Issue 40

Trumpf Group : Cutting Edge Tech

Machinery manufacturing is a critical sector. We spoke to TRUMPF Group about the necessity of adaptation in the industry and the company’s position at the forefront of laser-cut machine parts provision.

Marcus Kääpä By Marcus Kääpä

TNI Corporation : Building a Global Coffee Empire

The story behind the rise of TNI King Coffee, a Vietnamese coffee brand and café franchise with ambitious plans at home and abroad.

Schüco Middle East : Flexibility and Façades

Utilising innovative new methods of operation, Schüco Middle East represents the forefront of the UAE’s construction and development sector. We spoke to Alastair Common, Technical Director, about Schüco’s place and projects in the industry.

Marcus KääpäRyan Gray By Marcus Kääpä Ryan Gray

KR Pfiffner Group : Making Machinery

Revolutionising the manufacturing industry, we spoke to Andreas Ewald, CEO of Swiss firm KR Pfiffner Group, about the company’s innovative and forward-thinking place within the sector.

Marcus Kääpä By Marcus Kääpä

Nice : A Home for the Future

Italian manufacturer Nice is at the forefront of Home Automation. Morris Carr, General Manager of Nice’s Northern Europe operations, discusses the company’s reputation as an innovator in the field and the potential of smart homes to create a world without barriers.

Marelli : Automotive Innovation

The name MARELLI equates to manufacturing excellence. We speak with Antonio Ferrara, CEO of MARELLI’s Ride Dynamics about pioneering innovation and sustainability within a leading global independent automotive components supplier.

Phoebe HarperKierron Rose By Phoebe Harper Kierron Rose

Kaolin EAD : Mining in Bulgaria

Dr Wolf Harlfinger, who has served as CEO at Kaolin since 2013, discusses the state of mining in Bulgaria today.

Imprima Group : Refashioning Textiles

Seamlessly weaving together tradition, imagination and innovation, Imprima has become a global player in the textiles manufacturing market. A company as unique as their custom designs, CEO Federico Benevolo discusses the prospect of a sustainable future.

GM Architects : Creating Quality Design

As a leading architecture firm in Lebanon, GM Architects values quality. We chat with Galal Mahmoud, President of the organisation, to find out more.

Ryan GrayEditorial Team By Ryan Gray Editorial Team

Cornaglia Group : An Italian Legacy 

Amidst significant investment, family-owned manufacturing company Cornaglia is seeking expansion and growth at scale.

Ant Yapi Group : Global Construction

An international player in the construction industry, we spoke to Ant Yapi Group about its global place at the fore of the sector.

Marcus KääpäRyan Gray By Marcus Kääpä Ryan Gray

2getthere : The Future of Mobility

Having undergone significant transformation over the past three decades, Robbert Lohmann, Chief Commercial Officer at 2getthere, recounts his firm’s journey and its standing within the industry today.

Kierron Rose By Kierron Rose

Lahti : Europe’s Green Capital of 2021

Announced as the European Commission’s Green Capital of 2021, we take a closer look at Lahti, the Finnish city championing eco-innovation, low-carbon lifestyles and a circular economy

Phoebe Harper By Phoebe Harper

Harmonic : From Technology to Benefits

Digital transformation is an oft-touted phrase, but what does it mean in practice? Tom Samuel, Chief Executive of Harmonic, shares his thoughts.

Tom Samuel By Tom Samuel


The events industry has changed over the past year, we look at Swapcard and its provision of a digital interaction platform for virtual and hybrid events.

Marcus Kääpä By Marcus Kääpä

Roadchef: Serving the UK’s commute

As one of Britain’s leading roadside service area operators, we speak with Mark Fox, CEO at Roadchef, to uncover how the company has responded to the reality of serving a nation in lockdown.

Editorial Team By Editorial Team