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Editorial TeamCallam Waller
Editorial Team Callam Waller - Senior Head of Projects

Aafiya TPA has carved a niche  as a first-rate integrated service provider for healthcare management, designed to facilitate high quality provision  of health insurance services across the UAE and wider region.


The GCC’s insurance industry is booming. Growing at more than 10 percent a year, the sector will be worth $44 billion if financial advisory firm Alpen Capital’s research is proven correct. 

Fuelled by rising insurance awareness, economic revival and infrastructure developments and an expanding consumer base, insurance has become big business for both local and multinational companies in the region. 

Another key growth factor identified by Alpen is the implementation of mandatory health insurance in the UAE, and companies such as Aafiya TPA, set up in 2015, have been able to establish themselves as flagbearers for health insurance provision. 

Literally translating as ‘good health’, Aafiya describes itself as a hub which connects insurance companies, policyholders and healthcare providers. Its core services include risk management, client management, policy administration, analytics, market research and case management, among others.

“While our basic role is to function as an administrator, we understand the need to facilitate cashless service at the time of your medical necessity,” it states on its website. “Aafiya is committed to patient safety and emerges as a trustworthy healthcare facilitator in the region.”


Aafiya’s provision of services to its more than 600,000-strong membership is based around a formidable network of partners. 

This includes close relationships with leading insurance providers based in the GCC: Takaful Emarat, Noor Takaful, Al-Buhaira National Insurance Co, Union Insurance, Orient UNB Takaful, RAK Insurance, Abu Dhabi National Takaful, Insurance House, Oman Insurance Company, United Insurance Company, National Life & General and Metlife. 

Worldwide, the Company’s global network comprises more than 10,000 service providers and a 24/7 call centre, meaning Aafiya services are available almost anywhere in the world 100 percent of the time. 

Overseas insurance partners include India-based Paramount Healthcare Management and Pakistan’s Crescent Star Insurance. 

The firm also operates a number of partnerships with leading health and wellness companies in order to offer privileges to its members. 

From spas and beauty centres to restaurants and nutrition companies, Aafiya members can benefit from these strategic tie-ups which promote healthy living. 

For example, its Dahab benefits programme offers fast-track approvals, priority access, and a dedicated service team to a personalised relationship doctor, and door to door medicine delivery. Launched in December 2017, the scheme was recognised at the Corporate Vision’s Corporate Excellence Awards with the title of Most Innovative New Service of the Year. 

Further, members can also take advantage of these promotions and track their own medical insurance on the go in the form of the Aafiya mobile app. 

The Company has additionally rolled out smart kiosks at three hospitals in Dubai – the Saudi German Hospital, Iranian Hospital and Thumbay Hospital. These kiosks connect users with customer care services, policy details and BMI calculators, among other things. 

General Manager Ali Zaidi writes in his GM’s message: “As a brand Aafiya would like to stand for highest quality of medical administration services, backed by revolutionary wellness services… I firmly believe that innovation is the key to achieving sustainability and growth in the long term.”


Beyond its mission to facilitate comprehensive health insurance services to all the sectors of the population, Aafiya also eagerly participates in extracurricular activities as a way of promoting social cohesion within its network. 

In March the Company held a three-day cricket tournament, the Aafiya Premier League (APL), made up of 12 corporate insurance providers and brokers, with Oman Insurance Company clinching the title after beating Pioneer Insurance Brokers in the final. 

Commenting at the time, Zaidi said: “APL has enabled insurance professionals from different companies to engage with each other through the game of cricket. We expect more teams to participate in the future editions for more excitement.”

This close-knit network of insurance providers will ensure Aafiya continues to provide unrivalled access to quality health cover in the UAE, GCC and beyond. 

In addition to its offices in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, Aafiya’s strategic plan revolves around its aim to expand its presence to other parts of the UAE as well as other countries in the region, including Saudi Arabia, Oman, Kuwait and Kazakhstan.

Bearing in mind the Company only formed in 2015, it has made a remarkable impression on the regional health insurance industry during its short existence and looks set to continue making strides in years to come.

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By Callam Waller Senior Head of Projects