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Editorial TeamDennis Morales
Editorial Team Dennis Morales - Project Manager

SecureLink is providing flexible solutions that meet Europe’s cyber security needs, powered by a strong combination of artificial and human intelligence driven solutions.


SecureLink has uniquely positioned itself in the market with an approach to cyber security that is based around utilising the right people, processes and technology. SecureLink combines market leading technology with years of experience by some of the industries most talented experts to provide it’s customer with the services and solutions they need to safely enabling there business.

During the 15 years that the Company has been in operation, it has established many fundamental features that are vital for successful cyber security. SecureLink has taken its industry expertise and turned it into a holistic approach, and with the right people at the helm it uses technology to strengthen that knowledge.

“A huge turning point for the Company occurred earlier this year with acquisitions that enabled SecureLink to boom in size,” explains Hans Edin, Chief Marketing Officer at SecureLink. “Our customers are looking for pan-European provider who have the breadth and depth of security expertise needed, and are able to deploy and manage this in a consistent manner across geographies.

“We now have a presence in nine countries across Europe, including Sweden, Norway, Denmark, the UK, Benelux and DACH region. Sharing the same culture, mind set and DNA has made the migration easy and we are now supporting our customers and running at full speed with all the resources and know how. Our focus has always been cyber security, allowing us to offer best practice and the latest and greatest knowledge to customers.”

SecureLink has evolved greatly from its early days, continuously adding new layers of solutions and services. It covers everything you could expect from a market leading provider such as managed detection and response, assessment & governance services, managed services and 24/7 support services.

“Although we have worked extensively to upscale our services, we’ve never forgotten our legacy. By having the knowledge of yesterday, tomorrow and what’s around the corner our customers are safe knowing that we are at the forefront of the industry,” explains Edin. “Our strength and focus lies in meeting the demands placed upon us by our customers when it comes to our services.”


With its experience in the industry, SecureLink has perfected its ability to keep ears to the ground and remain on top of the industry demands it is faced with.

“We pride ourselves on remaining flexible in our decision making despite our large size as a company,” adds Edin. “We have been compared to some of the big players out there – which is brilliant for our reputation – but we think that being relevant is equally as important. Size without flexibility is pointless and this is where our innovation comes in.

“The customer wants to share the benefits that comes with a “box mentality” such as a lower price, scalability and faster migration; but at the same time they want to tweak the solutions to fits their unique needs. We have pinpointed those customer specific areas and created a package so you can have the best of both worlds. I think this is a reason why our customers stay, and what make us really strong in the market.”Consumable technology.

SecureLink is always looking forward as a company, particularly when it comes to the key projects it chooses to invest its time in. When looking at the way its customers want to consume technology, it is clear that customer portals and everything that comes with it will be a game changer.

“When it comes to storage I think we all like how we can scale our usage up or down. Dropbox is a good example, it’s easy, quick and in real time,” Edin describes. “Cyber security will eventually, in some areas, end up with similar processes. The customer will have full insight and control, and we need to be there enabling these requests in a secure and safe way.

“Our portal will be a huge investment, and although todays businesses can just about live without it, tomorrow it will be crucial for the companies that we are working closely with.”


One of the biggest challenges for companies in the IT business is finding the right people, with the right skills, for the job. In efforts to up the skill-sets within the market, SecureLink has created an university which provides a training programme for students.

“Our university enables the students to expand their skills and become a part of the SecureLink family, alongside activities that will make them an even bigger asset to our team,” states Edin. “We hope that this makes us more attractive to younger people that are aiming to start their career in cyber security. We have a great mix of people from all over the world.

“Despite the large array of people applying to work with us, it is still hard to find the right fit.”


Despite the ever-expanding size of SecureLink, the Company remains incredibly careful when choosing what investments to make. Strategic investments over several yeas has resulted in a strong company. Some of the focus is now on maintaining and expanding the new SecureLink offices across Europe. There are many areas of business, particularly within the UK and Germany, that SecureLink can move into while building and establishing its business there.

“Right now Germany is a fairly new area for us and it is a transition that we are working on as we speak,” explains Edin. “We have to work on our brand awareness in these new areas, as well as brand value to ensure that people realise we are the natural partner for their business.”

In the cyber security industry you can never stand still. SecureLink is investing in its consultants, experts and specialists to ensure they are always up-to-date. There is a big effort from the Company to have their specialists on top of their game at all times, allowing it to remain at the top of the industry.

Edin concludes: “We take pride in our knowledge within cyber security. Our philosophy is very simple, we empower organisations to protect themselves in an increasingly online world so that they can maintain the trust and confidence of their customers. Put simply, we safely enable business.”

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By Dennis Morales Project Manager
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