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Editorial Team

Quintens group works actively with clients to ensure individual bakeries develop a bread concept that suits a shop’s identity.


Quintens group aims to be the sustainable and profitable supplier of fresh bread and confectionery for large-scale distribution in Belgium. the company wish to achieve this by offering a complete selection of products, by guaranteeing artisan quality, by respecting regional preferences, and by working with local bakeries.

“Our most important attractions are the regional insertion of our bakeries, our customer service, and of course the outstanding quality of our products. We are literally and figuratively close to the customer. our bakeries are less than 50km from each retail location. That is how we guarantee the absolute freshness of all our products, seven days a week.” In addition to the emphasis on quality, Quintens group’s excellent customer service ensures the company offer customers sufficient help and guidance by determining the ideal selection for the bakery shop concerned, developing special offers, training staff , and planning the presentation of the assortment. “Thanks to our regional insertion, we have tradespeople that know the favourites, appearances, and sizes of each region.”


In 1979, the Quintens family bakery was established in Heusden-Zolder. That was the basis for a company that expanded into an enterprise with around 1,000 permanent and temporary employees. Especially in the 90s, the company developed due to internal growth and a fusion with six local bakeries. In order to guarantee the local character and the freshness of the selection, the Group chose bakeries with old regional traditions that go nearly 100 years back:

– Bakery De Man in Asse, 1989

– Le Bon Grain in Morlanwelz, 1992,

– Belgium’s oldest bakery Quality Bakers in Diest, 1994

– W. Farrazijn Bakery in Ardooie, 1997

– Van Strombeek Bakery in Asse, 2002

– Panifood in Morlanwelz, 2005


Achieving the best quality can only be done by allowing people and systems to work in harmony. In the Quintens Group bakeries, the focus is on quality through ensuring the correct choice of supplier, monitoring all the ingredients, product verification, and final checks. “Our bakers have put together the best recipes for the base products as well as the regional specialties.”

The Quintens Group production process guarantees perfect bread. Each bakery can optimally monitor every phase of the preparation and baking process. “This enables us to better preserve the artisanal and typical taste of each product. We have special ovens for baking our bread on stone for example.”


Smart logistics bring Quintens’ fresh products to their customers under ideal circumstances. Cakes and pastries are transported in airtight cool compartments in trucks. “This is how we guarantee that you will receive them fresh and in one piece, and we fulfil the strictest food safety regulations.” Additionally, Quitens’ bakeries comply with HACCP, food safety and hygiene regulations. Moreover, all of their branches are IFS-certified, with staff who are continuously trained so that they can deliver a safe product to customers.

Coupled with this is the complaint management and quality service, which regularly conducts strict internal quality and hygiene audits, where the customer’s standards are upheld. The Quintens group complaint management system ensures that all customer questions or comments receive an answer. “That is how we want to keep improving customer satisfaction, which is a priority in all of our branches.”


A balanced selection of national and regional specialities is one thing, however to present that selection in a pleasing and organised fashion is another thing. Quintens are able to help individual bakeries to develop the bread concept that suits a shop’s identity through a series of direct questions:

  • What are the specific characteristics of your location or sales approach?
  • What is typical for your local sales situation?
  • Where would you place your bread department and how would you arrange it?
  • Which assortment would you select?
  • Which promotions can you offer and in which form?
  • How can you limit surpluses?
  • How do you prepare for Festive periods?

“We help you find the right answer to all your questions. Quintens group advises you before, during, and after starting up. We discuss the sales result and any possible adjustments. In short, Quintens group works actively with you to make your bread department truly successful!”

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