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Inchcape Shipping Services : At the Prow of Global Shipping

Inchcape Shipping Services is the iconic name that is synonymous with the global maritime industry. A historical enterprise embracing modernity, we honour its 175th anniversary with CEO, Frank Olsen.

Commercial Vehicle Group : Vehicle for Change

Driven by innovation, engineered to perfection. We speak to the executive team at Commercial Vehicle Group about diversifying the future of manufacturing.

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Boart Longyear : Bouncing Back Better

Jeff Olsen, CEO at Boart Longyear, discusses how his firm has overcome significant challenges to become a major player in drilling services.

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Cyrus Group of Companies : Empowered by Innovation

Through its dedication to innovation, employee development and sustainable thinking, Cyrus Group of Companies continues to serve a multitude of regional industries with the future in mind.

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AFGlobal Corporation : The OEM for O&G

AFGlobal has been supplying major oil and gas players with technology, services and manufacturing capabilities for several decades, with 2020 earmarked as a new chapter for the company.

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SMP Drilling : Fit for Purpose

Operating with entrepreneurial zeal, SMP Drilling continues to provide bespoke solutions backed up by detailed understanding of client challenges and leading-edge technology.

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Foresight Offshore Drilling : Safety. Efficiency. Reliability

Operating with innovative, agile tendencies, Foresight Offshore Drilling is proactively positioning itself as a spearhead of oil and gas excellence.

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Inchcape Shipping Services

Global, Local, Transparent By adding a global, technology-enabled layer of transparency to shipping agency operations, Inchcape Shipping Services continues to gain the trust of clients to manage their vessels and cargo the world over   Writer: Tom Wadlow  |  Project Manager: David Knott  Around 6,000 years ago Egyptians navigated 100-metre-long boats up and down the Nile.   Powered by oars and featuring sails, these wooden vessels carried enormous obelisks and were a serious feat of engineering for their time, so much so that very little evolution in boat mechanics occurred until the advent of steam propulsion.   The British East India Company took full advantage of this long-awaited breakthrough, initially using steamships to help manoeuvre large sailing ships into the narrow harbours of India before reducing travel time between Asia and Britain.   In 1856 the Company awarded a contract to carry mail between Calcutta and Rangoon to the Calcutta & Burmah Steam Navigation Company, which incorporated in London and became an agent for the new shipping line. This was the work of William Mackinnon, who, together with Robert Mackenzie, formed a general merchanting partnership named Mackinnon Mackenzie & Company (MMC).   It is the formation of this company in Calcutta in 1847 that the Inchcape Group proudly traces its origins.   Exponentially growing its influence between Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Asia and even Australia, MMC became a crucial enabler of British sea trade, the Inchcape name taking over in the 1950s and continuing to serve as agents for a tremendous array of clients to this very day.   But, much like the steamship’s

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