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Editorial Team

Premier Tech Chronos stand out through a plethora of custom technical innovations on the bagging/packaging lines alongside the we care customer guarantee.


Premier Tech Chronos is currently the biggest player in the industrial flexible packaging industry in the world. Since 1923, premier tech has built its know-how and reputation on the skills and synergy of its three groups: Horticulture and agriculture, Industrial equipment, and environmental technologies. Premier Tech strongly believes that the driving force for the company’s success has been their team. Through nurturing staff talents and passion, members of the team join forces to promote and implement creative ideas.

From America to Europe to Asia, their multidisciplinary team capitalises on the expertise and creativity of over 2,700 individuals who work as one to grow the technological and commercial leadership that secures Premier Tech’s long-term growth.


Within the three Groups that make up the company, the Industrial Equipment Group (IEG) – Known as Premier Tech Chronos – further consists of four major business segments: Flexible packaging, rigid packaging, bulk processing and peat moss field equipment. Each sector offers innovative solutions and approaches to complete and integrated systems and projects are tailored to suit the specific needs of customers. “In flexible packaging, Premier Tech Chronos offers complete bag packaging solutions including weighing and feeding, bagging, valve bag filling, palletising and load securing equipment, for a wide range of materials in various industries: pet food, food, growing media, minerals (loose), feed, seeds and crops, forestry, chemicals, insulation to name a few,” explains Premier Tech’s Vice President of Marketing, Simon Roy.

Additionally, the Premier Tech Systems arm of the business offers complete end-of-line solutions including conveying, robotic case packing, palletising and load securing equipment for various kinds of containers such as boxes, bundles, cans, kegs, etc. In the lawn and garden market segment, Premier Tech Chronos also offers bulk processing solutions as well as peat moss field equipment, including screening systems, mixing lines, harrows, vacuum harvesters, etc.

Premier Tech Chronos (PTC) is recognised worldwide for its innovative and customised packaging, material handling and bulk processing solutions. through the numerous acquisitions it has made over the last 15 years of its 25 year life – including the likes of Chronos Richardson, Richard Simon, BTH (Bag Treatment Holland), Forberg, W.G. Durant, Bag equipment and StoNepak – PTC has integrated a great deal of technological knowledge and expertise. As a result, the company now offer the most complete range of equipment in the industry, backed by a strategic plan based on data and experience over the years. “Every three years, we take an in-depth look at our strategic plan. We add the essential ingredient: the expectations of our shareholders, partners and team members. Then we ask ourselves: where do we stand in relation to the goals that we set three years earlier? Are we ahead, behind or on target? why? Based on the answers, we determine our future and draw up the plan to get to it, so we always have an up-to-date and thoroughly challenged course to follow supported by clear strategies and action plans,” Roy continues: “this is an ongoing process. we are now at the end of our Vision 2014, at the mid-point of our Vision 2017 and at the start of our Vision 2020. We have a clear and constant measurement of how well we are doing. We know if the company has achieved its goals for 2014 and if we are on the way to meeting our 2017 goals.”


Premier Tech Chronos stand out through a plethora of custom technical innovations on the bagging/packaging lines such as integrating vertical form, fill and seal technologies into the production line, automated palletising and a new stretch-hooding system. The company has developed several state-of-the-art technologies which are still in the lead today. “We continue to adapt our equipment to suit market intelligence so that we can provide an end-to-end packaging service. For example, if a bag changes from paper to plastic, we need to know years in advance so that we can adapt our machinery to suit the market needs. Not only this, but we also try to reduce air and power consumption of our equipment in order to comply with energy saving,” highlights Roy.

The entire IEG team is dedicated to supporting the growth of its customers and providing a safe working environment. In addition, the module automation program allows customers to either start right away with a fully automatic system or purchase a semi-automatic system and easily upgrade it to full automation later on. “In the near future, we are seeking to integrate robotics into all of our systems, as this has been proven to reduce costs,” cites Roy.


Roy was keen to emphasise that Premier Tech believe it is essential to meet the highest expectations possible when it comes to customer service: “It is a privilege to serve our clients, and as such, we are proud to offer all customers what we call the WECARE Guarantee. This sets us apart from our competitors as our passionate team puts the interests of our customers at the heart of daily decisions.” This philosophy reflects Premier Tech’s company ethos and ensures staff are committed to the success of the business, whilst also feeling rewarded by what they do. “Our code of conduct reflects our belief that our clients are the reason we exist, and that we must ensure our commitment to the success of the business,” Roy adds. The company use the acronym ”DRIVER” to portray the six principles that represent the foundation of the WECARE Guarantee:

Deliver on your promises

Respond: never leave a customer in limbo

Impress: delighting our customers

Value: customers and partners

Ease: customer experience

Respect: show respect, be courteous and smile

“In applying the WECARE Guarantee, we aim to meet the highest quality standards, both in our actions and in our attitude toward our clients. Raising the bar in Client Services and Support has been our focus for the last 5-6 years and I am happy to report a 90% satisfaction coming from feedback of 800 customers for our worldwide services,” Roy further reasons, clearly passionate about Premier Tech’s global brand presence in the market.


As a family-owned company, Premier Tech takes a more personal approach when it comes to investing in the future of the company. “In order to secure company longevity and our position in the market, the owners re-inject every single dollar back into the company each year with a significant focus on continuously innovating in all that we do – whether it is in terms of our brand or customers, this runs through every part of our operations. Our long- term future is key to our strategy to double every five years. Premier Tech is not a company that simply stands still, we are constantly bettering ourselves,” explains Roy.

With a view to further expanding the company and establishing themselves in South America within 12 months, accompanied by booming business in their SE Asia operations, Premier Tech are geared towards accelerated growth in both the long and short term future of the business.

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