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Supply Chain Resilience : Are You Risk Ready?

Sue Williams, supply chain specialist and Managing Director of Hexagon Consultants, talks about improving the resilience of supply chains.

Sue Williams By Sue Williams

Kinaxis: Navigating the supply chain ‘pingdemic’

Fraser Ironside, Director Business Consulting at Kinaxis, reflects on the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic and the disruption caused by the ping of the NHS Covid app.

Fraser Ironside By Fraser Ironside

EVBox Group : Euro Electrification

“We are driven by an absolute passion for the sustainable future of transportation.” We speak to Madelein Smit, CIO of EVBox Group, about the company supplying Europe with the most advanced EV charging solutions.

NSPCC : Shielding the Vulnerable

The NSPCC stands at the forefront of child safeguarding across the UK. We speak to Greig Sharman, CTO of the organisation, about its latest developments protecting the vulnerable in the digital realm.

RelyOn Nutec : Taking Safety Digital

RelyOn Nutec is a global firm dedicated to protecting people, assets, and the environment. CEO Torben Harring discusses propagating competence and compliance through cutting-edge technology.

Amazon Fresh: Cashier-Less Convenience

Following the launch of the sixth London Amazon Fresh store, we take a look at the till-less shopping phenomenon.

Phoebe Harper By Phoebe Harper

DocuSign: From Paper to Platform

COVID-19 has changed many aspects of our work and lives. Looking to the digital transformation of signatures, we turn to Matt Gibbons, Regional Vice President at DocuSign, and compare the old ways to the new.

Matt Gibbons By Matt Gibbons

thebigword : The Power of Language

Joshua Gould, CEO at thebigword, discusses the evolution of the language technology industry and his company’s goal of making the world smaller by giving everyone the power to communicate without the language barrier.

Qualitest : Revolutionising Quality Engineering

Aviram Shotten, Chief Information Officer at Qualitest Group, discusses the emergence of AI within quality assurance.

Spinnaker Support: Digital Transformation

COVID-19 has accelerated the imperative for digital transformation. But what does this really mean in today’s world? We get the inside line from Martin Biggs, Vice President and General Manager for EMEA at Spinnaker Support.

Martin Biggs By Martin Biggs