Lafarge Iraq is driving diversification for both a more sustainable national economy and to improve the lives of local people


As the inventor of the technology behind pre-insulated pipes, LOGSTOR’s inspired energy-efficient heating solutions are helping to turn the tide on climate change

Melecs Group

Bernhard Pulferer, CEO at Melecs Group, discusses the introduction of new technology to harness efficiency at his organisation

Mista SpA

We spoke to Luigi Costa, CEO of Mista spa, about the opportunities and obstacles presented to the firm in the wake of the past year, and its goals set for 2021

Moravia Cans

We take a dive into Moravia Cans and explore the role it plays as a key component in the Czech Republic’s manufacturing space

Ouneva Group

Executives from Ouneva Group discuss the organisation’s transformation journey and its position in Finland’s manufacturing industry today


Jan Marstorp, CEO of Plockmatic International Group, discusses the evolution of manufacturing in Sweden

Te & Kaffi

In a country that is crazy about coffee, we chat with Gudmundur Halldorsson, CEO at Te & Kaffi, to examine what drives his organisation forward


For over a century, Teknikum has been at the forefront of the rubber industry, manufacturing quality products with a commitment to sustainability

UTIL Group

We spoke to automotive parts manufacturer UTIL Group about the shift in supply and demand in the automotive industry in Europe and beyond