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Editorial Team Ryan Gray - Senior Head of Projects

With a 73-year history built on a multitude of awards, innovations and advancements, BELAZ today stands as a crucial member of the Belarusian economy, its dump trucks and transport solutions found the world over.


It is strange to think that merely 150 years ago, nothing even close to the modern-day car existed.

Today, more than one billion passenger vehicles travel the roads and streets of our world, these now powered by electricity, hydrogen and autonomous technologies as well as human intelligence and petroleum in what is quickly becoming the new normal of the 21st century.

It is not just day to day, A to B travel that has been transformed in the automotive space over this time period, however. Similarly monumental developments have swept across the industrial vehicle space as well.

Take the 73-year history of global mining and construction transport equipment manufacturer BELAZ, for example.

Launching its first D-298 water sprinkling truck back in 1950, followed by a 25-tonne truck in 1958, the company today manufactures dump trucks with payload capacities as large as 450 tonnes.

Indeed, this timeline is reflective of the company’s motto.

“We build our success relying on the experience and knowledge of earlier generations, transferring best traditions to new models of our equipment,” BELAZ states on its website.

And this motto is similarly echoed by a statement from Petr Parkhomchyk, the organisation’s General Director.

“The reputation of BELAZ trademark reflects years of stable development. Steady efficiency growth, technology development, innovations implementation – only this approach helps to meet the demands on the market,” he states.

The combined message? That progress is a critical part of the success of the auto manufacturing industry, regardless of the niche – a fact that BELAZ has come to recognise and embrace during the course of its lengthy history.


Cultivating a sound approach accordingly, the company has established a reputation for consistency in delivering quality products and customer service, striving to be a lead player on the global market.

Indeed, the firm’s footprint, organically grown through its emphasis on excellence, would suggest that this ambition has been somewhat realised. Currently exporting to more than 80 markets across the globe, BELAZ has come to account for roughly 30 percent of the global super heavy mining and construction dump truck market.

Looking at its portfolio, it’s easy to see why.

The company offers everything from mining dump trucks, metallurgical works vehicles and special purpose vehicles to rail freight cars and loaders and bull dozers, each of these renowned as being first-class assets to add to any heavy industry-related operation.

“BELAZ takes a leading position among the major manufacturers of dump trucks in the world,” the organisation states. “Today the fleet of BELAZ dump trucks operating around the world is about 20,000 units and our company is interested in their maximal efficiency.”

The buck does not stop at sales for the enterprise which also prides itself on extensive aftercare solutions for each and every one of its customers.

With dealerships and service centres spanning Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, North America and South Africa, BELAZ seeks to always provide optimal solutions in the shortest possible timeframes, thereby maintaining the highest levels of customer satisfaction.

“Being a manufacturer and a supplier, we have the basic principle – full responsibility for equipment operability within all the period of its operation in any region. The company provides the full range of maintenance services and individual support of customers,” it states.

“Our service policy leads to increase of production efficiency, decrease of our partners’ production costs, facilitates elimination of critical failures, and decrease of idle time during scheduled and emergency repairs.”


Esteemed products and services are not the only way in which BELAZ stands front and centre of heavy industry, however.

More recently, the mechanical engineering giant launched a major tourism campaign, showcasing its stature and history as the first of Belarus’s machine-building businesses to the world.

“Since June 15,2015, our company has implemented the industrial tourism project ‘BELAZ –a brand of Belarus’,” the firm states. “For this period, our company has been visited by more than 100,000 tourists from 20 countries all over the world.”

The project is based at its Zhodzina plant in central Belarus, an hour’s drive northeast of Minsk – a facility that has become a crucial hub of Belarusian industry since its inception and the subject of one of the largest Commonwealth of Independent States investment projects.

Its history and scale, coupled with the numerous global awards that the company’s production line holds, is resultantly a major draw for tourists and business interests alike.

Exporter of the Year and Best Goods of the Republic of Belarus are just two such accolades that the firm has received in the past two years, while the BELAZ-75710 has been recognised as being the largest mining truck body (with a volume of 645.3 cubic metres) and the largest two-axle dump truck (with a rated payload capacity of 450 tonnes) since January 2014.

Yet awards are not a novel facet for the business, BELAZ having been the recipient of similar recognition throughout its illustrious history. And this is unlikely to change moving forward, owed to the continued consolidation of its global footprint.

In recent months, the organisation has been partaking in numerous global events including IMARC, Mining Indonesia 2019 and Mining Metals Uzbekistan, and bolstered partner relations having recently attended the 2nd Forum of Regions of Belarus and Ukraine, andwelcomed the Chairman of Turkey’s Foreign Affairs Committee.

Indeed, its role in both these conferences and delegations is testament to its stature – a stature that will remain for years to come.

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By Ryan Gray Senior Head of Projects
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