Arabian Food Industries Co (DOMTY) : Driven by Innovation

Editorial TeamJoshua Mann
Editorial Team Joshua Mann - Regional Director

Arabian Food Industries Company has experienced a meteoric rise to success since it was established in 1990. From humble beginnings with a simplistic product offering of white and mozzarella cheese, the Company is now the one to watch in the industry.


After creating its flagship specialist cheese brand named Domty, the Company has developed a hold on the market which is unparalleled in the industry, taking the lead against its competitors. Making brave steps in an array of strategic endeavours, this has aided the Company in gaining trust from clients and a solid base of consumer loyalty, both of which are owed to Domty for its continuous commitment to producing quality produce.

“Since Domty was established, it has grown to become the leading cheese manufacturer in Egypt, something that we are incredibly proud of,” explains Mohamed Eldamaty, the Vice Chairman of Arabian Food Industries. “We have gradually developed innovative produce over time, ensuring quality and value at all times.”

Taking into consideration the initial product range of two types of white and mozzarella cheese, the Company has introduced new produce to the market at regular intervals. In 1992 three types of processed cheese and an additional two flavours of Domty’s original white cheese ranges were added to its manufacturing lines. 1994 saw the introduction of the first development of cheese wrapping in Egypt, created by adding flow wrapping systems to its production line. Production of cheese in Tetra Pak began in 2007 while Domty began to export its produce to the Middle East and Gulf countries.

As with all Companies, innovation is pivotal in development and remaining ahead of industry competitors, and with that mindset in place Arabian Food Industries launched its nectar juice range in 2013. 

“Today Domty boasts a distribution fleet of more than 600 trucks that operate from 27 sub-strategically located distribution hubs across the country,” continues Eldamaty. “With our impressive fleet we have ensured a streamlined delivery system directly to all kinds of retail; a feat made possible by our dedicated workforce of more than 2,600 employees.

“At the core of our success lies the key values of innovation, quality ingredients, taste and value for money, all of which we have worked towards attaining since the business was founded.”

Domty’s marked success is perfectly demonstrated in its astounding growth trajectory, beginning with two distribution centres and two trucks to work with. At that point in time, Egyptian consumers were not interested in packaged cheese, and loose cheese held 90 percent of the market share. However, bravery and persistence with its products means that Domty is now a household brand name and the leading cheese manufacturer in the industry.


As a Company, Domty is primarily driven by innovation, and  one of the main strengths of the brand comes from its ability to produce new products that will be both popular and fulfil the needs of the market.

The Egyptian market presented a vast array of opportunity for Domty to explore and tap into, in particular the white cheese market – the fastest growing category in the food industry – it did this by introducing new sizes and flavours into the Egyptian market for the first time.

Eldamaty affirms: “We are constantly looking to expand our presence in the food & drink sector, mainly exporting to all Arab countries and some European; now we are actively seeking new opportunities in the export market in order to repeat the success story we created in the Egyptian market.

“Changes with consumption habits are a pivotal area we have been monitoring and adapting to, consumers in Egypt are hungry for a shift from unbranded loose products, to packed and branded.”

In order to keep up with consumer demands and the changes in both Egypt and the new markets the Company is looking to branch into, in recent months Domty has invested in new equipment with advanced technology, as well as building a new factory and honing the system orientation of the process.


Of course in order to maximise the advancements in the Company structure, Domty consistently seeks to improve the quality of its employees. Doing so by enhancing their capabilities, providing them with the training required to be the best and enabling them with the experience to facilitate the potential of a job upgrade, while also hiring new talents whenever it is required.

“Everyone working in the Company operates under four pillars – reliability, open-mindedness, motivation and teamwork – all of which keep the team united in our vision for Domty as we move grow and expand,” explains Eldamaty. “Our employees form the foundations of our achievements in the sector and the success we hope to continue enjoying, and teamwork is pivotal to this.”

Over the years Domty has consistently encouraged open-mindedness as a fundamental to success, and therefore one of the core values of innovation in the Company. Combined with that, motivation proves to be instrumental in ensuring employees perform to the best of their abilities.

Eldamaty continues: “We continuously strive to enable a work environment where all communications are open and transparent, therefore providing our employees with a situation in which they feel trusted to do the right thing.”

Alongside the Company’s responsibility to its employees, its work on corporate social responsibility schemes is increasing. Domty partnered with AHL MISR last year, a charity organisation which is helping to cure the disadvantaged in Egypt from medical issues that would otherwise go untreated.

“We have also launched an initiative to support the world class Aswan Heart Center (AHC), a non-profit organisation that provides medical treatment to Egyptians and Africans in need of such attention,” concludes Eldamaty. “This is all under the leadership of Dr. Magdy Yocoub, who we support through providing catering and addition support on a weekly basis.”

The care that the Company takes in all its endeavours is a major contributor to its success, and looking to the future it will be exciting to see how Domty’s portfolio grows and the new markets it branches into.

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By Joshua Mann Regional Director