Premogovnik Velenje (Velenje Coal Mine)

Premogovnik Velenje (Velenje Coal Mine) continues to supply vital coal to Slovenia’s energy mix, the operation representing one of the most sophisticated in Europe, with plans afoot to ensure its long-term future

Cargo Control Company

Through its two leading brands, Cargo Control Company is on a mission to make transport safer and more efficient across Europe

CBRE Façade Consultancy

Throughout 2020, CBRE Façade Consultancy has gone from strength to strength, offering its clients technical support and specialist advice on building façades

Ceramika Paradyż

Ceramika Paradyz is determined to propel Poland to new heights in a European industry traditionally dominated by producers in Spain and Italy


Corplex is committed to reducing waste and driving industry-wide change with its closed loop concepts and circular solutions

Euro Mechanical

As the world tackles the health and socioeconomic challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, Abu Dhabi’s Euro Mechanical continues to make progress on projects and diversify its operations

Glass Aftercare / Open Entrances

Glass Aftercare and its sister company Open Entrances continue to deliver above and beyond for clients, its meticulous attention to detail and capacity to deliver safely and often outside of the box proving to be a winning formula

Hala Supply Chain Services

Hala Supply Chain Services continues to develop and expand in line with Saudi Arabia’s 2030 vision, the aim being to build a truly international logistics hub

Lati Industria Thermoplastici

Lati Industria Thermoplastici (LATI) has been in business for 75 years, valuing long-term customer relationships and prioritising employee satisfaction

OBMI Architecture

From urban communities to island resorts, OBMI is the firm that creates globally spanning construction projects designed to represent the company values of preservation, heritage, luxury, and sustainability

Saint James Hospital Group

As COVID-19 dominates the 2020 agenda, we talk to Saint James Hospital Group about its aims to boost the advancement of medical facilities in Malta and beyond


Salrom is Romania’s largest salt producer, but it also offers unique saline tourism excursions into the country’s disused mines

Saviola Holding & Composad

Eco-ethical particleboard manufacturer Saviola Group has been embracing principles of sustainability and upcycling decades before it was considered fashionable


The story of Luciano Bonaria and his company SPEA – set up in the 1970s, today it stands proud as a go-to partner for vital electronic equipment testing


CEO Adrian Popescu talks about the challenges posed by COVID-19 and the innovative improvements TMK-Artrom has made to better serve customers of the steel pipes industry


Valtronic continues to reset the boundaries of possibility within the medical device space, the contract manufacturer renowned for its formidable pool of industry skills and knowledge

Water Services Corporation

The Mediterranean island of Malta is a world leader in water management, pioneering reverse osmosis and leakage management strategies