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As an innovative, customer-engaging business with a global reach and expansive product line, Ammann Czech Republic is poised to seize opportunities to ensure the company’s continued success. We speak to Marian Stadler, Managing Director, to learn more.


Since its establishment in 1869, Ammann Group has built a strong reputation as a global innovator. 

Founded by Jakob Ammann in Madiswil, Switzerland, family values and principles have been a core part of the millwright company’s DNA since inception, with six generations of Jakob’s ancestors having continued to run the business during times of prosperity, economic depression, conflict, and newfound freedoms. 

Located in the picturesque foothills of the Orlické Mountains in Nové Město nad Metují, Ammann Czech Republic was initially known as Stavostroj before being acquired by the group in 2005, further strengthening its position on the global market. 

“The history of our production plant dates back decades as one of the best Czech engineering companies. Our machines were known on all inhabited continents, participating in the construction of prestigious facilities, such as the F1 circuit in Turkey,” opens Marian Stadler, Managing Director of Ammann Czech Republic.   

“By incorporating Stavostroj into its structure, Ammann Group acquired a comprehensive range of compaction technology of all weight categories, and we were able to provide machines to Western Europe, Africa, Asia, and the US.” 

As part of the world’s largest producer of asphalt and bituminous mixture plants and light compaction technology, Ammann Czech Republic has been able to absorb the production of key components for asphalt plants alongside the production of compaction equipment in the strong Czech economy. 

Additionally, due to the company’s continuous efforts to optimise its production processes, the team was able to generate thousands of square metres (sqm) of free space by gradually introducing the principles of lean production. This space is now where the production of components for asphalt plants is currently taking place. 

This commitment to customers, employees, and innovative solutions has been prevalent throughout the history of the company and its many evolutions. 


Stadler has an intimate connection to the manufacturing industry, as his parents worked in factories while he was growing up. 

“It might sound a bit strange, but I personally like the smell of the factory environment. Even as a small boy, I often visited my parents at their workplace. The noise of machines and the smell of oil created an inimitable atmosphere,” he recalls fondly. 

This personal connection to the sector not only fuels Stadler’s passion towards the perpetually evolving work, but also his desire to ensure that the company continues to thrive within the Czech Republic and abroad. 

“I find the current engineering industry particularly exciting due to rapid technological advances and opportunities in automation, artificial intelligence (AI), and energy efficiency. This environment gives people the opportunity to realise themselves and apply their talents and abilities in practice,” he expands. 

Specifically, Ammann Czech Republic has an important position in the Czech Republic, as the engineering industry has an extensive history within the country. Providing hundreds of individuals with stable work in a flourishing sector and thereby contributing to the well-being of their families and the region’s development is something that the company prides itself on. 

“A significant fact is that the development and production of heavy compaction technology has remained concentrated in Nové Město nad Metují until this day,” insights Stadler. 

Recognising this position, the company makes it a priority to be a contributing member of the community as much as possible, a sentiment that also extends to the staff who encompass Ammann Czech Republic. 

“Together with my fellow managers, we strive to create an environment of open communication where employees feel heard and can share their ideas and opinions,” notes Stadler. 

The company strongly supports investing in people development, as it ensures employees have the opportunity to expand their skills and better understand the reasons to make changes and optimisations within the factory, ultimately allowing the company to actively support its workers for a brighter, more productive future.

“We do our best to offer our customers superior flexibility, care, and service at the best possible prices”

Marian Stadler, Managing Director, Ammann Czech Republic


Ammann Czech Republic’s position in the field of compaction construction machinery is by no means simple. Currently, the company sits among the top five global players, with products that cover the entire roadbuilding process. 

This includes light compaction, soil and asphalt compaction, asphalt pavers, asphalt mixing plants, and concrete mixing plants. 

Currently, the company is working to maintain its success in an ever-tightening competitive environment through a variety of endeavours, one of which is investment in the automation and robotisation of the production process. 

“Today, it is no longer only about increasing labour productivity by replacing human work with machines,” explains Stadler. 

With fewer qualified workers on the labour market and fewer individuals willing to be employed in a factory setting, investing in modern robotic workplaces is proving to be promising in areas such as metal welding, painting, and sheet metal bending. 

Additionally, the company is looking towards further innovation in the world of digitisation.   

“We expect that investing in digitisation will bring many benefits, such as an increase in the efficiency of both production and office activities and more accurate monitoring of various data, which will ultimately help us to make faster and more informed decisions,” states Stadler. 

“Digitisation will also improve our interaction with customers and thus our ability to provide an even higher level of service and care.” 

There are always exciting advances being made at Ammann Czech Republic, from new product launches to innovations at its R&D centre. 

This is what has allowed the company to become a world-leading supplier of mixing plants, machines, and services to the construction industry with core expertise in road building and transportation infrastructure. 

“Above all, we have a treasure at our disposal – passionate employees who carry the incredible know-how acquired over decades, which they have already dedicated to the company”

Marian Stadler, Managing Director, Ammann Czech Republic


“Sustainability is a part of our DNA,” enthuses Stadler.   

Ammann Czech Republic’s commitment to sustainability is evident. For example, a line of its asphalt mixing plants includes ‘recycling’ in the name and reuses asphalt previously milled from the road. 

At other times, the connection is less apparent – though still substantial. 

This includes the sophisticated systems built into machines that help rollers reach desired asphalt compaction goals in fewer passes, thus minimising fuel burn and associated toxic emissions. 

Additionally, electrification is another area that the company is exploring further. 

“We currently have an all-electric machine for asphalt compaction, which is already attracting customers on the European continent. Thanks to the development of this machine, we have gained valuable experience and new competencies,” expands Stadler. 

Alongside this, in 2024, the Czech production unit will be ISO 14001-certified in environmental management. 

As the company continues to invest and grow over the coming years, Ammann Czech Republic’s main priority is to modernise its internal processes. 

“My personal ambition is to overcome the current habits and paradigms that have formed here for years, to transfer the company into the 21st century in terms of the level of internal processes, and show that it makes sense to further develop production in the Czech Republic,” concludes Stadler. 

Although much has changed over the course of 150 years, what is truly remarkable is what has stayed the same.  

To this day, Ammann Group continues to partner with customers and strive to understand their needs, cultivate technology to deliver innovative solutions, provide sustainable products that deliver productivity while protecting the environment, and develop internal teams that transform an idea into a problem-solving product.

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