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Edeltech Group proudly boasts the status of the largest Group of companies serving the energy and utilities industry throughout Israel, working tirelessly to see its vision of private electricity become a reality.


Israel is continuously providing new opportunities for companies such as Edeltech to branch into; one prominent case was the discovery of natural gas reserves in the Mediterranean Sea, which has subsequently opened up a historical economic opportunity and with it the drive that was needed to jump-start a reform in the electricity production sector.

The Group formed in 1989, set itself up as an entrepreneurial Company which would focus its work in the infrastructure and energy sectors.

“Over the years we have adapted ourselves to the spirit of change,” explains the Company on its website. “We are currently leading the electricity market into the new age, largely through the development and setting up of private power plants which operate through natural and green gas and the provision of operation and maintenance services to power plants.”

The field quickly began to pick up momentum shortly after the discovery of vast natural gas reserves in the Mediterranean Basin. As a result, Israel was privy to significant economic advantages, with the ability to use natural gas as an alternative to the excessive use of expensive fuels which are adding to pollution, such as fuel oil and diesel oil.

The Company adds: “This process has the full support of the Israeli Government, due to progress by integrating private electricity producers who will serve as a competitive facet adding to the market.”


The Group has invested copious amounts of time and money into the five power plants housed under the Edeltech umbrella, including Dorad Energy – the largest and most advanced private power plant in Israel – which was launched in 2014.

“Completely operated by natural gas, the plant feeds into 12 of the world’s most advanced gas turbines, with a production scope of 860 MW,” continues the Company. “We then supply the electricity at a reduced production rate to a variety of leading companies located in the Israeli market, some of which include: The Ministry of Defence, Mekorot, Osem, Israel Aerospace Industries, Dan Hotels, Fattal Hotels chain, Isrotel, Gazit Globe, Keter Plastic, Strauss, as well as banks, industrial companies and many more.

The ability to finance and support such a successful enterprise was enabled by a group of financers, led by Bank HaPoalim, which houses both the largest banks and institutional bodies working within Israel.


Working with Neot Hovav Industries, Edeltech is forging the new energy for change through its Ramat Negev Energy plant. Again, with substantial plans for the future of energy, substantial investment was required to build on the premises of the Adama Makhteshim plant, costing approximately $200 million.

“Our Ramat Negev power plant is being fuelled through natural gas at a current production scope of 120MW electricity and up to 110 tonnes per hour of steam,” the Company explains. “Electricity and steam surpluses are regularly sold to close consumers at Neot Hovav and to the IEC, located among the Company’s most prominent electricity consumers are Teva, Cellcom and others.

“This project has been financed by a financers’ consortium which is led by Bank Leumi, with their support the plant was launched in December 2015.”

Another prime example of the advance power plant projects the Edeltech Group takes on is the Ashdod Energy Plant, which is one of the main contributors to turning the Groups private electricity vision into a viable entity and a reality which will tailor electrical supply to consumers’ individual needs. The plant, costing approximately $100 million, is built adjacently to the plants of Adama Agan in Ashdod, with a production capacity of 55MW electricity; it has the capability to easily supply all the energy needs of Adama Agan plant. Again, the electricity surpluses that are created continue to be supplied to close consumers in the area and the IEC.


The Company’s expansion is a continuous process, branching into new areas and building on past experiences to enable positive growth for Edeltech; a prime example of this is the current plans for Solad Energy.

“The plant will be built adjacent to the CHS plant which is currently in the City formerly known as Solbar, and at present it is estimated that we will require a total investment of around $125 million,” the Company affirms. “The launch of the plant’s commercial operations is scheduled to be up and running for 2018.”

Similarly with the innate nature of the Company to embrace the spirit of change, its new plant Tamar (Mishor Rotem Power plant) intends to bring this spirit to the Negev and supply it with both environmentally friendly and advanced electricity for the area.

“We will be building the plant adjacent to the Haifa Chemicals plant at Mishor Rotem, at an estimated investment of $250 million,” concludes the Company. “Excitingly, this power plant will have the ability to provide response to both the steam and electricity needs for any future plants which are in the process of being set up at Mishor Rotem.”

With so much in the pipeline, it is a very exciting time for the Group and with increasing scope for exploration in the energy and utilities sector of Israel, there is no end of possibility for the Company’s growth and direction in the future.

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Josh Rayfield is Head of Projects for Outlook Publishing. Josh is responsible for showcasing corporate stories in our digital B2B magazines and Digital Platforms, and sourcing collaborations with Business Leaders, Brands, and C-suite Executives to feature in future editions. Josh is actively seeking opportunities to collaborate. Reach out to Josh to discover how you and your business could be our next cover story.