Cameron Lawrence

Cameron Lawrence is Project Manager (Healthcare) specialising in showcasing innovation and corporate success across Europe and the Middle East. Cameron works with c-suite executives, industry titans and sector disruptors to bring you exclusive features. Cameron also works on Africa Outlook magazine, APAC Outlook magazine, and our global Healthcare sector magazine.
Project Manager
37 Business Articles

Port of Turku : Finland’s Gateway to the World

Port of Turku is an important source of vitality for the Finnish economy, acting as an epicentre for national tourism and trade by serving more than three million people every year.

Port Of Oslo : Charting A New Course

In a pursuit of environmental excellence, optimised operational efficiency and growth, Port of Oslo is epitomising the new role of ports via a flurry of innovative initiatives.

G4S Cash Solutions Netherlands : Money Made Simple

G4S Cash Solutions Netherlands is providing a one-stop payment handling solution in the Netherlands, its Ops 2020 vision geared towards efficiency, ingenuity and seamless customer service.

Samskip : Facilitating the Future

Sea, road and rail transportation combined, the integrational excellence of Samskip is serving to revamp and revitalise logistics across industries.

Goodpack : Formidable Footprint

Having introduced a revolutionary mode of containerised transport, Goodpack is expanding its global network to help supply chains across a range of industries to become more efficient and sustainable.

Dumagas : The Transport Transformer

Having successfully restructured its entire business model, Dumagas now stands proud as a transportation services leader in Romania.

Etmam Logistics : A Gap in the Market

Formed in 2016, Etmam Logistics is the long-standing Shahini Group’s latest venture that seeks to provide first-class 3PL services across Saudi Arabia.

Port of Namur : To Move Mountains

The Port of Namur is successfully implementing a change in mindset to businesses across Wallonia, looking to diversify its portfolio in order to adapt to the changing market requirements.