What advice would you give to someone entering your industry?

Editorial Team
Editorial Team
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We gave featured business leaders of issue 54 the final word in answering “What advice would you give to someone entering your industry?”

Roberto Re, Managing Director, Metinvest Trametal

“The global steel industry is oversupplied, and Europe is one of the hotspots of this oversupply. In order to succeed in such a market, it is essential to provide the best possible quality with a focus on growing industries. We are at the border of the new low emission steelmaking age, and it is only possible to count on future success by anticipating future regulatory requirements and expectations. 

“However, high quality will not be enough to prosper in the steel world. The key value driver in our market is still customer relations, and dedication to strategic partners that drive long-term strategy and competitiveness. Long-term partnerships allow businesses to grow together and add value for both parties.” 

Matjaz Cemazar, CEO, Domel

“If you are considering entering the electric motors industry, you must first stay up to date with the latest trends and innovations to remain competitive and offer cutting-edge solutions. Additionally, it’s best to prioritise quality and reliability, whilst consistently delivering reliable and durable solutions that will earn you a strong reputation in the industry. Finally, you have to engage in open communication with your customers to understand their specific needs and provide exceptional customer service.”    

Peter Dijkstra, CCO, Trymax Semiconductor Equipment B.V.

“The semiconductor market is a very demanding and challenging cyclical market. You absolutely need to keep your promise and supply reliable and high up-time equipment that is supported with knowledgeable field service engineer support.”  

Marija Dukovska-Pavlovska, General Manager, Makstil

“I would say be resilient, be ready to evolve personally as an industry leader, and adapt to fast-changing market needs. It is critical to get ready to challenge, and equally, to be challenged. Lastly, but most importantly, listen to your own employees, because they know the business best and are at the core of the company’s success.”  

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