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Editorial Team
Editorial Team

Under the watchful eye of managing Director ulf Dahlin, the mission of Energi Sverige is to increase the competitiveness of the power generation sector by providing advice, support and real prices to business customers in Sweden.


Energi Sverige (energy Sweden) are one of the biggest electricity trading companies in Scandinavia, who for the last 8 years, have been helping Swedish companies and consumers with their need-based electricity contracts, qualified advice and invoice services.

Energi Sverige, which is owned by parent company Energi Denmark – Denmark’s leading company in trading business – have grown strongly over the last 5 years thanks to a dedicated team of employees whose entrepreneurial spirit has enabled the company to attract over 10,000 customers across several different industries, both in the private and public sectors.

Ulf Dahlin, managing Director of Energi Sverige, has overseen this organic growth and puts it down to not only having a dedicated staff , but also the time spent analysing market trends: “We have really seen the business grow over the last few years and although there are many contributing factors, the two that really stand out are our staff ‘s working ethos and our attention to market trends. our employees are constantly liaising with consumers and businesses to work out the best deal possible to suit their needs, and then tailoring a package accordingly that will meet those needs. we keep a very close eye on how the market is fluctuating in terms of new technology and innovation as well as changes in consumer attitudes, and this allows us to price our electricity fairly and within consumer spending levels.”

Energi Sverige had a long-term growth strategy in mind when they launched their Swedish operations in late 2006, and since that time they have exceeded those expectations by a wide margin, including already fulfilling the long term target of sales of 5 TWh (Terawatts per hour) in the Swedish market. In order to put this figure into perspective, this amount of electricity could power the entirety of Cyprus for one year. “In 2013, the company saw a turnover of SEK 2.8 billion and as of August we are already at 2 billion SEK , which is a very good return for us heading into the final quarter of the year. With the night’s getting longer and Christmas approaching, electricity usage will go up and we will continue to provide our clients with the best level of electrical service available,” remarks Dahlin.


Renewable energy has become one of the biggest trends in the Scandinavian markets of late. With Sweden being surrounded by the North and Baltic Seas, and during summer averaging over 300 hours of sunshine per month, the renewable capabilities of the country are impressive. Wind farms on the coastline and offshore offer even more natural power generation, and Energi Sverige are keen to utilise as much of the green energy as possible as Dahlin explains: “Environmental farms producing green electricity are becoming more prevalent in the country and we are eager to work with them in order to increase our use of renewable energy. We are dedicated to our surrounding environment and keeping it as pristine as possible but we are also a business, so striking a balance between clean, renewable energy and a sustainable revenue model is tough but one we face with clear goals.”

In December 2010, Sweden passed a law stating that consumers should have access to information about where their electricity comes from. This law created an openness and awareness among electricity consumers and ensured that electricity providers were fully transparent in showing customers the required data. “the law passed a few years ago really gave consumers power over seeing where their electricity came from. we were pleased for this change as we could then show that we were providing nearly 40% of our electricity from renewable sources such as wind, solar and bio energy,” highlights Dahlin.


With competition becoming stronger in the Nordic region, energi Sverige are looking at new ways of attracting customers to the company. as such, they have been utilising their existing business to bring awareness to others of what Energi Sverige can offer. On the rooftop of the National mail building in Stockholm, Energi Sverige have placed solar panels in order to create additional power supplies for the building without having to create an additional power need on the grid. This was done in order to generate more power for the business without having to increase output on the national grid.

Already offering consumer friendly, competitive rates and services, Dahlin has been looking at ways the Energi Sverige brand can bring more customers into the fold. “one thing we have been working on over recent months is our brand name and market presence. By really promoting the name Energi Sverige and what we stand for in terms of greener, cleaner energy for Sweden, we believe that more customers will look to join us in the long term and really help us to not only become the number one electricity provider in Sweden, but also encourage the increased use of renewable power in Sweden,” concludes Dahlin.

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