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Emirates Link Maltauro LLC

Emirates Link Maltauro’s portfolio alludes to a prominent role in the Middle East construction sector, having contributed to some of the region’s  most significant projects  Writer: Matthew StaffProject Manager: Richard ThomasEmirates Link Maltauro (ELM) continues to affirm its position as one of the leading general contracting companies in the UAE via a plethora of high profile projects and unsurpassed quality levels.With vast experience in the construction sector, ELM has taken huge pride in executing several landmark projects across the Middle Eastern region since its inception in 1995; evolving its market-leading portfolio organically over the subsequent 22 years to reach the elevated status it enjoys today.“ELM has offered unsurpassed quality in the construction sector, adopting the latest technologies, including field works, administration and project management,” the Company emphasises. “With an outfit of highly qualified professionals and engineers, ELM ensures that every contract is executed under strict professional supervision.”In an industry as tight-knit as Middle Eastern construction, the key to success revolves around consistency, with word of mouth as good-an indication of acumen as anything else. To this end, ELM ensures that ongoing collaboration with shareholders, partners and customers drives its innovations and processes; each project becoming a mutually beneficial partnership between all parties.“We have embarked on a mission to work hand-in-hand with our partners, to implement creative business solutions, while maintaining the highest standards in the industry,” the Company confirms via its mission statement. “Emirates Link Maltauro’s vision is to become a leader in the field of general construction contracting in United Arab Emirates and the region

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Emirates Glass LLC

For the past 20 years, Emirates Glass has been implementing continuous improvement strategies for glass products and coating, pushing the business to be more effective, more streamlined and more profitable Writer: Matthew Staff Project Manager: Matt Cole-Wilkin Celebrating its 20th year of development amid the evident and significant rise of UAE infrastructure, Emirates Glass LLC is optimising capacities and innovation in order to ride the crest of a wave. The subsidiary of Glass LLC - which is itself a Holding Company set up by Dubai Investments PJSC - was established in 1998 in Dubai in response to the rapid growth of the local construction industry and it has never looked back; subsequently evolving to a position of market leader in the production of processed architectural flat glass in the Middle East. “At the heart of the Emirates Glass operation is the manufacture of MSVD sputter-coated high performance glass under the EmiCool® range of solar control, multi-functional Low-E and Standard Low-E glass, designed to minimise solar heat gain into air-conditioned buildings in the Gulf environment,” explains the Company’s Executive President, Rizwanulla Khan. “Starting from Leybold (Germany) 6-cathode coating line with a loading-bed of 2440mm x 3600mm and an annual coating capacity of 750,000 square metres of MSVD sputter-coated glass; Emirates Glass has now progressed to a 20 cathode line from Messrs Applied Materials GmbH (formerly Leybold, Germany), a loading bed of 3300x7000mm and an annual capacity of 3.5 million square metres of MSVD sputter-coated glass. “This addition enabled Emirates Glass to enter a new and extensive market

Mitsubishi Electric BV

Mitsubishi Electric’s e-F@ctory concept epitomises everything that the European Factory Automation Business Unit has  become renowned for over the years, championing culture and customer-centricity above all elseWriter: Matthew StaffProject Manager: Arron RamplingFor a Company able to display the name ‘Mitsubishi Electric’ and the famous red diamonds within its branding, the art of innovation should come as no surprise, but for Mitsubishi Electric, the goal of continuous improvement doesn’t derive from a sense of personal status, rather than from a commitment to customers, business partners and the growth of the wider market.Mitsubishi Electric comprises more than 130,000 employees across a truly worldwide footprint, turning over approximately US$37 billion each year. With 30 factories in Japan alone, its influence is unrivalled, but its values remain grounded.“It all comes down to our policy of strong quality and the importance of delivering high quality products and services to market,” opens and emphasises Mitsubishi Electric Europe BV’s Marketing Director Factory Automation for EMEA, Klaus Petersen. “This notion has been part of the Mitsubishi Electric Group since its founding in 1921 and is confirmed by Mitsubishi Electric’s customers to this day who testify that our products, once installed, just run and run and run!“In fact, many of our customers quip how they hate to have bought spare parts from us when buying machines equipped with our products, as they never actually need to use them. The quality of our equipment really is outstanding.”The foremost reason attributed to such sustainable prominence is the Company’s ability to merge production and development; the two arms

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MAATS Tech is following a general trend in the oil & gas sector at present  in adapting its model from traditional sector offerings to a heightened emphasis on renewable opportunities  Writer: Matthew Staff  Project Manager: Josh Hyland  Over the past year-18 months, MAATS Tech has encountered challenges on numerous fronts, but has utilised these tough times to galvanise the business via fresh ideologies, new projects, and a more diversified outlook on the opportunities that oil & gas offers. Back in 2016, the Company foresaw such challenges amid a global sector slowdown, with it then looking to leverage expertise across marine engineering in order to negotiate the overall downturn. Working closely with customers and vendors to strengthen its overall service remit, a period of consolidation was set to ensue across many of its divisions; including ship design and build, installation and commissioning of bespoke equipment for handling, storage, offloading of flexible pipe systems, and a host of new value-add services. The Company’s Founder and Managing Director, John Holt noted back then: “All companies operating within the oil & gas market are closely monitoring developments in order to adjust their business strategy accordingly; and MAATS Tech is no different. With the US currently not importing and Iran about to begin exporting its oil, no one has the answer yet to the surplus challenge, and a vote of confidence may be a little while coming. “It is with this in mind that we have shifted our focus and gained a foothold in the cable-laying business for energy companies, while

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SPETCO International Petroleum Company

SPETCO International Petroleum Company has taken its many years of success in the oil & gas sector to cement its unparalleled position ahead of the competition, taking on new and exciting projects looking into next year and beyond Writer: Phoebe Calver Project Manager: Josh Hyland SPETCO International Petroleum Company has more than 35 years of experience working exclusively in Kuwait, providing pioneering and world-class solutions and services to the region. The last time Europe & Middle East Outlook spoke to SPETCO, the family-owned business discussed its proud reputation as a revolutionary in Kuwait’s oil & gas industry and its portfolio of major projects. With the Company’s unparalleled success in the region, it is no surprise that moving forward SPETCO seeks to become a leading solutions provider to the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region. Of course the market will become more difficult with this expansion, as SPETCO will have to compete and work in conjunction with national and international companies. “We have specifically focused our work on performing various upstream oil field services, custom design and the construction and operations of fast-track oil & gas production facility projects,” explains Tariq Qaddumi, Deputy General Manager at SPETCO International Petroleum Company. “Through all our projects we remain committed to offering our customers the highest quality of specialised solutions in order to allow improved production and accelerating our customers’ return on their investment.” Ongoing project success This time last year SPETCO was particularly excited about its ongoing work on the North Kuwait Jurassic Production Facility Project for the

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Al Rostamani Communications

With an extensive portfolio of solutions and capabilities, Al Rostamani Communications has emerged as the partner of choice for digital transformation in a rapidly changing tech domain Writer: Matthew Staff Project Manager: Vivek Valmiki  The emergence and consolidation of Al Rostamani Communications as a premier ICT powerhouse offering state-of-the-art solutions in the UAE is a story of visionary leadership and exemplary execution in an always transforming technology landscape. Right from its inception back in 1996, from its formative years to the present day, the Company has ensured understanding and catering to client requirements to the fullest, a key attribute of its steady growth over the past two decades. “We started out in 1996 as part of a Group company before being incorporated as Al Rostamani Communications LLC in 2001. Soon enough, we then extended our partnerships with leading technology vendors, expanded the IT and telecom services portfolio and catered to a growing client base of businesses across various verticals. An expanded, broader portfolio of IT and telecom services helped the Company position as a turnkey end-to-end solutions provider in the region within the period of a few years. The breadth of solutions it offered and its excellent rapport with clients ensured it was able to consolidate its growth within the first decade of operations.” A holistic approach The General Manager, Youssef Fawaz, goes on to recall an early milestone in its journey when it ventured into the enterprise segment and kept the IT and telecom areas of focus separate for several years until the merger in


Engineering meaningful technology solutions that enable businesses and societies to flourish, utilising expert thinking and unrelenting dedication to the industry   Writer: Phoebe Calver Project Manager: Donovan SmithMindtree is a specialist when it comes to delivering digital transformation and technology services, taking its 2,000 clients from around the world from idea to completion while consistently outperforming the competition.A digital company through and through, Mindtree has specialised in taking a collaborative approach to developing customer-specific solutions across the digital value chain.“Our many years of expertise operating in this industry - particularly in infrastructure and applications management - enable us to help transform our clients’ IT into a strategic asset,” explains the Company on its website. “We work with our customers to differentiate their companies, reinvent business activities and also accelerate their revenue growth.”Since its inception, the Company has believed in the power of the people running operations. Many companies will be more focused on the power in numbers or technology, however it is proven that people have a sizable impact on technology and technological advancements.“The foundations that the Company stands on have been built upon the belief that people with diverse points of view can come together and build a leading technology company,” adds the Company. “We put the people that work with us first, driving the vision to build the technology experts of tomorrow.”Through developing these technology experts that are focused on one goal, Mindtree is successfully building its ability to enable its clients to succeed. In the present day there is a plethora of information available surrounding

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Advanced Technology Company

Advanced Technology Company has expanded its business offering to provide a full spectrum of technological healthcare solutions, cementing its reputation as the top player in the marketWriter: Phoebe CalverProject Manager: Donovan SmithAdvanced Technology Company (ATC) has spent the past four decades expanding its business both horizontally and vertically to build an unrivalled portfolio of products and services, reflective of the shared passion for technology and entrepreneurial spirit among its stakeholders.Reacting to – and predicting – the latest trends in the healthcare industry, the Company was able to forecast upcoming disruptive technologies and adapt its business to cater for the medical needs required across multiple divisions; including dental, biomedical, lab, pharmacy, security and other applications.“In 1980, ATC was nothing more than a shared vision. But by reacting accordingly, we were able to build early relationships with GE, Beckman Instruments and J&J. By 1981, ATC’s main two lines of business were GE’s CT machine and the Beckman Astra chemistry analyser. These two machines opened doors for ATC, driving interest in other medical equipment and services supplied by the industry giants and their partners,” Ghassan Mamlouk, the Company’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO) recalls.Guided by its core values to be adaptable, trustworthy and competent – project after project, handover after handover – ATC continues to demonstrate a high level of competence; subsequently highly lauded by its partners and clients as an overachiever.The CEO adds: “Even with more than 1,500 employees today, ATC still remains adaptable, flexible, and agile. Building a brand that is synonymous with the word trust was a

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SecureLink is providing flexible solutions that meet Europe’s cyber security needs, powered by a strong combination of artificial and human intelligence driven solutions Writer: Phoebe Calver Project Manager: Vivek Valmiki SecureLink has uniquely positioned itself in the market with an approach to cyber security that is based around utilising the right people, processes and technology. SecureLink combines market leading technology with years of experience by some of the industries most talented experts to provide it’s customer with the services and solutions they need to safely enabling there business. During the 15 years that the Company has been in operation, it has established many fundamental features that are vital for successful cyber security. SecureLink has taken its industry expertise and turned it into a holistic approach, and with the right people at the helm it uses technology to strengthen that knowledge. “A huge turning point for the Company occurred earlier this year with acquisitions that enabled SecureLink to boom in size,” explains Hans Edin, Chief Marketing Officer at SecureLink. “Our customers are looking for pan-European provider who have the breadth and depth of security expertise needed, and are able to deploy and manage this in a consistent manner across geographies. “We now have a presence in nine countries across Europe, including Sweden, Norway, Denmark, the UK, Benelux and DACH region. Sharing the same culture, mind set and DNA has made the migration easy and we are now supporting our customers and running at full speed with all the resources and know how. Our focus has always been

Clarke Energy

Clarke Energy is a global gas-to power generator and power plant business with hubs across Africa and Asia, but it is in Europe where its innovative and market-leading model first made a name for itselfWriter: Matthew StaffProject Manager: Donovan SmithClarke Energy prides itself on an almost unrivalled capacity to utilise gas for power generation on an international scale, but on no other continent has this been more prevalent than in Europe, with the Company having initiated in the UK 27 years ago.Renowned for its work in embedded power generation - incorporating the installation and after-sales support for gas-fuelled generating sets - the UK-based entity had already affirmed its position as a market-leading innovator over the course of its long history; but this influence is about to be taken to all-new powerful levels from 2017 onwards, virtue of its acquisition at the hands of US heavyweight, Kohler Co.“The family-owned business has been servicing gas engine gensets across the world for more than 25 years, our typical projects ranging from half a megawatt to 100 megawatts. Over the years, we have worked in conjunction with gas engine manufacturer, designer and producer, Jenbacher - who were acquired in the mid-2000s by GE - and we have grown both organically and through acquisition,” introduces the Company’s Group Marketing and Compliance Director, Alex Marshall. “However, in February of this year, we ourselves were acquired and we are now part of the Kohler Company, one of the US’s largest private organisations.”With permanent operations in the UK, France and Ireland - employing more

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Rioglass Solar

Rioglass Solar is capitalising on the budding rise of solar thermal applications to meet the ever-diversifying range of requirements across its global customer baseWriter: Matthew Staff   Project Manager: Thomas ArnoldOne decade may not seem like a long time when it comes to global industry development, but in a solar energy market that sees significant evolution year-on-year, Rioglass Solar’s 10-year journey places it at the top of the sector.Owned by Rioglass Laminar and Abengoa Solar, the Company has not just thrived virtue of its unrivalled products and market understanding but also via this intra-collaboration and subsequent global scale; enjoying presence points on six continents across Spain, USA, China, Israel, South Africa and Chile.CSO, Jeroen Van Schijndel introduces: “Rioglass Solar formed via the separation of the parent Company’s solar mirror and automotive glass divisions in 2007. The first mirrors were produced at Rioglass Solar I at our 600,000 mirrors per annum Spanish facility a year later before the Rioglass Solar II plant increased our capacity in Spain a year later.“2010 saw us awarded the largest ever global CSP (concentrated solar power) project, before the commissioning of a new plant in the USA doubled Group sales in 2011.”South Africa in 2013, Chile in 2014 and China in 2016 have since compounded the Company’s rapid and concerted expansion ambitions, enveloping a series of product diversifications and strategic acquisitions to help complement Rioglass’ rise.Now, catering for the provision of CPV mirrors, and all four major technologies of solar thermal solutions, the portfolio has been joined by business units across aforementioned CSP

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Damen has developed a philosophy revolved around unique shipbuilding, providing an industry leading standardised service through perfected engineering Writer: Phoebe CalverProject Manager: Thomas ArnoldDamen is renowned in its field for being all about ships; it’s what it does and is the cornerstone of the Company.Since inception, the client-focused, international family-owned business has designed, built and serviced ships. Supported by its worldwide network of sales and services, the Company continues to design the best-in-class when it comes to building innovative ships of excellent quality for a variety of industries.“I began working with Damen in July, 2011 as a development officer working directly under the chief commercial officer of the Damen Shipyards Group,” explains Peter Robert, Director of Business Development & Market Intelligence. “At that point in time it was a new role to branch into for Damen, and from that leap of faith was borne Damen Offshore Wind.”In a short space of time, the Company has developed a range of safe and efficient vessels to cover all bases from installation through to maintenance and support.“My role within the Company is first and foremost to understand the offshore wind market, and within that the things that Damen could do to improve the industry while meeting its requirements,” affirms Robert. “From the discoveries made there we would create new products to introduce to the market and filter out through the sales department.”The Company’s latest progressions epitomise the culmination of a long journey with this year seeing Damen celebrate its 90th anniversary. And over that time the Company has evolved entirely

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Fi Europe & Ni 2017 Announces Record Number of Exhibitors

Fi Europe & Ni 2017 is the must attend event on the calendar of virtually everybody who works in the food, beverage and ingredients industry. This year, it will be the biggest show to date: With a record number of exhibitors, a four-day conference programme focused on thought leadership and new sections and initiatives, organiser UBM EMEA expects the event to attract more visitors than ever before, and is ensuring they are senior professionals with considerable purchasing power.Messe Frankfurt, 28-30 November, 2017: Four halls spanning 65,000 square metres of exhibition space will give more than 1,500 suppliers a stage from which to showcase every conceivable food and beverage ingredient sourced from all over the world, including a vast range of functional and organic raw ingredients. Traditionally, suppliers use the global industry’s leading event to introduce their innovations to the market. Exhibitors and visitors will also benefit from the new Expo FoodTec Content Hub in the Expo FoodTec pavilion, uniquely focused on ingredient processing and packaging solutions for the food & beverage industry. The Expo FoodTec Content Hub is the hotspot where speaker sessions, presentations and videos from leading experts and associations will offer priceless insights into new developments in F&B processing and ingredients packaging.Innovation on displayAcross the event, visitors will be able to explore state-of-the-art innovations as well as current food and beverage trends and developments. The Industry Insights Theatre will focus on current major consumer trends influencing the global food and beverage market. Supplier Solutions Sessions will see top-level suppliers showcase their latest ingredients innovations,

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Flood Expo

The programme for the Flood Expo is almost complete, and all signs point to this being the largest and most influential event in the show’s four-year history. Free tickets for this year’s event are still available and are likely to prove priceless when the doors swing open at the ExCeL London on the 27-28 September. The show – which is supported by the Environment Agency and the world’s largest event designed to showcase the innovations that further the way flooding is predicted, prevented, and managed – has attracted some of the industry’s largest names, reinforcing its growing reputation as the premier exhibition & conference in the industry.The two-day event features more than 200 innovative suppliers, 100 CPD-accredited seminars, revealing case studies, live demonstrations on the River Thames, interactive panel debates, one-to-one advice from industry experts, unparalleled networking opportunities, and much more.Major names already staking their claim to the growing floorplan include Alton Pumps, Brokk UK, Cemex, Marshalls, Wavin, Crocodile Flood, Adler & Allan, Ebsford Environmental, Cunningham Lindsey, and more.They, along with the other leading environmental organisations will be unveiling new products, offering free one-to-one advice, and answering any questions you may have.What’s more, the Environment Agency will be on hand with their own networking area and seminar theatre, where they will host their own sequence of insightful and revealing seminars.Your free ticket will also gain you access to all seven theatres which include highly anticipated talks from the Queen of Floods Mary Dhonau OBE, University of Exeter’s Albert S. Chen from Centre for Water Systems, Ambiental’s

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TraiCon Events Launches the Digital Wallet Summit Dubai 2017

The 2nd Edition Digital Wallet Summit 2017 will be bringing together bring together over 300 industry experts including international and leading FinTech companies, digital payment sector, banks, government officials, payments solution providers to discuss, debate and evaluate the future of money in the GCC Region.At this summit you will witness some very interesting case study presentations from our international panel of expert presenters including:·         David Gyori, CEO of Banking Reports & Founding Member of World Fintech Association.·         Serdar Guner, Director of Supervision at Dubai Financial Services Authority.·         Nick Giurietto, CEO & Managing Director Australian Digital Currency & Commerce Association Australia.·         Jon Matonis, Founding Director at Bitcoin Foundation & VP Corporate Strategy nChain.·         Leonhard Weese, President at Bitcoin Association of Hong Kong.·         Anshul Srivastav, CIO & Chief Digital Officer at Union Insurance.For more information about the speaker list, or to see the full conference agenda, please visit take this opportunity to invite all the regional experts, government authorities, and key stake holders involved in Digital Wallets and Fintech companies to actively participate in this summit that focuses on “Transforming the Middle East into a Leading Cashless Economy”.“The only conference in the Middle East region that focuses on the digital wallet ecosystem. An educational platform and business-to-business summit to learn from industry leaders and meet with the top solution providers to best enable you to offer digital payments as a mode of transaction to your customers. In turn, this will mean better customer satisfaction and hence higher sales and help achieve maximum growth” says John Sebastian, International

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Dubai Prepares to Serve the World at Expo 2020

Despite the short-term challenges posed by global macroeconomic factors across the GCC, the region’s tourism and hospitality industry remains on an upward trajectory as governments recognise the potential of the sector in enabling revenue diversification and job creation; subsequently investing in its development.Set to be worth $36.7 billion by 2020 according to Euromonitor International, and with a number of global events that include Expo 2020 Dubai scheduled to draw millions of visitors to the region, the industry is in critical need of a dedicated hospitality and foodservice platform to support its development.Launching during Dubai International Hospitality Week, an initiative endorsed by Dubai Tourism & Commerce Marketing (DTCM), GulfHost 2017 - an EME Outlook media partner - is the first dedicated hospitality and food services expo in the Middle East. Organised by Dubai World Trade Centre (DWTC), which also owns and organises the world’s largest annual food trade show, Gulfood, the new exhibition takes place from 18-20 September, 2017 and is co-located with four other shows.These include DWTC’s established trio of niche food events - The Speciality Food Festival, SEAFEX Middle East and yummex Middle East - and The Hotel Show, organised by dmg events, to enable the full spectrum of sourcing for one of the fastest growing hotel, F&B and tourism markets in the world. “Not only does Dubai lead the region in hospitality and tourism development; in some cases it leads the world,” said Trixie LohMirmand, Senior Vice President, Exhibitions & Events Management (DWTC). “From major international hotel chains and restaurants to top celebrity chefs, and

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