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Oracle EMEA : Oracle In Europe

For most enterprises, and certainly most of Oracle's customers, a drive to simplify Information Technology (IT) is becoming of ever-increasing importance. Oracle has become one of the largest technology companies in the world on the strength of its extensive portfolio of software and hardware products to facilitate this simplification.

Amrest Holdings SE : Everything is Possible

The long standing significance of the "Everything is Possible" mantra for AmRest Holdings SE emulates its entrepreneurial spirit.

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Chipsters : Gone Fishing

Chipsters offer fish and related products at competitive prices, providing excellent customer service and a high quality final product.

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Quintens Group : Made in Belgium

Quintens group works actively with clients to ensure individual bakeries develop a bread concept that suits a shop's identity.

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United Cast Bar : Rock The Cast Bar

The growing European support for the manufacturing sector is a solid foundation that secures the position of United Cast Bar in the economy.

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Deloports : The Black Sea Bastion

Deloports have a view to become the operator of the most modern and fastest growing dry cargo terminals in the Black Sea region.

Energi Sverige : Northern Lights

The mission of Energi Sverige is to increase the competitiveness of the power generation sector by providing advice, support and real prices.

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Minesto : Making Waves Around the Globe

The Deep Green tidal power technology of Minesto is small, lightweight and able to accelerate the water velocity by up to a factor of 10.

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Roshen : Perfection Wrapped in Chocolate

EME Outlook speaks with Inna Petrenko, Head of public relations at Roshen confectionery corporation, about the success it has seen in Europe.

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Premier Tech Chronos : Packing Innovators

Premier Tech Chronos stand out through a plethora of custom technical innovations on the bagging/packaging lines.

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