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Construction Team Rachel Carr - Editor
  • The portfolio of Synergy Construct has a proven track record, including industrial facilities, logistics centres, energy projects, airports, hotels, retail centres, offices, and medical facilities.
  • Synergy Construct sees projects through from foundation to finish, organising building works, selection and coordination of sub-contractors with strict management of all processes.

With a wide geographical presence, Synergy Construct is a fixture in the construction industry as it continues to offer sustainable design and development services.


As one of the top-positioned companies in the international market, Synergy Construct (Synergy) is renowned for its knowledgeable team, engineering expertise, and continuous technological investments. 

Founded 22 years ago in Romania, by Savas Gunata and Huseyin Karali, Synergy is headquartered in Bucharest and has offices in five countries. Today, the company works with a plethora of clients and has successfully delivered over 100 projects. 

Synergy’s portfolio, which has a proven track record, includes industrial facilities, logistics centres, energy projects, airports, hotels, retail centres, offices, medical facilities, high-rise buildings, and educational establishments.    

Moreover, the operational method that Synergy frequently uses in other countries is unusual in the Hungarian construction space, as it accommodates blue-collar workers in an on-site camp facility. 

This means the workforce is available continuously without impacting the local community. At the time of this pioneering method, the COVID-19 pandemic was rife, therefore one of the benefits of the camp was a reduced impact of illness in the wider community. 

Subsequently, developers who visited the site have since installed similar camp facilities. 

Furthermore, over the years, Synergy has evolved into an international company with large-scale projects in Hungary, Romania, Germany, Poland, Georgia, Ukraine and Turkey for high-profile clients. It soon became the burgeoning cooperation it is now by building further turnkey design and build projects. While at times, the projects were challenging they were simultaneously rewarding.


Offering a turnkey design and construction management solution in one platform has clear benefits in terms of investment, time optimisation, design and build coordination, and having a single point of contact with one source of accountability allows for enhanced processes and communication flow, shorter time frames, and better quality control.   

One of Synergy’s strengths is in civil engineering, ranging from new commercial office buildings, retail spaces, and mixed-use development, to industrial parks and energy projects. 

Undertaking complete general management, Synergy sees the project through from foundation to finish, organising the building works, selection and coordination of sub-contractors with strict management of all processes. 

Synergy’s in-house mechanical, electrical and plumbing (MEP) department provides assistance on design and build from pre-construction through to construction, commissioning, occupancy and warranty. The MEP system works seamlessly by integrating with existing designs for efficient and sustainable buildings.  

The latest venture for Synergy is Han Spaces, which offers workspaces with special settings. Due to the full scope fit out of decorations, artwork, a podcast room, information technology (IT) equipment and audiovisual systems, people can feel the difference as soon as they sit down. The company managed to navigate the challenges of shifting client requirements by collaborating with everyone involved. 

Responsible for the first Hungarian residential property to receive BREEAM certification, Synergy undertook construction work for the Danubio residential complex. This high-end luxury building on the bank of the Danube River has also been recognised by the European Property Awards in the Multi-Residential Real Estate Architecture category.  

Easily accessible from the historic city centre of Budapest, Danubio is a unique residence due to its location, and the first tenants will soon be able to move in as phase one is almost complete. The sustainable and environmentally friendly design is energy efficient, and the built-in technology and systems are all up to the latest standards. 

Aside from Danubio, Synergy is proud to be part of Turkey’s first nuclear power plant, as it is taking the helm of the third reactor’s turbine building. The Akkuyu Nükleer Güç Santrali project is ongoing and will generate around 4.8 gigawatts (GW) of electricity each year once completed.


Building a future as a society is a meaningful cause for Synergy, who has therefore chosen to support causes related to children in need. To this end, the company has financially secured three foster homes from S.O.S. Satele Copiilor Romania, covering homes, utilities, food, clothes, and social mothers for an entire year. 

Moreover, Synergy has leveraged the Zi de Bine Association to renovate the IOMC hospital’s Paediatrics IV section and fully equip it with the necessary technology, ensuring that treatment capabilities are up to modern standards for the annual influx of over 50,000 children. 

The last few years have been challenging for the Romanian medical system; development and modernisation are therefore necessary investments, and Synergy is involved in renovating the new Cardiology Centre of the Prof. Dr Theodor Burghele Clinical Hospital. 

As the budget allowed it, Synergy reached out to Asociatia HOSPICE Casa Sperantei to help children with incurable illnesses, along with Asociatia Deficientilor de Hexocinaza to care for several children with health problems, and Asociatia Noel to ensure cancer treatment for two children. 

Additionally, Synergy supports Asociatia Irina Anastasia to help children with locomotor challenges, Asociatia PAVEL to assist parents whose children have been diagnosed with cancer, and finally, Asociatia Act for Tomorrow to guarantee several substantial environmental cleaning actions each year. 

Furthermore, the company is an official shareholder of Happiness for Daruieste Viata, the first official oncological hospital for children in Romania. 

Supporting the medical system and providing children and their families with access to better medical services is important to Synergy.


Owing to a tenacious approach towards all projects, Synergy is set to continue along the same successful path it always has done. All performance indicators prove the company is in good professional and financial health, as customer satisfaction remains at an all-time high. 

Focusing on complex and challenging projects, Synergy aims to be a game-changer in the built environment, while remaining true to the unbending values of equality, diversity, health and safety, fair practices and professional conduct, quality of work, care for the environment, and partnerships with clients. 

At present, Synergy is building a fourth factory for Proctor & Gamble in Romania and has won the design and build contract for the extension of the Nestlé Purina pet food factory.  

Originally, the company was awarded the Nestlé Turul-4 project in Bük, Hungary, and work began soon after in 2021. It will eventually become Nestlé’s largest pet food production factory in Europe and will create 160 new jobs. The extension is being built within the existing functional factory and is progressing as scheduled. 

As recently as last year, Synergy was also appointed as the general contractor for several of BMW Group’s new plant buildings in Debrecen, Hungary. Indeed, winning a design and build contract for a renowned international brand is a major coup for a contractor. 

In terms of technological pioneering materials, uniqueness, and the overall complexity of its project scopes, Synergy has set the benchmark for the industry standard.


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