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Cameron Lawrence is Project Manager (Supply Chain, Logistics, and Transport) specialising in showcasing innovation and corporate success across Europe and the Middle East. Cameron works with c-suite executives, industry titans and sector disruptors to bring you exclusive features. Cameron also works on our Africa Outlook Magazine.
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Inchcape Shipping Services : At the Prow of Global Shipping

Inchcape Shipping Services is the iconic name that is synonymous with the global maritime industry. A historical enterprise embracing modernity, we honour its 175th anniversary with CEO, Frank Olsen.

Qatar Post : Modernising Mail

Launching into the digital age, Qatar Post is the national postal service provider on a transformation journey, as outlined by Jamal Sultan Al Mohammadi, Director of Sales and Marketing.

Milaha : Sailing Towards Bright Horizons

Milaha has expanded vastly into a multi-faceted titan of the Qatari shipping industry. We talk to I PCEO, Eng. Mohammed Swidan, who delves into the company’s safe, reliable, and sustainable services.

Ed Budds Cameron Lawrence By Ed Budds Cameron Lawrence

Van Moer Logistics : Green Cargo Land and Sea

Van Moer Logistics is changing the face of European logistics. Founder and CEO, Jo Van Moer, discusses the latest developments in the space centred around helping people and the planet.

Trading Line Group : Expediters of the Danube

Trading Line Group is charting new waters for Romania’s future in remote piloting. We find out more with CEO, Paul Ivanov.

DP World : Shipping Since Antiquity

Constanța stands as a historically strategic hub for trade. We explore the importance of the city’s port to interconnecting east and west Europe with Cosmin Carstea, CEO of DP World in Romania.

Girteka Logistics : Meeting Logistical Demand 

Efficient logistical solutions are the key to moving time-sensitive produce across Europe and beyond. Jens Romer Sode, COO Scandinavia of Girteka Logistics, discusses the company’s latest investments in the space.

Port of Turku

Finland’s Gateway to the World  Port of Turku is an important source of vitality for the Finnish economy, acting as an epicentre for national tourism and trade by serving more than three million people every year    Writer: Jonathan Dyble  |  Project Manager: Alistair Bailey   Maritime activities have always been tremendously important to Northwestern Europe. From the Vikings (800-1066 AD) leveraging their unrivalled naval architecture in consolidating commercial shipping routes between the Baltic Sea and the Caspian Sea, to the Hanseatic League – an alliance of roughly 160 European trading settlements that controlled some 60,000 tonnes of shipping by the end of the 15th century – waterborne trade has been a staple of the region for well over a millennia.   Of course, the rise of road and air freight have enabled diversification in global trading activities, but the upper continent’s coastal geographies have ensured that the sea is still critically important even today.   Take a look at Finland, for example. Approximately 90 percent of its imports and 80 percent of its exports are currently carried by ships, its key national maritime hubs and shipping routes acting as the vital organs and arteries of the country.   Within this context, Port of Turku is a vital chamber in Finland’s heart. With activities dating back to 1154 AD, this once humble trading town is now the home of 186,000 people. “Port of Turku is the bridgehead between Finland and Scandinavia,” explains Erik Söderholm, the port’s Managing Director. “Why? Because it takes 10 hours to travel

Cameron Lawrence By Cameron Lawrence