Turkey Trade & Export Finance Conference 2017

Editorial Team
Editorial Team
Turkey Trade & Export Finance Conference 2017

The Turkey Trade & Export Finance Conference will highlight the key business opportunities emerging in developed and developing markets, and the financing techniques and risk management strategies enabling Turkish, regional, and global players to capitalise on a rapidly evolving global market.

In the wake of seismic political events both at home and in key developed economies, Turkey finds itself at a geopolitical crossroads. Growing global protectionism signified by the Trump administration and the advent of Brexit threaten a slowdown in global trade, while Turkey’s EU accession negotiations have stalled and interest rate hikes at the Federal Reserve pose liquidity challenges to emerging markets.

Warming relations with key markets in the Middle East and Russia, and the prospect of closer economic integration with the East, offer an alternative source of economic growth.

GTR‘s annual event in Istanbul has quickly become the primary industry gathering at which companies can meet and discuss their exporting and financing requirements with like-minded organisations. As the only event of its kind, and with established support from key industry associations, public bodies and institutions; 2017’s event features new and innovative content designed to foster maximum engagement between speakers and delegates, with more than 350 attendees expected.

Topics include:

·         Turkish risk outlook: Regional security issues and the constitutional referendum

·         The pivot East: Prospects for Shanghai Cooperation Organisation membership

·         Government incentives supporting Turkish exporters in areas such as bank lending and currency risk management

·         Pinpointing opportunities for trade and investment in the MENA region

·         Iran update: Assessing the current sanctions environment

·         Opportunities in the pipeline: Infrastructure investment hotspots in 2017

·         Treasury, trade and working capital optimisation: Identifying key strategies, techniques and practical challenges

·         Structured export financing: Leveraging ECA support to get the deal done

WHEN: 21 March

WHERE: Istanbul, Turkey

WEBSITE: http://www.gtreview.com/events/europe/turkey-trade-export-finance-conference-2017/

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