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With a presence at all major ports across Saudi Arabia, and backed by over a quarter of a century of professional experience, Sedres Group provides the local expertise and insight required to achieve smooth clearances, hassle-free cargo operations, crew services, supplies, and the quick dispatch of vessels. We find out more with Fahad Al Daihani, CEO of Sedres Group, and Adil Zobair, Vice President of Sedres Maritime.


“The allure of the sea captivated me from a young age thanks to the thriving maritime industry in Jubail, Saudi Arabia. Witnessing such prosperous marine trade ignited my passion for logistics.” 

The opening words of Fahad Al Daihani, CEO of Sedres Group (Sedres), reflect the flourishing nature of the Middle Eastern maritime sector as a market that is increasingly dynamic and continues to embrace emerging trends across sustainability and digitalisation.  

“There’s a strong push for sustainability, with alternative fuels and port innovations gaining traction. It’s a demanding space, but for those who thrive on problem-solving and shaping the future, it’s incredibly exciting,” he enthuses. 

With a degree in marketing, Fahad joined the company in 2016 to gain hands-on experience in operations and supply chain management. Now, as CEO, he drives innovation and growth, leveraging his exposure and expertise to lead the company towards success while always upholding values of excellence. 

For the past two decades, Adil Zobair, Vice President of Sedres Maritime, has steered a successful course in the industry, his expertise further bolstered by a degree in supply chain management. Having joined the company five years ago, his leadership and keen understanding of logistics have been instrumental in propelling the company’s growth.


Today, Sedres stands proudly at the forefront of the maritime and logistics industry, offering a comprehensive suite of services tailored to meet the diverse needs of its vast swathe of clients.  

As a ship agency service provider, the company’s aim is to streamline operations for vessel owners, shippers, and charterers conducting business in Saudi Arabia.   

From vessel agency, freight forwarding, customs clearance, chemicals trading, and marine stores, to managing the full supply chain spectrum and port operations, the multifaceted business provides end-to-end solutions that prioritise efficiency, reliability, and cost-effectiveness.  

Headquartered in Jubail, Saudi Arabia, Sedres’ strategic presence extends across the Middle East region with offices in Jeddah, Riyadh, Dammam, Ras Tanura, Khafji, Bahrain, and the United Arab Emirates (UAE).  

“Driven by a passion for efficiently serving our global clientele, we continuously expand our network of offices and business partners,” explains Fahad. 

Established in 1993, Sedres has grown exponentially from a company catering to limited services to now being capable of providing complete marine and total logistics solutions for its range of esteemed clients.  

“Our comprehensive array of services cover shipping agency, crew change, land transportation, customs clearance, ship handling, construction, and many more through joint venture (JV) partners, with the ability to provide bespoke services to suit individual client requirements,” he continues. 

Now backed by over 30 years of profound industry experience, Sedres has developed an enviable industry reputation for reliable solutions, prompt responses, and timely delivery. 

With an esteemed clientele spanning various sectors including oil and gas, shipping, and trading, this expanded customer diversity reflects Sedres’ ability to adapt and deliver tailored solutions to meet the unique demands of each industry.  

Additionally, with a strong commitment to client satisfaction, Sedres has built a reputation as a trusted partner in navigating the complexities of international trade and transportation. 

The company’s ongoing success is driven by its dedicated team of over 500 professionals who are passionate about delivering excellence in every aspect of operations. With their expertise and unwavering dedication, Sedres’ team continuously strives to exceed expectations and set new industry standards. 


Sedres navigates the ever-changing seas of the logistics industry by prioritising innovation and client satisfaction.  

“We’re not content with simply following the current – we actively seek out emerging trends and translate them into cutting-edge solutions. We listen intently to our diverse clientele, understand their specific needs, and craft customised approaches,” Adil elaborates. 

This ensures that every client, from long-established giants to nimble start-ups, receives the personalised service that keeps their businesses moving forward, reinforcing Sedres’ position as a trusted partner in maritime and logistics solutions. 

At present, Sedres is incredibly excited about its upcoming Ras Al Khair advanced ship support facility project, slated to be operational within the next 24 months.  

This state-of-the-art facility will be strategically located to serve Aramco’s growing offshore activities and maritime traffic in the Arabian Gulf. 

“The Ras Al Khair advanced ship support facility will offer a comprehensive suite of services, including essential supplies for day-to-day operations, as well as a fully equipped repair yard for maintenance and even emergency repairs. We will leverage the latest technologies to ensure efficient turnaround times, minimising downtime for our customers,” he excites.   

The base will also prioritise sustainability, as the company plans to incorporate eco-friendly practices like waste management solutions and potentially explore options for on-site renewable energy generation. 

“This new facility is just one of many exciting projects in our pipeline. We’re constantly exploring opportunities to expand our service offerings and geographic reach, and this commitment to innovation ensures Sedres remains at the forefront of the maritime support industry,” Fahad adds passionately. 

In addition to Ras Al Khair, the business is actively looking into similar projects in other key regions as it believes these strategic outposts will not only strengthen its presence but also empower Sedres to better serve the evolving needs of its global customers.

“We’re not content with simply following the current – we actively seek out emerging trends and translate them into cutting-edge solutions”

Adil Zobair, Vice President, Sedres Maritime


Fahad believes it’s an exciting time to be at the helm, navigating growth and shaping the future of maritime logistics in Saudi Arabia. 

“Our future charters a selection of clear goals, and we are exploring strategic expansion into new ports within the region, while keeping a keen eye on potential diversification opportunities in the burgeoning energy sector,” he affirms. 

Moreover, there is plenty of scope for exciting new technology in the maritime industry, as many companies are now exploring underwater drones for inspection and repair purposes which promise to revolutionise vessel maintenance.  

Innovations such as this hold immense potential to reduce costs and emissions, as well as improve safety for Sedres’ crew and the environment.   

“We are expanding and will continue to do so by extending our activities into new fields and geographies, both by adding new partners to our business and by improving upon our own service models to maintain our leadership as an end-to-end supply chain solutions provider in Saudi Arabia and beyond. 

“Overall, I feel thrilled about the future of shipping! Advancements in artificial intelligence (AI) for optimised routes and maintenance, along with the potential of clean energy sources like hydrogen, promise a greener, more efficient future,” Fahad concludes enthusiastically.


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