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Edeltech Group

Edeltech Group proudly boasts the status of the largest Group of companies serving the energy and utilities industry throughout Israel, working tirelessly to see its vision of private electricity become a reality.

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A Cleaner World; Better Lives Writer:Phoebe CalverProject Manager:Donovan Smith Averda has grown substantially in both size and diversity almost every year since inception. Starting in a single market with a single service offering, today the Company works across three continents offering clients a complete end-to-end solution to their waste management challenges.The core development has required every aspect of the business to be agile and resilient, ensuring it can consistently offer the highest quality of work, while remaining competitive and entrepreneurial. This evolution has been executed by a unique team whose diversity and industry experience has enabled continued growth.“Averda is a family run business, in which Growthgate Capital Dubai – the private equity firm – has a minority stake,” explains Malek Sukkar, the Chief Executive Officer at Averda. “Adopting this ownership structure provides us with a unique advantage in the market; we have the history and stability of family ownership, coupled with the rigour and efficiency of private equity investors.”The services available from Averda branch across the entire spectrum of waste management, reaching clients across Africa, the Middle East and Central Asia. Its core range of services span recycling and minimising waste streams on customers own sites, through to collection and sorting in Averda’s bespoke facilities.“We pride ourselves on providing specialised treatment solutions such as composting, anaerobic digesting and refuse derived fuels,” continues Sukkar. “Over time we have also branched out to include thermal destruction solutions such as waste-to-energy and microwave treatment, as well as engineered landfills.“At present our customer base ranges from single site clients and multinational corporations,

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Corys Building Materials

Seizing Opportunities and Anticipating Change Writer:Phoebe CalverProject Manager:Tom Arnold Corys Building Materials has always taken a long-term view when it comes to devising and implementing its Company strategy; having worked hard to build its reputation for quality, innovation and customer service over the years, it intends to build on and strengthen this in the future.Gaining the title as an industry leader in both product technology and manufacturing excellence, Corys Building Materials retains its core customer focus, with a number of initiatives in place to improve efficiency and speed of response.As part of Green Coast Enterprises, a private Group established in Dubai by Abdul Ghaffar Hussain in the 1970s, the Company has a solid network of support. The Group currently employs more than 1,000 people, and actively manages a number of industrial and commercial businesses and financial investments.“Despite the fact that Corys Building Materials was formed relatively recently as a holding Company for Green Coast Enterprise’s businesses in the building materials sector,” explains Jeremy Rowson, Chief Executive Officer at Corys Building Materials. “Its roots can be traced back to 1977 when its subsidiary, Hepworth was established as a manufacturer and supplier of piping systems in the UAE. As well as having manufacturing companies in the UAE and Qatar, we also have subsidiary companies in Oman, Bahrain and Saudi Arabia.”From this early start, the organisation has expanded and diversified into three main business units: Hepworth, Corys Build Centre and Corys Geosynthetics.Hepworth, based in Dubai, is the leading manufacturer and supplier of plastic pipes and fittings in the UAE and Qatar;

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Strojmetal Aluminium Forging

200 Years of Innovation Writer:Matthew StaffProject Manager:Tom Arnold Boasting 200 years of operations in the Czech Republic and a subsequent status as one of the country’s oldest metal producing companies, Strojmetal Aluminium Forging is leveraging the strengths of its three innovative business arms to retain a strong sense of modernity in a stereotypically traditional industry.Comprising ICE Industrial Services and CAN SUPERCONDUCTORS to complete the market-leading line-up, Strojmetal’s production of high quality aluminium forgings - as well as machining and assembling - has gone from strength to strength in recent years through the balanced adoption of increased automation and enhanced human labour skills. And as a consequence of this all-encompassing approach, the resultant products continue to attract the world’s elite.“The Company now employs 430 people and has its own integrated tool shop,” Strojmetal’s Managing Director (MD), Andre Materne says. “Key customers include well-established partners like Daimler, ZF, THK, Schaeffler, Raufoss and Aston Martin. In addition, well-known end customers such as BMW, Audi, Porsche, Fiat-Chrysler and Jaguar Land Rover, are all supplied by our Tier 1 customers.“Our product range concentrates on aluminium forging products of almost any design and almost any volume. Our products are used in automotive chassis, powertrain, decorative and industrial applications as well as in the mass transportation segment. New production lines allow the Company to also supply automotive parts above three kilograms; for example, front axle knuckles and rear axle wheel carriers.”Placing unrivalled emphasis on R&D across all of its aluminium and alloy applications, the resultant flexibility and customisability that Strojmetal is able to offer facilitates

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The Future is NowWriter:Matthew StaffProject Manager:Tom Arnold As one of the world’s leading robotics companies, DigiRobotics’ rapid rise to prominence has laid the foundations for even more widespread success in the future as it looks forward to new innovations, new customers and new geographies.In just four years since the Company’s inception in UAE, DigiRobotics has become a worldwide operator and developer of modern, innovative robotics systems and technologies, developing both organically and via acquisitions to now comprise offices in London and Riyadh as well.Reaching all corners of the globe from these presence points, its goal to make industrial processes smarter, more efficient and more advanced has been realised across numerous industry sectors and an increasingly large client-base.“DigiRobotics is the first and only UAE solutions provider, and is a leading tech Company in robotics and autonomous systems,” affirms the Company’s Managing Director, Bilal Al Hattab. “We are the only Company to operate from Dubai with full capacities and technologies created and integrated locally as per our clients’ requests and requirements.“Today we offer diverse solutions for various industries: including autonomous vehicle guidance; an automated warehouse transport management system; welding robotic applications; a laser and plasma cutting system; laser de-painting robots; engraving solutions; palletising robots; and various autonomous vehicles for public transportation, floor and beach cleaning, grass cutting and trash collection.“We are proud to customise each solution for our clients.”Continuously evolving and working on strategic projects with its global clients and Government entities, DigiRobotics’ subsequent status as the dynamic leader of its domain in the GCC region is an indictment

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Arabian Food Industries Co(DOMTY)

Driven by Innovation   Writer:Phoebe Calver Project Manager:Joshua Mann   Arabian Food Industries Company has experienced a meteoric rise to success since it was established in 1990. From humble beginnings with a simplistic product offering of white and mozzarella cheese, the Company is now the one to watch in the industry. After creating its flagship specialist cheese brand named Domty, the Company has developed a hold on the market which is unparalleled in the industry, taking the lead against its competitors. Making brave steps in an array of strategic endeavours, this has aided the Company in gaining trust from clients and a solid base of consumer loyalty, both of which are owed to Domty for its continuous commitment to producing quality produce. “Since Domty was established, it has grown to become the leading cheese manufacturer in Egypt, something that we are incredibly proud of,” explains Mohamed Eldamaty, the Vice Chairman of Arabian Food Industries. “We have gradually developed innovative produce over time, ensuring quality and value at all times.” Taking into consideration the initial product range of two types of white and mozzarella cheese, the Company has introduced new produce to the market at regular intervals. In 1992 three types of processed cheese and an additional two flavours of Domty’s original white cheese ranges were added to its manufacturing lines. 1994 saw the introduction of the first development of cheese wrapping in Egypt, created by adding flow wrapping systems to its production line. Production of cheese in Tetra Pak began in 2007 while Domty began to

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Falcon Aviation

Lifting You Towards Success Writer:Phoebe CalverProject Manager:Kane Weller 2016 proved to be yet another high-flying year for Falcon Aviation, exceeding numerous targets the Company had set for itself previously; the success of which lying within its ability to provide a world-class service to all customers.With oil prices dropping last year, Falcon Aviation employed effective and admirable teamwork in order to aid some of its main customers in the oil & gas industries. Working closely with ADMA and TOTAL, Falcon Aviation was subsequently able to move through this difficult period, evolving and strengthening its status as a major player in the UAE ADNOC Operations.“We have provided continuous support to ADMA, with efficient 19-seater state-of-the-art AW189s and a large proportion of our fleet of Bell 412s,” explains Captain Ramandeep Oberoi, Chief Operating Officer (COO) at Falcon Aviation. “We have also brought in AW169 in order to successfully make the TOTAL operations compliant with their rigorous safety requirements.“It gives us great pride to be the first offshore operator of AW 169s in the world and we have also supported TOTAL and Wintershall Operations with our second AW189.”Falcon Aviation’s two Dash 8 Q400 NG remain the backbone of ADNOCs operations for Das and Zirku islands, with Abu Dhabi’s Al Bateen Airport continuing to grow as the main hub for these operations.A huge part of the Company’s success and continuous work with big-name clients is down to its high achievement record. A prime example of this can be seen when looking at the Company’s key performance indicators (KPI) for last year where it

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Detecon Al Saudia

Tomorrow Starts Today   Writer:Phoebe Calver Project Manager:Vivek Valmiki   Even in its earliest stages, Detecon Al Saudia (Detasad) endeavoured to establish a countrywide presence; building a solid reputation of excellence, while ensuring the Company’s ability to work on the most challenging projects, to place it firmly on the map. The Company initially focused its efforts on operational services, maintenance services and network deployment solutions, with some notable projects including the implementation and operation of a frequency monitoring solution for the regulatory body of STC; the leading network provider in the Kingdom. “After identifying that there was a growing demand for specialised connectivity solutions in the early 2000s, we were one of the first organisations to obtain a licence for provision of VSAT services,” explains Felix Wass, Chief Executive Officer and President of Detasad. “Based on our partnership with Intelsat and iDirect, compounded by a commitment to the highest reliability and technological innovation, Detasad has emerged as the main provider of VSAT services to the financial industry.” Detasad is responsible for operating more than 4,000 VSAT terminals, connecting ATM machines and providing support to the oil & gas industry, industrial groups and a number of verticals. Wass continues: “Based on ensuring a Kingdom-wide support network, we provide our clients with a full 24-seven service, with a commitment to providing market-leading uptimes and dedicated professional service.” Moving with the times, Detasad has entered the cloud market, initially focusing its energies on SME clients with high security needs. Its cloud products seamlessly integrate cyber-security and managed security services,


Business Transformation Made Simple   Writer:Matthew Staff Project Manager:Vivek Valmiki   In recent years, the lines between technology and business have overlapped to a point where the latter cannot survive without embedding the former into its entire structure; a notion that international business transformation giant, Pipol has run with to great effect. Initially opening its doors in 2001, its global growth over the years in supplying ERP solutions and consultancy services put Pipol on the map of some of the world’s leading sector exponents. A realisation in 2014 that IT was no longer a supplied product - but a business-critical commodity - has in turn transformed the Company itself from an IT specialist, to a business transformation behemoth. “Around 2014, we came to the conclusion that the world had changed a lot and there was a need for us to rethink our whole value and business proposition,” Chief Executive Officer, Poul Kjaer recalls. “ERP had become more and more of a commodity with more functionality added to each solution and fewer modifications required to each product. “We clearly sensed that our customers were becoming more advanced in how they required services from companies like us. In the past it was an IT-focused request along the lines of ‘can you do it, how much will it cost and how long will it take?’ Today though, clients are much more interested in the suites between IT and business.” The questions now revolve around how Pipol can help each client’s business to run more, smartly - from an IT

Northern Marine Group of Companies

The Full Marine Package   Writer: Matthew Staff Project Manager: Josh Hyland   From humble beginnings to globally-significant international operator, Northern Marine Group’s 30-year evolution has culminated at the very top of its profession. But the journey is far from over, as the business continues to look to new geographies and improved services in the future. Formed in 1983 in Glasgow, Scotland, the ship management specialist initiated with just a handful of vessels in its armoury, but has expanded in the intervening years to now boast more than 150 oil tankers, gas carriers, passenger ferries, Ro-Ro vessels, luxury cruise vessels, and offshore semi-submersibles; offering technical and crewing services across the entire assortment. And through this ever-increasing portfolio, Northern Marine has reached some of the biggest ship owners and oil majors in the global market. “Expanding beyond our core business of technical ship management, The Northern Marine Group of Companies today offers a fully-integrated marine services package including crewing and manpower services, technical engineering and new build project management, as well as marine and offshore supply chain management,” further explains the Company’s Managing Director, Hugh Ferguson. “With an 8,000-strong pool of marine and offshore personnel, we have extensive experience of managing a multinational workforce. “Our shore-based workforce of 750 is strategically located in our offices in the UK, Sweden, USA, India, Russia, Singapore, China and Australia. “It would be fair to say Northern Marine is regarded in the industry as synonymous with quality ship management.” Reliable and efficient management As a wholly-privately owned subsidiary of Stena AB,

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First Saudi Smart Cities Conference 2017

With economic diversification plans in place, key government authorities across the Kingdom are emphasising the importance of providing the best quality of life for its citizens, including seamless transportation, state-of-the-art healthcare facilities, round-the-clock security, affordable housing and most importantly creating citizen-centric cities. Having realised that, the citizen-centric cities can only be created through better urban planning and connected infrastructures using a combination of friendly policies, state-of-the-art technologies and good governance.Acting on the Kingdom’s Vision 2030, it will be investing more than US$ 500 billion into modernising its infrastructure across the 285 municipalities to provide the best quality of life for citizens; on par with global standards, and with the major contributor towards these milestones being Smart Technologies.With the responsibility of developing urban infrastructure and creating citizen-centric cities, the Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs (MOMRA), which is the governing body of all the municipalities across the Kingdom, is hosting the First Saudi Smart Cities 2017 conference from 16-18 May at the Intercontinental Hotel in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.The Conference will be convened under the gracious patronage of the Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs. It is, with the accompanying Exhibition, the first of its kind in the Kingdom which will feature more than 1,000 attendees from across the Kingdom and abroad who are and will be involved in the Smart Cities project; while also featuring a presentation on best practices in Smart Cities from more than 20 countries.Since technology is the major enabler for the success any smart city, leading solution providers - both local and international

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Lisbon to Host 2017 World LNG Summit

The CWC Group has announced that the 2017 CWC World LNG Summit will be moving to Lisbon, Portugal.Speaking about the move to Lisbon, Portugal’s Minister of Sea, Ana Paula Vitorino stated: “The Portuguese Government and I, Minister of the Sea, welcome the relocation of the 18th CWC World LNG & Gas Summit & Awards Evening to Lisbon, on 28 November-1 December, 2017.“This initiative is an excellent opportunity for us to position our country as a leader in this innovative market and promote Portugal’s advantages for the development of the LNG market.“The CWC World LNG Summit offers the perfect opportunity to build and develop business partnerships with players from across the entire global value chain.“The Portuguese Government is honoured to welcome the CWC World LNG Summit to Lisbon to discuss the potential growth opportunities within the LNG industry.”The CWC World LNG Summit & Awards Evening is recognised as the premier end-of-year gathering for the global LNG industry. The CWC World LNG Summit will continue to bring together the who’s who of the global LNG industry for four days of unparalleled networking and intensive discussion. 

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Boeing Expands Production with Investment in New UK Site and US Facility

Boeing has announced that it plans to open a production facility in Sheffield, UK, to manufacture high-tech components for Boeing’s Next-Generation 737, 737 MAX and 777 aircraft. These actuation systems will be used on the trailing edge of wings of these models.The new facility, the result of a Boeing investment of more than £20 million, is part of a broader plan by Boeing to begin in-house manufacturing of key actuation components and systems in the US and UK to enhance production efficiency and reduce cost in its supply chain.Boeing’s new UK facility, to be named Boeing Sheffield, will produce actuators in Boeing’s first manufacturing facility in Europe, supporting global growth and competitiveness for the world’s largest aerospace Company and enabling access to UK talent and capability. Boeing Commercial Airplanes’ (BCA) facility in Portland, Oregon, US will also produce actuators and assemble actuation systems for these models as a new work statement.“The UK provides Boeing with the talent and infrastructure we need to grow and maintain a high level of productivity and quality to meet our significant order book,” said Sir Michael Arthur, president of Boeing Europe and Managing Director of Boeing UK and Ireland. “We are proud to expand our relationship with the UK still further with Boeing Sheffield. Our decision to start manufacturing high-value components in the UK is a step-change in our engagement and a further example of Boeing’s commitment to grow here, supporting the UK’s long-term prosperity.”Boeing Sheffield will employ approximately 30 people when it opens as part of BCA’s Fabrication operations and

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International Food & Drink Event 2017 (IFE 2017)

IFE 2017 (The International Food & Drink Event) is the UK’s biggest and most important food & drink trade show. Taking place 19-22 March in London, the home of innovation, the event provides an unrivalled opportunity to source exciting and new food & drink from 1,350 British & global suppliers. Tickets to attend are free if you register via the website For travel or hotel discounts please visit as diverse as date nectar, tree water, BBQ jams and even the latest botanical food trend - kola nuts - will make IFE 2017 the place to be for the latest menu inspiration and newest shelf fillers. While the Great British & Irish Food section of the event will showcase the highest quality, artisan and most delicious products the UK has to offer.Buyers can satisfy their sweet tooth with a visit to BeLoVeD at stand N1626 to sample date nectar, a 100 percent date-based healthier alternative to honey or syrup, which not only tastes great, but offers both enhanced fibre and potassium content. For a thirst quenching experience head to the Dalston stand N2142, for a hand-mashed cola made from an infusion of citrus juices, spices and kola nuts; the fruit of the African kola tree. These products are just a tiny example of the inspiring foods you can discover at IFE 2017.For those interested in learning more about the wider trends impacting the industry, IFE’s ever-popular seminar and debate programme will be enhanced for 2017, with the introduction of several new speaker stages including the

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Turkey Trade & Export Finance Conference 2017

In the wake of seismic political events both at home and in key developed economies, Turkey finds itself at a geopolitical crossroads. Growing global protectionism signified by the Trump administration and the advent of Brexit threaten a slowdown in global trade, while Turkey’s EU accession negotiations have stalled and interest rate hikes at the Federal Reserve pose liquidity challenges to emerging markets.Warming relations with key markets in the Middle East and Russia, and the prospect of closer economic integration with the East, offer an alternative source of economic growth.The Turkey Trade & Export Finance Conference will highlight the key business opportunities emerging in developed and developing markets, and the financing techniques and risk management strategies enabling Turkish, regional, and global players to capitalise on a rapidly evolving global market.GTR‘s annual event in Istanbul has quickly become the primary industry gathering at which companies can meet and discuss their exporting and financing requirements with like-minded organisations. As the only event of its kind, and with established support from key industry associations, public bodies and institutions; 2017’s event features new and innovative content designed to foster maximum engagement between speakers and delegates, with more than 350 attendees expected.Topics include:·         Turkish risk outlook: Regional security issues and the constitutional referendum·         The pivot East: Prospects for Shanghai Cooperation Organisation membership·         Government incentives supporting Turkish exporters in areas such as bank lending and currency risk management·         Pinpointing opportunities for trade and investment in the MENA region·         Iran update: Assessing the current sanctions environment·         Opportunities in the pipeline: Infrastructure investment hotspots in 2017·         Treasury, trade and working capital optimisation:

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London: The Model Business Destination

In May this year, Europe & Middle East Outlook will produce one of its biggest travel guides to date on the city of London; a city arguably under more international scrutiny than ever before as it juggles Olympic legacy, recession fallout, a new Prime Minister, a new Mayor, and its break - Brexit - from the European Union.The Mayor has affirmed numerous times that the UK capital is indeed open for business to the world - an undeniable notion in reality - but it has still fallen at the feet of a select few organisations and initiatives to instil this reality into the wider global consciousness.Leading the way in this regard is the London Convention Bureau, London & Partners, a promotional organisation and team helping “you access our city like no one else”.In the build up to May (the month, not the new Prime Minister)’s all-encompassing delve into London and what it has to offer the international business community moving forward, we happily and purposely jumped the gun via a chat with London & Partners’ Head of Business Development for Europe, Barbara Jamieson.Europe & Middle East Outlook (EME): Can you firstly introduce me to London & Partners in its current guise and its core functions as part of the new Mayor’s remit?Barbara Jamieson (BJ): Where we are now - since our merger to being a Government-funded agency with Foreign Direct Investment and Study London - is really at the core of job creation, aligning our business tourism strategy with that of those two partners.It is interesting

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3rd Russia & CIS Process Safety Forum (RSF 2017)

In 2015 Euro Petroleum Consultants launched the Russia & CIS Process Safety Forum with the aim to address all the key issues relating to improving safety in refineries and petrochemical plants. This year, Euro Petroleum Consultants organises the annual edition of RSF at the InterContinental Moscow Tverskaya Hotel on 3-4 April.   An evolving market and business environment, changes in regulation and strict limitations encourage companies of oil & gas, refinery and petrochemical industries to review their vision of safety. Technology and economic constraints along with product quality requirements form specific objectives that industry players pursue in order to increase overall efficiency of business.One of the main factors ensuring sustainable development of the oil & gas industry is safety in operations as well as non-core activities. Process safety management is fundamental for all areas of business; it is the only way to minimise incidents and avoid additional costs and financial losses. A key responsibility for oil & gas companies is to guarantee that the processes operate safely for their employees, the environment, the local residents and other sectors in the region.RSF 2017 provides an opportunity to hear and assimilate best practices, share latest developments in safety, and to cooperate in order to gain additional competences in PSM. Leaders of the industry will be presenting strategic concepts of industrial safety, case studies of effective process safety management, and design for safety operations. The event format is structured to encourage networking and open discussions.  The outstanding venue - InterContinental Moscow Tverskaya Hotel -  is located on Tverskaya, the main street of

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Russia & CIS BBTC 2017

In 2005 Euro Petroleum Consultants launched a series of high level conferences known as Rus BBTC; Russia & CIS Bottom of the Barrel Technology Conference & Exhibition. For 12 years BBTC has been one of the most popular conferences devoted to residue upgrading technologies in Russia & CIS countries.In today’s economic environment, residue upgrading has been identified as the key solution to the pressing challenge of meeting the growing market demand for cleaner fuels, the gradual substitution to processing heavier feedstock and the decreasing demand for heavy oil.In refining and in particular for those refineries processing heavier crudes, there is a simple challenge; how to increase the overall conversion of the residues of all crudes into the most valuable distillates. It will be important for refiners to select the options that best meet their specific market requirements and also fit within their investment plans. In recent years we have seen refinery complexity increase and despite the increased capital costs associated, this has led to undeniable benefits in terms of flexibility and financial performance.Russia & CIS Bottom of the Barrel Technology Conference & Exhibition will take place on 5-6 April at the InterContinental Moscow Tverskaya Hotel and will bring together the world's industry leaders, refiners and suppliers to share new technology developments and discuss innovative ways to use, recycle and recover catalysts in residue upgrading processes.   As usual the event format is designed to encourage networking and open discussions. The magnificent venue is the InterContinental Moscow Tverskaya Hotel located on Tverskaya, the main street of Moscow, leading

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