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As one of the world’s leading robotics companies, the rapid rise of DigiRobotics to prominence has laid the foundations for even more widespread success in the future as it looks forward to new innovations, new customers and new geographies.


In just four years since the Company’s inception in UAE, DigiRobotics has become a worldwide operator and developer of modern, innovative robotics systems and technologies, developing both organically and via acquisitions to now comprise offices in London and Riyadh as well.

Reaching all corners of the globe from these presence points, its goal to make industrial processes smarter, more efficient and more advanced has been realised across numerous industry sectors and an increasingly large client-base.

“DigiRobotics is the first and only UAE solutions provider, and is a leading tech Company in robotics and autonomous systems,” affirms the Company’s Managing Director, Bilal Al Hattab. “We are the only Company to operate from Dubai with full capacities and technologies created and integrated locally as per our clients’ requests and requirements.

“Today we offer diverse solutions for various industries: including autonomous vehicle guidance; an automated warehouse transport management system; welding robotic applications; a laser and plasma cutting system; laser de-painting robots; engraving solutions; palletising robots; and various autonomous vehicles for public transportation, floor and beach cleaning, grass cutting and trash collection.

“We are proud to customise each solution for our clients.”

Continuously evolving and working on strategic projects with its global clients and Government entities, DigiRobotics’ subsequent status as the dynamic leader of its domain in the GCC region is an indictment of the local focus it adopted from inception; established as a free zone Company under Tecom authority since 2013 and now existing as an 11-department, international business employing more than 150 people worldwide.

“Our mission is to significantly augment autonomy and robotics to deliver unique services; to develop the advancement of autonomy and robotics; to drive the evolution of autonomous industrial robotics and immersive simulations; to enable a better quality of life; and to pioneer a sustainable autonomy and robotics industry,” Al Hattab emphasises.


Group goals include developing sustainable technologies to bridge the real and digital world, in order to remain relevant long into the future from an efficiency, intelligence and innovation point of view.

“At DigiRobotics, we believe in facilitating autonomous industrial robotics and immersive simulations to enable effortless automation through intelligent and creative solutions, products and services,” Al Hattab says. “The idea is to provide advanced industrial solutions to our customers to increase production safety factors and to create the perfect balance between reducing manpower and increasing production.

“With DigiRobotics, customers not only keep their businesses in line with high-tech trends, but also secure their investments with professional services and strong partnership support.”

Currently comprising more than 50 types of robots, AGVs and drones, the sheer scale that DigiRobotics has evolved to has resulted in a recent diversification of the business structure; introducing a three pronged division approach to cater for each segment more concertedly.

While the original DigiRobotics arm continues to focus on robot products and the automation of factories, its DiDrivers subsidiary now looks after autonomous vehicle development including driverless conversions, autonomous trolleys for airports, 3d-printed driverless cars, grass cutters, beach cleaners, and driverless forklifts.

Finally, DiDrones – as the name suggests – hones in on drone development with core products including the autonomous drone taxi, autonomous cargo transportation, and autonomous fire response among the products coming to the fore as a consequence. 

“In DigiRobotics we believe in creating a world of autonomous vehicles and robotics by enabling intelligent and self-adjusting solutions in which we are naturally navigated into a world where autonomous vehicles and robotics are seamlessly and harmoniously working together, side-by-side, with people,” Al Hattab explains. “Our main customers therefore include industrial factories in GCC, airports and seaports worldwide, the Government sector, healthcare entities and educational institutions; the diversity of which is improving our overall sales strategy.”


In order to keep evolving in the future it is imperative for DigiRobotics to remain ahead of the industry curve and to remain innovative in the eye of the tech storm. The pressure in recent times has been on augmenting the experiences and integration of technologies to deliver intelligent and more organic solutions, yet on a multi-sector basis.

This difference between the needs apparent in a governmental environment or a private sector environment, or education, or finance, or any other scenario, is what makes DigiRobotics’ proposition so challenging to fulfil, yet differentiating once fulfilled.

“DigiRobotics is a dynamic leader of all robotic and autonomous solutions in the GCC region and has a unique self-created robotics system worldwide,” Al Hattab proudly states. “DigiRobotics does not have competitors in the GCC region – our nearest competitors located in Japan, USA and the EU – but this makes our work more dynamic as we focus on improving and diversifying our products and services on a more global level than local.”

To this end, DigiRobotics can look forward to even more extensive sector diversification in the future as it looks to leverage the existing portfolio of clients and history of successful projects. Potential in seaport automation is one example of this while the Company also plans to increase factory automation by 55 percent in Saudi Arabia and UAE over the coming years.

Al Hattab concludes: “DigiRobotics is creating a whole new generation of smart technology; more powerful, more intelligent, and more accessible than ever before to empower us into the augmented world of autonomous and robotic solutions.

“Whenever worldwide visitors will come to UAE they will witness examples of what we can do; enjoying all levels of autonomous innovation that has been created and implemented by DigiRobotics.”

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By Thomas Arnold Senior Head of Projects
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