European Mining Convention: European Mining Goes Global

Editorial Team
Editorial Team
European Mining Convention: Where European mining meets the world

The European Mining Convention (EMC 2019) is an international mining conference and exhibition that will take place at The Convention Centre Dublin, Ireland on December 3-4.

EMC 2019 is an inaugural event that will bring together mining ministries and associations, CEOs, key decision makers, mining leaders, policymakers, investors and innovators along with other relevant stakeholders from all over the world to exchange information, launch new products and services, forge new business connections and discuss over the pressing issues and challenges that matter the most in the mining industry.

The two-day exhibition and conference will aggregate the whole mining spectrum to explore opportunities on the international level.

With Geoscience Ireland and IMQS as supporting partners, this flagship event will witness the presence of top-notch companies like Priority Drilling, Aurum, Minova, Orica, Nanotech Industrial Solutions, Geobrugg AG, SOLMAX, Aziwell AS, ALS Global, Concrete Canvas, Al Rowad, General Kinematics, Dynaset OY, Quarrying and Mining Equipment, Megaplast India Pvt. Ltd., along with another 70-plus international and national companies showcasing the latest technologies and innovations.

The conference will comprise of many sessions where industry leaders will discuss and confer over the latest developments, issues and challenges prevailing in the mining sector as well as:

●       An overview of the European mining industry.

●       New initiatives to bolster the European mining industry.

●       The 3D EXPERIENCE mine – a platform to accelerate innovation.

●       Ireland, the gateway to innovation in the mining sector.

●       Automation in the mining sector .

●       Robominers – resilient bio-inspired modular robotic miners.

●       Delineating mineralisation using predrilling virtual boreholes.

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