Callam Waller

Senior Head of Projects
15 Business Articles

Saint James Hospital Group : A Maltese Mainstay

As COVID-19 dominates the 2020 agenda, we talk to Saint James Hospital Group about its aims to boost the advancement of medical facilities in Malta and beyond.

Domel : A Driving Force for Good

Slovenia’s Domel has been manufacturing electric motors for use in a variety of home, automotive and industrial applications for seven decades, the cooperative defined by its sustainable, responsible approach to business.

Abdali Hospital : Reinvigorating Medical Tourism

Abdali Hospital is pioneering higher standards in the region’s healthcare industry, the multi-specialty hospital in Amman delivering quality care to local patients and medical tourists alike.

Novomed Centers : Better Beats Bigger

Through its network of hospitals and clinics in the UAE, Novomed Centers is providing treatment with honesty and integrity at its heart, the company specialising in traditionally underserved areas of healthcare.

MediGuide International : Improving Outcomes

MediGuide is removing the geographical limitations of healthcare, its global network of partners and employees helping to bring on-demand diagnoses to patients in 152 countries around the world.

Akureyri Hospital : High Class Healthcare

Akureyri Hospital continues to strive for excellence in healthcare services in Iceland, innovating, optimising and expanding in the face of many health-related challenges. Bjarni Jónasson, its CEO, lays bare the current landscape.

Aarhus University Hospital : Rising to the Challenge

Aarhus University Hospital is at the epicentre of optimisation and transformation across the country’s rapidly progressing healthcare sector.

Össur : Facilitating Freedom

Össur continues to redefine the boundaries of prosthetic possibility, investing heavily in R&D to ensure its products become accessible to everyone who needs them.