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Editorial Team Dennis Morales - Project Manager

With an extensive portfolio of solutions and capabilities, Al Rostamani Communications has emerged as the partner of choice for digital transformation in a rapidly changing tech domain.


The emergence and consolidation of Al Rostamani Communications as a premier ICT powerhouse offering state-of-the-art solutions in the UAE is a story of visionary leadership and exemplary execution in an always transforming technology landscape.

Right from its inception back in 1996, from its formative years to the present day, the Company has ensured understanding and catering to client requirements to the fullest, a key attribute of its steady growth over the past two decades.

“We started out in 1996 as part of a Group company before being incorporated as Al Rostamani Communications LLC in 2001. Soon enough, we then extended our partnerships with leading technology vendors, expanded the IT and telecom services portfolio and catered to a growing client base of businesses across various verticals. An expanded, broader portfolio of IT and telecom services helped the Company position as a turnkey end-to-end solutions provider in the region within the period of a few years. The breadth of solutions it offered and its excellent rapport with clients ensured it was able to consolidate its growth within the first decade of operations.”


The General Manager, Youssef Fawaz, goes on to recall an early milestone in its journey when it ventured into the enterprise segment and kept the IT and telecom areas of focus separate for several years until the merger in 2015. The separate focus served its purpose in those years well to grow both lines of business profitably until the need and justification for integration of the two entities came up in line with market trends of convergence seen in ICT.

According to Fawaz: “Today we are a completely integrated ICT company with both IT solutions and telecoms products merged; addressing all verticals with a holistic approach. We can now consolidate and optimise the resources we have across the board in terms of these verticals, while also aligning ourselves more effectively to our vendors.”


As the key to the growth of Al Rostamani Communications it has been a consistent effort to meet and exceed client expectations, and the Company has grown into a one-stop shop for ICT solutions to address their requirements end-to-end.

“While it used to be a product-centric approach earlier, clients now need business solutions rather than products. This requires collaboration, flexibility, customisation and strong consultancy skills,” Fawaz adds. “ICT doesn’t work with a one-size-fits-all approach; we need to tailor our solutions to meet our client business requirements.”

It goes without saying that flexibility is quite a crucial part of the solution provider’s go-to market strategy while approaching different verticals ranging from finance and banking, to healthcare, and every business or industry domain in between. The Company has always had the natural advantage of being part of a diversified larger group of companies that has been able to guide its growth with a deeper understanding of the market verticals as well making the necessary investments in enhancing the Company’s capabilities. This has helped Al Rostamani Communications stay ahead of the industry curve and competition.

Fawaz explains: “The IT market is so dynamic, and can change significantly even in 12 months. Today for example, there is a lot of demand for cyber security and defence, after several reports in recent months regarding the potential growing threats to businesses.”


Al Rostamani Communications has focused heavily not just on its services capabilities but also on the people it entrusts with delivering these services. At Al Rostamani Communications, high quality skills training and long-term retention of employees are of paramount importance with investments being made on an ongoing basis to keep them up-to-date with the latest trends and technologies. Partnerships with vendors in such training efforts on an ongoing basis further ensures employees are kept aware about emerging technologies and trends such as Internet of Things, Big Data, robotics, block chain etc.

“We always make sure we are relevant to our clients, and to achieve this, we have to make sure the environment is right within the Company as well, keeping our employees happy, promoted and invested in,” Fawaz says. 

The same approach of staying relevant, committed and reliable holds true towards the Company’s multitude of loyal vendors and partners, many of whom have worked with the Company for more than 20 years.


Al Rostamani Communications is a versatile company in terms of its competence across multiple domains today to help companies take the digital transformation plunge comfortably. The key differentiators that the Company attributes to its success makes it stand out from its competitors.

“We have specific partners for different requirements in order to offer our clients the best services in industry,” says Fawaz, highlighting one of these attributes. “Commitment, care and vision are three key attributes of the group and are part of our DNA. The Group has been here for the past 60 years and already has a vision in place for the next 50. So that reaffirms to our clients that this company will not just come and go; we’re here for the long-term!”

The unswerving focus on the quality of service offered, with the goal to exceed client expectations and experience is a value the Company holds steadfastly to.

“How we can make the client’s business better is our key concern and in doing so has helped us grow our business as well,” Fawaz concludes. “We want to be a leader in ITaaS for our clients’ sake. We are already a partner of choice across cloud and SaaS and everything that falls under the IaaS umbrella, and this allows us to become a business transformation partner across the entire landscape.

“Most enterprises are now looking to adopt these solutions; we will respond to ensure that we assist our clients in this exciting journey of digital transformation.”

Today, Al Rostamani Communications boasts an extensive portfolio of currently running high profile cloud projects, ITaaS and is the preferred ICT partner for its vast client base. Armed with a team of technical experts across multiple domains of emerging technologies and partnerships with many leading technology vendors, the Company is well poised today to facilitate digital transformation in the Middle East for its business clients with its client-friendly consultative approach.

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