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RelyOn Nutec is a global firm dedicated to protecting people, assets, and the environment. CEO Torben Harring discusses propagating competence and compliance through cutting-edge technology.


An element of risk is common to all industries. To a varying degree, enterprises face a universal need to protect their people, assets, and the environment. Across high-risk industries in particular, the need for a trusted safety and competence provider is paramount. 

From its headquarters in Copenhagen, RelyOn Nutec has been at the forefront of serving safety critical industries across the globe for the past 50 years. Yet for CEO Torben Harring, the industry is a transforming phenomenon, as RelyOn Nutec seeks to constantly adapt to shifting tides in technology, moving forward as a truly digi-physical enterprise. 

“A significant part of our growth story here is essentially digitising, and revolutionising the way that we manage learning, skills, compliance and competence across the industries that we serve,” opens Harring. “Becoming a truly digi-physical business on a global scale – that’s our main objective for the next few years.”

The global enterprise that is RelyOn Nutec today began as a fire-training school in Denmark, subsequently evolving to become the preferred end-to-end partner enabling industries and customers to establish and maintain a safe workplace, leveraging cutting-edge technology to do so. 

“We have since developed to having more than 30 facilities in 21 countries across the world, while our capabilities have also developed beyond basic fire and safety survival training to include more advanced technical training and corporate services to help companies better manage their overall competencies,” Harring explains.

Taking this traditional business model and fully embracing digitalisation is a significant undertaking. However, it soon becomes apparent that for Harring, guiding and enabling transformation has been part and parcel of his career history to date. 

“I started my career in chemical research, but relatively quickly I transitioned into business strategy and market development. After approximately five years in the chemical sector, I joined an agricultural conglomerate with significant growth aspirations. During 12 years and numerous acquisitions, we grew the company to become one of Europe’s largest in its field, and also one of the largest companies in Denmark.”

Harring first entered the realm of safety training following his secondment into Falck Safety Services to lead the restructuring of the company, as the downturn in the oil and gas industry introduced financial difficulties. 

“The business was built on entrepreneurship and multiple different ownership structures, with a much too high cost base and with limited global coherence. It truly called for transformation to become a global company,” he explains. 

Now, Harring presides over RelyOn Nutec and its vast global footprint, as the training organisation to serve over 10,000 companies each year – from sole employee contractors to some of the largest high-profile businesses within the safety critical industries across the world. 

“Becoming a truly digi-physical business on a global scale – that’s our main objective”

Torben Harring, CEO, RelyOn Nutec


Offering a full roster of managed safety solutions, RelyOn Nutec is designed to instil peace of mind, with a reputation for being first class in efficiency. Leading with the values of competence, reliability, and sustainability, RelyOn Nutec’s longevity in the sector is instrumental in maintaining the company’s prestigious reputation. 

“We have a deep history of delivering compliance and competence services with more than 50 years of experience,” Harring comments.

Today, RelyOn Nutec’s breadth of services extends to six different business lines. Through digital safety skills and compliance training, RelyOn Nutec offers various digital learning services, such as e-learning, micro, and adaptive learning. Alongside this, the company provides outsourced managed services – whereby a business can outsource its competence and compliance administration to RelyOn Nutec – and a high-risk industry consultancy. 

“Finally, we have a rapidly growing business stream around digital applications, geared towards managing, learning, compliance and competence across the high-risk industries,” Harring adds.

Adjacent to this digital presence are the physical solutions that RelyOn Nutec offers, utilising leading training simulators to deliver safety and technical training to customers worldwide, alongside traditional safety and survival guidance. The combination of the digital applications, with the world-class facilities and simulators pertaining to the company’s strong physical presence, means that RelyOn Nutec is strategically positioned to serve a global client base, either remotely, or in-person, as suits the need of the customer. 

“Our solutions cater and build around a solid past experience – we have combined and leveraged our skills and knowledge into what I would call state-of-the-art digital capabilities, including our digital learning software applications and simulation technology.”


On the topic of technology, innovative partnerships and investments are at the forefront of maintaining RelyOn Nutec’s leading position as a safety innovator. 

RelyOn Nutec has developed a suite of digital applications, designed to create an unrivalled ecosystem showcasing technological agility designed to give its users tailored solutions through several platforms catering to different services. 

“Our digital application platforms focus on learning management, employee performance management and operational safety,” outlines Harring. “We have tier one digital services within these three areas that we are bringing to market.

“We have an employee performance management platform, which caters to compliance and competence. Within operational safety, we have a platform catered around permit to work, control of work, and digital procedures for high-risk industries,” he adds. 

These applications work separately but can also combine to create a synergy ultimately designed to advance business. “Our market-leading suite of digital applications offers customers a modular approach to monitoring and managing safety across their business processes to minimise risks,” he adds. 

“Utilising these innovative cloud-based technologies, our customers can select the range of applications that fit their business purposes best, revolutionising the way that companies develop and track workforce safety,” Harring concludes.

RelyOn Nutec’s simulators are equally advanced, offering a customisable learning experience for individuals or crews with immersive experiences and leading 3D visualisation. Such is the quality of the technology behind the simulators, RelyOn Nutec is considered first in the world for dual drilling simulation training. 

Within the fields of drilling and lifting in particular, RelyOn Nutec is able to deliver and develop world-class simulators to the point of need, mimicking real-life safety critical scenarios with the utmost accuracy. “Our simulation technologies are applied within our own training services, but we also sell externally,” Harring comments. 

The final extension of RelyOn Nutec’s developments within digitalisation is the wealth of learning material available through an ever-expanding library of e-learning courses. 


As Harring concurs, “most of our story at the moment is centred around digitalisation and the energy transition.” 

Unwavering in its commitment to protecting not only lives, but also the environment, RelyOn Nutec prioritises the environment through its strict alignment with the UN’s ‘Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights’, and also through investments. Indeed, many of the industries that RelyOn Nutec serves operate within the oil and gas sector, with a particular focus on renewable energies. 

“Sustainability is kind of built into our purpose – helping customers across safety critical industries to ensure a healthy and safe working environment, by upskilling its workforces and supporting them with applications to manage competence and safety critical processes, thereby avoiding life-threatening situations and protecting assets and the environment thereby. 

“We are investing in the growth of the renewable sector, within on and offshore wind in particular,” Harring comments. “In addition to that, we are promoting UN objectives and the agenda for sustainable development and responsible business practices. 

We have committed to the UN Global Compact, and we are doing annual impact assessments and monitoring our carbon footprint. 

“Our corporate social responsibility and ESG (environmental, social and governance) have always been a key focus area for us,” Harring states. 

“Our solutions cater and build around a solid past experience – we have combined and leveraged our skills and knowledge into what I would call state-of-the-art digital capabilities, including our digital learning software applications and simulation technology”

Torben Harring, CEO, RelyOn Nutec


The key areas of digitalisation and sustainability will continue to occupy RelyOn Nutec for the years ahead. “2021 and 2022-23 will continue to be centred around digitalisation, bringing digital services to market that we have acquired throughout 2019-2021, and developing further integration and implementation,” Harring comments.

Leading with the complimentary intersection of reliability and innovation, for RelyOn Nutec, the future is in safe hands.

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