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Chipsters offer fish and fish related products at competitive prices, whilst providing excellent customer service and a high quality final product.


Chipsters Food Ltd is a fast-growing Finnish foodstuffs company with traditional values, providing high quality delicacies from the land and sea, for both commercial and domestic kitchens. “Our products taste of the ripeness, purity and freshness of the Finnish archipelago. We offer our customers a range of products that are attractive and affordable, accompanied by excellent customer service and efficient internal quality operations.” The majority of the company’s food products are Horeca (Hotel/ Restaurant/Cafe) products, but they also provide consumer products to retail stores. Chipsters is a leading brand in Finland when it comes to the best fresh and frozen fish and fish related products.


With operational roots that can be traced back to 1934, Chipsters have a long tradition of providing high quality products and simple packaging solutions, to prolong the fresh taste of their fish. The company’s business is customer-focused, with a secure supply chain and skilled personnel serving as the fundamental building blocks for their deliciously healthy and extensive food range. The company have offices in Kerava, Naantali and Vaajakoski, Finland, which enables them to have a distribution and sales network that stretches nationwide.

Additionally, the company’s own fish processing plant is in Mariehamn, the capital of the Åland islands. “We have also gone out to the oceans in order to offer our customers the broadest range of fish products as possible. The salinity of the waters out here gives us access to shrimp, seafood or ocean fish for example.” Their location ensures that the process of catching and processing fresh produce is done in an efficient and timely manner. As such, 70% of all fish produce come from farms just 20 minutes away from their fish factory. “We are the only Finnish fish farmer with production facilities, cultivation and fishery areas in Åland. It is extremely important that seafood is handled carefully as fish is a delicate and perishable food, and we cannot stress enough the importance maintaining refrigeration temperatures during transit, and handling the fish correctly.”

Consequently, Chipsters guarantees superior quality of its products by chilling the fish immediately after capture, and implementing a carefully planned cold chain of transport to the customer. During the processing stages, Chipsters combine their 80 years experience in fish processing with the latest technological innovations. Fish is immediately cooled after fishing and a carefully planned, uninterrupted cold chain and packaging methods – that promote the sustainability of the fish – ensures the ultimate freshness. “We dare say that our fish products are fresher than most of the products available from retail fish counters!”

When it comes to commercial foods, Chipsters is the leading Finnish brand of fresh and frozen fish and associated products. “In addition to fish, we have a plethora of foods in our catalogue including game, meat and chicken, as well as mushrooms, berries, and pre-treated vegetables and fruits.” Moreover, the company have first-class partners such as the Porvoo-based company Rowenbranch Food Ltd, who manufacture Chipsters’ salads, sauces, pâté and terrines. “We have exclusive rights to the marketing of these products. Our product fulfils professional criteria, bringing fresh produce to local retailers.”


The Nordic regions are surrounded by a wealth of immaculate islands and landscapes, some of which have been left untouched by modern man. Subsequently, Chipsters strive to keep their activities as environmentally sustainable as possible. “We want to ensure that future generations will be able to utilise the sea’s gifts. With this in mind, we comply with the conditions for a sustainable fishing industry in accordance with the government guidelines, the World Wildlife Fund, Greenpeace and the Game of Fisheries Research Institute.” As the catching of domestic wild fish decreases year by year due to increased demand, it is vital that Chipsters understand the impact on the environment and fish as a resource. “We carefully select not only where we farm, but we source sustainable recycled packaging from local suppliers; this reduces our impact on the environment.”

To identify and manage the environmental impact of company operations in accordance with their policies, Chipsters follow the environmental management system based on the ISO 14001 standard. “We comply with the ongoing changes and development of environmental and safety legislations and act in accordance with laws, regulations and license conditions.”


Chipsters live and breathe the above green values and in turn, they instruct and train their staff to ensure that environmental, health and safety issues are addressed at every level of food processing. “We inform our employees about environmental issues and their development. We talk openly to authorities, partners and other stakeholders regarding our activities and their environmental effects.” In addition, the company sets annual goals in order to continuously decrease the impact of their footprint.


Chipsters off er products at competitive prices, whilst providing excellent customer service and a high quality final product. “This is thanks to an efficient business process and our wide range of foods which all meet the Horeca sector criteria. This is what makes Chipsters the leading brand of fresh and frozen fish and fish related products in Finland.”

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