Issue 33

Transilvania Constructii : Romania’s Diligent Developer

Family firm Transilvania Constructii has set its sights on expanding its network of industrial parks around Romania, this having successfully completed a number of projects in its home region of Cluj-Napoca.

Editorial TeamRyan Gray By Editorial Team Ryan Gray

Synergy Construct : Can-Do Contracting

With an eye for competitive contracting and a nous for operational excellence, the operations of Synergy Construct span Romania, Hungary and Georgia.. Savas Günata, Managing Partner, tells its story.

Editorial TeamRyan Gray By Editorial Team Ryan Gray

Safina : Keeping Metals Precious

Safina has carved its own niche for maximising the value of precious and non-ferrous metal waste, its operations in the Czech Republic driven by innovation, sustainability and employee appreciation.

Port Of Oslo : Charting A New Course

In a pursuit of environmental excellence, optimised operational efficiency and growth, Port of Oslo is epitomising the new role of ports via a flurry of innovative initiatives.

One United Properties : Building for Bucharest

One United Properties continues to execute award-winning projects which have not only made their mark on the Romanian capital, but also positively impacted communities within the city.

Editorial TeamRyan Gray By Editorial Team Ryan Gray

Mazoon Dairy : Fulfilling a Vision

Mazoon Dairy embodies technological innovation and economic diversification, positioned as a leading light for Oman’s Vision 2040.

Editorial Team By Editorial Team

Macromex : Romania’s FMCG Revolution

Macromex has positioned itself to take advantage of the massive opportunity in front of Romania’s frozen food market, the company priding itself on innovation and quality across its operations.

Editorial Team By Editorial Team

Hranipex : Cutting Edge

From its humble Humpolec-based beginnings, Hranipex has risen to become a crucial distributor and progressive developer of furniture edges in the European value chain.

Horizon Gulf Electromechanical Services

An agile, ever-evolving business, Horizon Gulf has been able to capitalise on the booming prospects provided by Dubai and Abu Dhabi’s rapid economic development with its first-class solutions.

Editorial TeamRyan Gray By Editorial Team Ryan Gray

Foresight Offshore Drilling : Safety. Efficiency. Reliability

Operating with innovative, agile tendencies, Foresight Offshore Drilling is proactively positioning itself as a spearhead of oil and gas excellence.

David Knott By David Knott

DORIS : An Engineering Ever-Present

Working with some of the world’s largest energy players, DORIS has become a well-established and critical engineering support partner on landmark projects across the globe.

Eddie Clinton By Eddie Clinton

Cyfield Group : The Complete Constructor

Cyfield Group is Cyprus’s most vertically integrated construction company, its enormous pool of machine and human assets enabling it to execute all project types with the client front and centre.

Editorial TeamRyan Gray By Editorial Team Ryan Gray

BuroHappold Engineering : Building Brighter

For BuroHappold Engineering Middle East MD Andrea Scotti, collaboration, connectivity and creativity are crucial to the success of modern, innovative undertakings in today’s built environment.

Editorial TeamRyan Gray By Editorial Team Ryan Gray

BELAZ : Driving Forward 

With a 73-year history built on a multitude of awards, innovations and advancements, BELAZ today stands as a crucial member of the Belarusian economy, its dump trucks and transport solutions found the world over.

Editorial TeamRyan Gray By Editorial Team Ryan Gray

A.R. Hourie : A Lebanese Legacy

A.R. Hourie has been a mainstay in Lebanon’s construction industry for several decades, the firm involved in crucial infrastructure projects and a number of other high-end buildings.

Editorial TeamRyan Gray By Editorial Team Ryan Gray

Bridging the Gender Divide in the Shipping Industry

Sylvia Boer, Head of Communications at Damen Shipyards Group and President, WISTA the Netherlands, talks to us about the importance of equalising gender in the shipping industry.

Sylvia Boer By Sylvia Boer

How Finland and the UAE are pursuing happiness

How has Finland achieved this national sense of wellbeing and is there something the UAE can benchmark from the World’s Happiest Country?

Editorial Team By Editorial Team

Naples: A slice of Italian culture

With its castles and cupolas, hip neighbourhoods, a thriving arts scene, and delicious food, it's easy to see why Naples is one of Italy's most captivating cities.

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