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Editorial Team Eddie Clinton - Senior Head of Projects

With a vision to be the preferred operator by those who need the best possible subsea partner, Reach Subsea strive to be a business that will always perform above expectation.


Founded in 2008, Reach Subsea ASA is an integrated offshore service company, providing subsea services in Norway. Headquartered in Haugesund, it offers construction and installation; inspection, maintenance, and repair (IMR); survey and pipeline inspection; and decommissioning services to the oil industry. The company operates construction and multipurpose support vessels with remotely operated vehicles (ROV); and a survey ROV for high speed acoustic pipeline surveys.

Prior to December 2012, the company was formerly known as Transit Invest ASA and since this time, Reach Subsea has gained an expansive knowledge of subsea operations which it is known and respected for in the offshore industry.

Boasting world-class engineering status and state-of-the-art remotely operated underwater vessels (ROVs), Reach Subsea proudly provide comprehensive services to the oil industry with both a flexible team of staff and competitive products in hand. “Our human resources are first class and contribute towards the impressive reputation of the business,” says the company.


Reach Subsea has a strong belief in the systematical implementation of HSEQ measures (health, safety, environment and quality), evolving from an early project risk assessment and continuous risk assessment processes.

“We in Reach Subsea believe that a good HSEQ culture arises from a respectful and positive dialogue in between people. Our leaders shall not only be technically qualified, but also have high interpersonal skills,” the company comments.

Subsequently, it is vital that each employee understands the company’s health and safety measures, implementing them in every day practices. “We therefore demand the adequate and necessary information from clients, third parties and subcontractors provided to the workforce planning or performing a subsea operation involving risks,” states the company.

The safe delivery of subsea services starts with active involvement of Reach Subsea’s offshore workforce during the planning phases. This means that the competence of each individual approved to work for the company has to represent the technical integrity needed to operate safely as an organisation.

Reach Subsea therefore safeguard its people, and provide them with all the necessary support in their search for the safest and most optimal solutions.


In November 2014, Eidesvik Offshore and Reach Subsea entered into a firm contract with Technip in Norway. “This is a historic milestone for Eidesvik, and we are proud that Technip, a world leader in project management, engineering and construction for the energy industry, has showed us such trust. This is consolidating the business cooperation between our companies,” Jan Fredrik Meling, CEO in Eidesvik said.

 Reach Subsea is in charge of executing the contract using Eidesvik Offshore’s new build TBN Viking Neptun, equipped with Reach ROVs and manned by Eidesvik marine personnel and Reach ROV personnel and engineers.

TBN Viking Neptun is a state-of-the-art vessel, and represents the largest investment Eidesvik has done in the subsea segment. The vessel is well positioned for future environmental requirements in vulnerable areas like the Arctic, through high focus on environment-friendly solutions in the development process of the vessel.

Reach Subsea CEO, Jostein Alendal provided comment on the new partnership: “We are pleased to see that the collaboration agreement with Eidesvik has already resulted in contract awards. This is a testament to our ambition of finding solutions for our clients combining the right assets, the right equipment, and all engineered together by our highly competent staff.”


In December 2014, Reach Subsea reported on the successful testing of a previous invention, an innovative survey ROV called the Surveyor Interceptor, currently being tested on the Edda Fonn vessel. Together with survey partner MMT Sweden AB (MMT) and manufacturer Kystdesign, the Surveyor Interceptor is designed to carry survey instrumentation to perform pipe line inspection, route surveys, subsea installation surveys and environmental surveys down to 2,000 metres water depth.

“Given the vehicle’s features, including the hydra-dynamic shape, it is intended to deliver ultra high-resolution data at a substantially lower cost per kilometre compared with today’s assets,” comments the company. The Surveyor Interceptor is performing according to expectations, both on speed and the survey data quality on the Edda Fonn vessel.

“We are so far very pleased with the results and the data quality and performance is within or above expectations. The Surveyor Interceptor will be ready for commercial work this year and we are looking forward to presenting this innovative ROV to our clients,” says Jostein Alendal (CEO, Reach Subsea) and Ola Oskarsson (Founder and Project Leader, MMT).


With a vision to be the preferred operator by those who need the best possible subsea partner, Reach Subsea strive to be a business that will always perform above expectation. As an advanced provider in the subsea market, the company is highly regarded by all its stakeholders as “a flexible, competent and top performer with a world class status in engineering, delivering advanced solutions to technologically demanding customers in need for engineering and equipment/spreads related to subsea operations”.

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