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Catering to a range of market segments, Scan Electromechanical has become renowned as one of the region’s leading facilitators of power and energy.


1883 marked a milestone for global energy, renowned as the year that the solar panel was invented by US inventor Charles Fritts.

Installed one year later on a rooftop in New York City, solar panels were quickly deemed to be too inefficient in an era when coal was becoming king across North America.

As a result, the solar panel only became a realistic prospect in the late 20th century, largely in line with the evolution of technology and growing concerns surrounding environmental practices.

In the years since, it is safe to say that solar energy has become heralded as a revolutionary and renewable resource.

According to the World Economic Forum, 70,000 solar panels are expected to be installed every hour for the next five years, and by 2022 the world’s solar energy capacity is expected to triple to 880 GW. Equally, the Middle East is expected to lead the charge within this insurgence.

With the renewable energy market in the GCC having reached $2.1 billion this year, these figures are expected to explode, with a forecast market value of $25 billion by 2022.

One company set to be key in facilitating this boom is Scan Electromechanical, an EPC specialist that serves both the United Arab Emirates and the wider GCC region. Offering solar PV solutions to a range of clients across different sectors, the firm is helping to both reduce prices and improve reliability.


Scan has completed a number of major projects to this end, evident in its work with logistics firm Aramex. Here, Scan successfully completed the largest single-rooftop solar photovoltaic plant project throughout the Middle East, having installed 9,000 solar panels across a 38,000 square metre area at one of Aramex’s flagship storage facilities.

Equally, the Company has worked extensively on the sites of the ADNOC Old Headquarters building, installing thousands of solar panels across both the building itself and its associated parking facilities.

Successfully offering end-to-end solutions to its customers, often under pressure from budget and time constraints, Scan Electromechanical has become renowned as a leading EPC contractor, not only within the solar energy segment, but across the wider energy and power industry.

Alongside its success in undertaking major solar installation projects, the Company provides equally adept services across a multitude of other segments, from implementing high voltage transmission systems to developing fibre optic cable networks.

“We consider ourselves to be one of the market’s best companies for the GCC region when it comes to mega substation installation,” Scan states, highlighting another of its specialist areas. “We have expertise in low-voltage, mid-voltage and high-voltage overhead and underground cabling, and also have expertise in the installation of telecommunications infrastructure installation.

“Our management and supervisory staff have the experience of installing approximately 600 kilometres of cables from low voltage, 11kV, 33kV, 132kV, control cable and fibre optic cables in the United Arab Emirates during last 20 Years,” the Company reveals on its website.

Equally, the same can be said for its products, offering everything from solar panels to smart energy meters.

“We are well synchronised with the latest technologies to give our clients the best services.”

In every sense of the phrase, Scan is a one-stop shop for all EPC solutions within the power and energy market across the GCC.


This diverse portfolio is readily reflected throughout a number of projects that Scan has delivered, alongside its solar panel activities.

One such example is the firm’s work with Sharjah Electricity & Water Authority (SEWA). During a recent contract, Scan provided the site development, design, procurement and installation services for three substation facilities.

This included the installation of two three-phase 230/13kV transformers and a three-phase 230/69kV, the implementation of two 230kv high pressure fluid filled underground riser structures, and protection and controls for the entire project and its associated lines, amongst other things.

Working with SEWA, Scan’s best-in-class EPC approach allowed months to be cut from the typical project cycle, ensuring that the turnaround time was reduced with maximum efficiency.

Combined with Scan’s emphasis and excellence in upholding leading global health and safety practices, such projects have ensured that the Company continues to be a first choice EPC firm.

“Our experience and dedication to excellence and integrity have earned us delighted repeated customers year after year and job after job,” Scan states. “We prove to our customers that we have the resources the handle any job, anytime, anywhere.

“Our versatile and experienced team thrives on all challenges. Our clients have at their disposal the full range of quality services for successful projects, ranging from new system designs and installations, to upgrades and expansion.”


  • Professional technical staff: 719
  • Kilometres of cables installed: 277,908
  • Substations installed: 4,230
  • Electric towers installed: 425
  • Solar Panels installed: 14,666
  • Commercial vehicles: 204


Looking ahead, Scan aims to continue to deliver perfectly engineered electromechanical systems across a range of market segments that aid its clients’ productivity, value and precision.

“At Scan Electromechanical, quality is a major strength,” the Company states.

According to Middle East Electricity in its report named ‘GCC Power Market’, the region requires approximately $131 billion worth of investment into electricity generation, transmission and distribution in the next five years alone.

With such demand coming rapidly as a result of growing populations, expanding economies and climatic changes in the region, Scan is readily positioned to capitalise on one of the GCC’s fastest growing markets.

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