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Editorial Team
Editorial Team

Having been at the forefront of IT solutions in the Middle East since 1980, Key Information Technology (KIT) is seen as a mature and experienced figurehead among regional industry professionals and customers alike. Continuing to place emphasis on its “customer is key” ethos, the Company is forging ahead with its expansion plans, to grow both its geographic presence and sector expertise with a close eye on the future, with the aim to capitalise on trends before any new tech solution is harnessed by the competition.


“Our versatile and flexible solutions can be tailored to any customer or business of any size, across all verticals; from enterprise computing, to case-by-case consulting, we work hard to maintain customer trust,” explains Ahmed Yateem, one of two General Managers at Key Information Technology.

Often considered the pioneers of software and system integration tools – utilising data, cloud and other methodologies that offer a streamlined and speedy transport of information – KIT has grown in tandem with technology as the number of opportunities for its innovative application have increased.

Yateem continues: “Influenced by the early movement of pioneering and leading technology into the UAE markets, we have witnessed a shift in focus: hardware is now considered a commodity; with the focus for our customers now on achieving the fastest, most reliable and cost-effective results from a variety of supporting software and related services, [such as integration or customer-facing apps].”

Leveraging its extensive partner ecosystem – comprised of world-leading brands and alliances with all the relevant reputed companies – KIT’s customer-orientated solutions now cater to the IT products and service needs of governments, corporates multinational companies (MNCs), hospitality, banks, educational institutions, the healthcare industry and domestic sectors.

“The customer is key, no matter who they are or what the requirement. With our vast investments in a backbone infrastructure – including everything from customer service teams to the best technology that supports the daily running of the business – KIT provides the IT building blocks that can generate tremendous value for clients both big and small,” adds Noora Al Janahi, General Manager at Key Information Technology.


A crucial determiner for business is to make sure your product works for everyone. Therefore, KIT has to design its solutions to work across all verticals, which is heavily influenced by the Company’s concerted focus on monitoring consumer trends, and acting on direct feedback from its vast customer base. “This attention to detail keeps us ahead of the competition,” says Al Janahi. “Given the high quality and cost-effective nature of our solutions, we are seeing the majority of our customers utilise our full turnkey solution offering, which requires us to integrate our services into the backend systems; something that is then further bolstered by our 24/7 support, offering that little something extra.”

One particular vertical which KIT has witnessed great success in has been in the hospitality industry. The Company is able to offer a complete optimisation service to hotels and restaurants that is designed to help achieve a return on investment and result in further business growth.

She further highlights: “All of our customers in this sector have opted for the full turnkey solution integration offering, and we will continue to invest in our offering in this area to make sure we have a future-ready solution.”

Moreover, KIT’s comprehensive offering is also attracting the attention of businesses in the healthcare and tourism sectors, both of which require an entirely different approach.

Al Janahi notes: “Given that the population consists of a large number of expats, the region needs to make sure that information exchange with other medical facilities is seamless and offers as smooth a transition as possible to access this data quickly from a new location. Essentially, our solutions in this vertical need to be malleable, reliable and able to communicate with other industry systems; which requires continuous investment to create the right customised business solution.”

Coinciding with this strategic business expansion is a new emphasis from the healthcare industry to draw the best healthcare professionals to Dubai Healthcare City. Yateem adds: “As we are already a renowned contender in the IT solutions space, we hope that our solutions can run in parallel with this latest recruitment drive so that we can support the local healthcare system long into the future; functioning as a welcome addition to our solutions across the hospitality, healthcare and retail verticals.”


KIT is defined by its attention to detail across the board, combining its multicultural experience, background from different industries and close relationship with global technology giants to give its business that all-important expertise, which goes a long way in demonstrating its well-rounded understanding of IT and its useful applications for businesses.

“The technology industry is such a dynamic and innovative industry to be in today. Arguably, it is shaping the way that the world and its economies develop, and we want to be known as the pioneers who helped bring this into fruition, in tandem with our partners. We work with likeminded innovators and not followers,” emphasises Yateem.

Based on previous success and through the resultant organic growth process, KIT is to continue to synergise its IT solutions and their applications, while widening its scope to explore new verticals.

“It is important that we do not put all our eggs in one basket, as the saying goes,” Al Janahi concludes. “To know what lies ahead in the industry is impossible, but KIT will continue to quickly identify and capitalise on industry trends to create innovative solutions that remain the perfect fit for our customers’ needs.”

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