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"On behalf of the President of Seven Emirates Investment, Mr Khamis Al Subousi, I take pleasure in thanking you for the amazing article published in the magazine about 7-Eleven in UAE."

Hiba Chloun, Secretary, Seven Emirates Investment L.L.C

"Absolutely delighted with the coverage! Thank you so much for the opportunity to highlight the work of our agency and the instrumental role our CG [Commissioner-General] plays in advocating for both this work and the need for political solutions. We will regularly read your magazine!"

Misbah M. Sheikh, Chief, Private Partnerships Division, UNRWA

"Please allow me to once again thank you for the article on BQT in your magazine - very well compiled, visually and content wise. It really has been a pleasure working with the team at Outlook and we hope to be able to work together with you [again] sometime in the near future."

 Vijay Kewalramani, Sales & Marketing Manager, Barakat Quality Plus 

"It was my pleasure to have co-operated with you on this project. The article has come out well and has been well received and appreciated from our circles already. I would like to express my sincere thanks and gratitude to all the staff who worked hard on this project, and we hope to co-operate with you on later projects too."

Titu Alex, General Manager, Citi PAK

"I appreciate all the hard work and efforts put in by the team at Outlook Publishing in a short span of time. The end result is a remarkable article/brochure. We shall keep in touch with your team for future opportunities."

Salman Shaban, Senior Manager, Lucky Group

"It was a pleasure and we are very happy with the result."

Konstantin Wolf, Chief Financial Officer, The meeco Group

"Congratulations on another great magazine. EME Outlook did a great job regarding the evolution story of a food and beverage conglomerate, Shirin Asal. We take this opportunity to explain how wonderful your work is; it is so much more than a magazine. We are deeply thankful to all of you at Outlook Publishing, managing the project in the best manner. We hope that Europe & Middle East Outlook, as a well-known magazine, will continue to cover the latest news and continuous development of Shirin Asal."

Dr. Farhad Badie, Marketing Manager, Shirin Asal Food Industrial Group

"We thank you for your work on Hemani and preparing such an amazing editorial...the team was extremely helpful and assisted in all ways. I will be presenting the magazine to the Government of UAE and Pakistan and will let you know their feedback. [We] will stay in touch."

Zohair Hemani, Marketing Executive, Hemani Group of Companies  

"Thank you and the rest of the team. Each one of you, in his own turn gave me the best service and attention. It has been a pleasure."

Eran Yoren, CMO Business Development, Gilat Satcom

"The article is, to say the least, SPLENDID! Our executives and staff members all agree that EME Outlook has presented Delta Food in a very positive light. Your editorial team headed by Mr. Matthew Staff has done a great job in presenting the article and anyone can easily relate with the significant aspects of the company's rise from scratch to what it is today. We shall place the link on our web page and on our Facebook page. We appreciate the extra marketing mileage that the feature will give us. We would definitely update you on our future growth in 2016."

Marivic Ramonal, Marketing Coordinator, Delta Food Industries FZC

"I would like to start by congratulating Europe Outlook on their work. We really appreciate the time and effort and the article reflects Nijhuis very well, and we will definitely use this to promote Nijhuis. Keep up the good work and we look forward to collaborating with you again in the future!"

Steven Nieuwboer, Marketing Officer, Nijhuis Industries

"Thank you for the co-operation with our article, it looks very good."

Anders Tollsten, CEO, Coromatic

"Your publication is really great! The article is really gorgeous, really great job! We have already shared it."

Maximilien Lejune, Executive Director, European Best Destinations

"I am very impressed with the magazine. The quality of the articles are really top notch."

Rudolph Horn, General Manager Oracle - Dimension Data

"Many thanks.  The magazine looks very good and I am really pleased with our advert."
Stuart Whitehouse, Heads & All Threads

"Thanks to the Outlook team. Opti-Solar’s editorial, full page Ad appeared beautifully! I look forward to working on similar project soon."
Rehan, Director EMEA, Opti-Solar

"I sincerely thank you all, on behalf of the entire company and myself, for the magnificent presentation of Badel 1862 in Europe & Middle East Outlook. We are delighted with the text, page break and the presentation of the story about us and our products. We placed the link to the story right away on our web page and we will soon place it on our Facebook page as well. I submitted the news regarding the story you published about us to the most influential Croatian media and they promised to publish the information about this in their next editions. I am convinced that this will be a good recommendation for your publication in the Croatian business community."
Branka Stipić, Senior Coordinator for Corporate Communications, Badel 1862

"It was a pleasure to be working with you guys and definitely I will be keen to look at the next issue with EDMI being featured. I am also glad that EDMI has the honour to be featured under the Technology page which should increase the awareness and populate more "fans" around our company I hope. Rest assured that if I do have any press releases in the future, I will be forwarding a copy to you guys!"
Elvin Lin Xujie, Marketing Manager, EDMI
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