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Heidi Chocolat : Chocolate that Inspires

The executive team at Heidi Chocolat tell us about the sweet taste of success for the chocolatier, where a positive zest of life is the key ingredient.

Jack Salter By Jack Salter

REZA Food Services Co. Ltd : The Kingdom’s Kitchen

Saudi Arabian food and beverage is an up-and-coming industry. We spoke to REZA Food Services Co. Ltd. about its operations across the Kingdom’s western and southern regions representing the McDonald’s brand.

Marcus KääpäLiam Pye By Marcus Kääpä Liam Pye

De Cecco: Unmistakable Pasta without Compromise,

Renowned as one of Italy’s finest producers of pasta, we speak with Carlo Aquilano, Commercial Director at De Cecco, to delve deeper into the organisation and its passion for pasta that has stood the test of time.

Editorial TeamLiam Pye By Editorial Team Liam Pye

TNI Corporation : Building a Global Coffee Empire

The story behind the rise of TNI King Coffee, a Vietnamese coffee brand and café franchise with ambitious plans at home and abroad.

Bateel International : Authentic Culinary Temptations

Ata Atmar, CEO at Bateel, discusses his organisation’s innovative approach in the Middle Eastern gourmet food market.

Editorial Team By Editorial Team

Tony’s Chocolonely : Chocolate with a Conscience

As consumers become more conscious about the origins of where products come from, we caught up with Tony’s Chocolonely to see how inequality can be removed from the industry.

Marcus Kääpä By Marcus Kääpä

Fire in the Hole! Alan ‘Big Al’ Barratt and the Rise of Grenade

Alan ‘Big Al’ Barratt’s explosively successful Grenade brand is a true manifestation of his personality and life experiences, the journey beginning at the age of 15 when he first set foot in a gym.

Editorial Team By Editorial Team

Examining the Sustainable Ethos of BrewDog

Not only is BrewDog the UK’s fastest-growing brand food and beverage brand, it also stands out for its charitable activities and environmental ethos.

Editorial Team By Editorial Team

McDonald’s UAE: QSR’s Quarter Centurion

A household QSR name that requires no introduction, McDonald's UAE is celebrating 25 years since arriving in 1994.

Editorial Team By Editorial Team

Mazoon Dairy : Fulfilling a Vision

Mazoon Dairy embodies technological innovation and economic diversification, positioned as a leading light for Oman’s Vision 2040.

Editorial Team By Editorial Team