Hemani Group of Companies : Realising a Vision

Editorial Team
Editorial Team

Hemani General Trading LLC is affirming itself as an internationally significant pioneer in the promotion of herbal products via a series of regional expansions, capital investments, certifications, tradeshow appearances and unrivalled experience.


Incepted in 1949 in Pakistan, the Company’s move to Dubai in the 1990s set the tone for its more recent successes and continuous improvements, but this isn’t to say that the former nation was left behind; the Company merely capitalising on the migration as part of its wider international network expansion plans.

Now, following further diversifications and rebrandings in the early-mid 2000s, Hemani is an entirely self sufficient producer, manufacturer and trader of an ever-broadening product range that comprises spices, gums and medicinal products; all designed with herbal benefits at the core.

“Hemani has a range of more than 600 products now, which we both manufacture and export, making us not only a producer, but an ambassador of our products in many countries around the world,” enthuses the Company’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Mr Mustafa Hemani.

Continuing the family business’s legacy following his father’s creation of the Company back in the 1940s, Mr Hemani himself has been learning the trade and the benefits of herbal products for the past four decades, and knows that such experience is almost impossible to compete with as he looks to gain further saturation in the global market.

He continues: “Slowly and gradually we are moving into more regions. As well as the Middle East, Subcontinent and Africa, we are also looking towards Europe, the US and even the Russian area, as well as planning some acquisitions too.

“Our vision has to be broad because we know what people want and what the next generation might want, so it’s our vision to bring this policy to all the countries, bringing new products and new perspectives on herbal products and cosmetics in the process.”


The past 15 years have arguably witnessed the most significant diversifications and steps forward in Hemani General Trading’s evolution; beginning in 2003 with the vision of contributing more value-add services and products, and compounded in 2007 via the decision to dramatically increase capacities and the product portfolio once again.

Receiving numerous accolades in both the Middle East and Pakistan as a consequence, the gradual development that has occurred ever since has led to a substantial increase in production capacities as a direct result of increased and enhanced facilities.

“For example, in 2008 we had one tea machine and one oil machine, and now we have six of the very fastest lines, able to produce 200 bottles a minute,” Mr Hemani explains. “We are expanding day by day which is essential if you want to be in the market.

“We work 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to make sure that we can cope with the amount of demand and to reach international standards.”

Incorporated into this philosophy is a more heightened reliance on automation, ensuring improved levels of consistency and quality imperative to an ever-widening customer demographic.

Mr Hemani continues: “We are updating and upgrading our processes and machinery on an ongoing basis, bringing in the latest technologies and automated lines.

“This is complemented by our hiring strategy, where we bring in young, fresh blood with new visions and new ideas to combine with the experience we have in the industry, and the new technologies they will be optimising.”


Improving internal processes, capacities and capabilities is all good and well, but Hemani General Trading’s key ability lies in its experience and the subsequent ability to tailor these internal facets towards optimum successes at the end of the value chain.

Being able to identify and establish the right products for the right demographic of customer, in the right regions, in line with the right consumer trends, is a combination that the Company has more than perfected and is complemented by a series of marketing and advertising campaigns.

Facilitating the ability to remain ahead of the industry curve is Hemani General Trading’s appearance at numerous globally significant industry exhibitions, including the recent Gulfood tradeshow in the Middle East.

Mr Hemani says: “Gulfood is one of the best ways for us to show off our products to the rest of the world.

“People attend from a long way away so that gives us a platform, but we then stand out as one of perhaps only five – out of 5,000 exhibitors – that have such high levels of experience in herbal products.”

It is this experience over the course of the past 60-plus years that places Hemani General Trading in a whole other realm when it comes to separating itself from the wider market and in becoming a trusted partner imparting knowledge on often new product ranges.

Beginning with Mr Hemani’s father all those years ago, this differentiator continues to this day, as the Company strives to bring its unparalleled expertise in the sector to as wide an audience as possible; as it now looks to replicate its reputation on a truly global scale.

“Our policy has always been and remains to benefit people and to bring value to mankind,” the CEO concludes. “When the intention is good then the money will come so that is no matter for us.

“Our aim is to focus on how we can benefit people through our herbal products by providing them with the best products at a competitive price.”

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