Nijhuis Industries to Introduce Record Number of Products at Aquatech

Editorial Team
Editorial Team
Nijhuis Industries to Introduce a Record Number of Innovative Products at Aquatech 2015

From 3-6 November, 2015, the global water industry is to once again meet in Amsterdam for the Amsterdam International Water Week and Aquatech Show; one of the world’s largest and most important tradeshows for the water and wastewater industry. During this year’s Aquatech, Nijhuis Industries will introduce a large number of exciting and innovative solutions for sustainable water use, resource recovery, i-SERVICES, and their rapidly expanding rental fleet.

Founded in 1904, Nijhuis has honed its flexibility and customer-oriented approach over the past century, demonstrating its ability to adapt to the latest industry trends. This has always been at the centre of the Company’s core values and ethos for continued development.

“By reducing the amount of water in use, by reusing treated effluent or process water, and by recovering valuable resources from waste and wastewater, industrial and municipal customers can move their waste and (waste)water from a cost centre into a profit centre,” says the Company.

During Aquatech 2015 Nijhuis will proudly introduce the following innovations for sustainable water use:

·         Intelligent Containerised Flocculation-Flotation (ICFF): A revolutionary next generation Intelligent Containerised system, setting a new standard in modularised and containerised design. Nowhere in the world has such an effective and proven solution for pre-treatment been constructed into a standard 20” or 40” container

·         i-DOSE: Intelligent dosing system to minimise wastewater chemical consumption costs based on the actual pollution load of the incoming effluent

·         Intelligent High Rate Flotation (IHRF): A smart new pre-treatment solution in concrete that guarantees maximum and efficient solids removal. This is a compact, robust, stable and modular solution for the purification of sea and surface water pre-treatment

·         Ozone Solutions (Q-SYSTEM): The next generation Nijhuis Q-SYSTEMS is one of the most accurate, safe, sustainable and energy friendly ozone generation systems in the world

In addition, the Company is set to release a record number of solutions for resource recovery:

·         AECOMIXTM-DGF: The award winning anaerobic solution is able to treat solid waste and (waste)water in one process step, turning a wastewater treatment plant into a true power plant

·         Flotation Fat Recovery (FFRS): Maximise the value of flotation sludge, turning fat into biofuel based on the water, solids and fat concentration in your sludge

·         Ammonia Recovery (NAR): An award winning solution allowing the recovery of ammonia from digestate or substrates from digestion

·         GENIAAL system: Another example of a revolutionary and cost-effective solution to turn manure into a bio-based fertiliser and clean water

To read more detailed information about these game-changing innovations, please visit the Nijhuis website:

Nijhuis Industries was recently interviewed in Europe & Middle East Outlook magazine, click here to read the full interview with Menno M. Holterman, CEO.

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