What are your greatest motivators as a leader?

Editorial Team
Editorial Team
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We gave featured business leaders of issue 53 the final word in answering “What are your greatest motivators as a leader?”

Berend Jan Schuring, Managing Director, Raben Netherlands

“My greatest motivator is working alongside people with drive. Those are the ones who give you energy. We set goals together, achieve those goals together and celebrate our successes together. When you have a team that is so connected and involved with everything a company does, it is very fulfilling to see how much we have achieved in the last 10 years and how enthusiastic and motivated everybody is to keep growing in the next decade to come. We have faced challenges and we overcame them together. Ultimately it is our aim to be the best and the biggest logistic provider in the Benelux and Europe, but even the smallest victories mean a lot to us as a company and that’s what really drives us.”

Chris Pinciak,Vice President of Engineering and Sales, Winbro Group Technologies

“Being better than yesterday – making small incremental steps to improve the mind, body and soul.”

Radek Strouhal, CEO, Vítkovice Steel 

“As a leader, my greatest motivators are the successes of the company and the satisfaction of our customers and employees. I believe that by providing high-quality products and services and creating a positive work environment, we can achieve our goals and continue to grow and succeed as a company. We are responsible to pass the company and society in general on to our children in better shape than we received it from our parents, and this is something I try to fulfil in my daily operations.” 

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