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Mindtree is engineering meaningful technology solutions that enable businesses and societies to flourish, utilising expert thinking and unrelenting dedication to the industry.


Mindtree is a specialist when it comes to delivering digital transformation and technology services, taking its 2,000 clients from around the world from idea to completion while consistently outperforming the competition.

A digital company through and through, Mindtree has specialised in taking a collaborative approach to developing customer-specific solutions across the digital value chain.

“Our many years of expertise operating in this industry – particularly in infrastructure and applications management – enable us to help transform our clients’ IT into a strategic asset,” explains the Company on its website. “We work with our customers to differentiate their companies, reinvent business activities and also accelerate their revenue growth.”

Since its inception, the Company has believed in the power of the people running operations. Many companies will be more focused on the power in numbers or technology, however it is proven that people have a sizable impact on technology and technological advancements.

“The foundations that the Company stands on have been built upon the belief that people with diverse points of view can come together and build a leading technology company,” adds the Company. “We put the people that work with us first, driving the vision to build the technology experts of tomorrow.”

Through developing these technology experts that are focused on one goal, Mindtree is successfully building its ability to enable its clients to succeed. In the present day there is a plethora of information available surrounding the development of the sector and this is opening up a world of possibilities.

“We know that tapping into these possibilities will take more than just numbers and technology, it takes having the right people at the helm,” continues the Company. “Companies such as ourselves need the right people with the ability to turn the potential of information into meaningful solutions, subsequently enabling the simplification of businesses.”


Mindtree has earned numerous accolades over the years, most recently being recognised as a leading service provider in application development and maintenance (ADM) services by the Information Services Group – a global leading technology research and advisory firm.

“We have been named a Leader in application testing services, as well as a rising star for application development services,” the Company describes. “Mindtree was against 33 other providers that currently serve the US market and evaluated against a number of key criteria, including strategy and vision, innovation, brand awareness and geographic presence, sales and partner landscape, and technology advancements.”

When it comes to the Company’s roadmap for testing services, Mindtree is focusing on next-generation testing contracts that place emphasis on creating a seamless testing environment. Mindtree’s agile approach to testing, co-innovation when working with clients and flexibility in testing assignments has been highlighted in this award.

The Company states: “Having been positioned as a rising star in the product challenger quadrant for application development, we know our strength lies in next generation application capabilities, selective industry focus, onshore innovation and a partnership-based approach to client engagements.”


Over time Mindtree has perfected the creation of digital, agile and cloud migration capabilities, taking a holistic approach to cloud transformation.

“The expectations put upon companies in this space are evolving rapidly due to changing technologies and customer needs,” continues the Company. “Mindtree luckily was able to identify this trend early on and invested in new capabilities to prepare well for it; the acknowledgements we have received recently have validated the decisions we have made for the business.”

Mindtree has successfully demonstrated its competitive strengths to both its clients and those working in the industry. This includes geographic coverage, experience and execution capability, portfolio value, partnerships, breadth of services and innovation in the ADM services space. The aforementioned are among the facts that make Mindtree stand out as a compelling choice as an application testing and development partner.

“Our experiences described within the ISG Provider Lens Quadrant report provides valuable insights into service provider capabilities that are based on ISG’s unique methodology,” The Company adds. “This methodology blends empirical, data-driven research and market analysis when it comes to real-world working experiences and observations.”


Alongside being recognised as a leading provider in application services, Mindtree has been named a leader in testing capabilities located in the digital space by Forrester Research, an independent research advisory firm. Mindtree was recognised in ‘The Forrester Wave’ report, which recognised continuous testing service providers.

The Company was evaluated against 10 other industry specialists, with its services evaluated against 29 criteria in the three categories of current offering, strategy and market presence.

“In addition to being rated top in the client feedback criteria, we also received the highest possible scores in terms of the scale of service, mobile application, IoT testers and test case design criteria,” affirms the Company. “In the report covering the award, Mindtree was described as having developed a well-structured competency development plan having assessed the entire workforce’s readiness for continuous testing.”

The Company’s goal is to quickly train full-stack engineers who can tackle testing, user experience and big data testing. Mindtree is using its CAPE accelerator to help clients speed the automation journey across the IT lifecycle, complemented by its CT Dynamic Test Engineering Platform (DTEP) accelerator for test design automation through model based testing.

“We feel extremely honoured to have been recognised by Forrester as a leader in continuous testing services for the digital space,” concludes the Company. “We see it as a true testimony to our capabilities as a reliable partner for full-stack testing engineers and advanced agile practices.

“Over the years Mindtree has developed a great reservoir of CT talent for functional test automation, mobile and IoT testing services. We hope to expand these services exponentially over the coming years and are excited to see the direction it will take us in.”

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