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United Heavy Lift is meeting every day and every new project with a vigour, drive and professionalism indicative of a Company looking to become a market leader on a global scale.


United Heavy Lift’s (UHT) mission to ensure long-term business relationships through customer satisfaction is being realised on an ever-broadening scale as the Company’s – and indeed the wider Group’s – remit diversifies and expands exponentially.

Alongside United Wind Logistics and United Engineering Solutions, the United Heavy Lit arm of the organisation comprises a highly experienced team of engineers, naval architects, operators and shipbrokers in order to provide effective, innovative and tailor-made heavy lift transport solutions to a range of industry sectors.

Ensuring safe and cost efficient project execution without fail, areas of power generation and renewables, infrastructure, mining and material handling, floating cargo, and offshore oil & gas have all benefited from the bespoke portfolio offered by the UHT.

“The core value of our services is engineering. We have a large team of engineers and naval architects who have a vast experience in creating innovative solutions to match the needs of our clients,” the Company affirms. “We value and endeavour to build long-term relationships with our clients, employees and all of our stakeholders.

“We meet every day with the same vigour, drive and high level of professionalism, striving to be a market leader worldwide and the preferred carrier of choice of our clients.”

This ethos has brought UHT to the forefront of numerous large-scale projects over the years and to numerous continents in the process; even undertaking a gas pipe insulation project in Alaska at present. And such flexibility and dynamism is indicative of the reputation that the Company now has within the global market.

The business continues on its website: “We are a dynamic and flexible organisation, who specialise in providing innovative solutions to the market. Being a privately owned Company naturally creates flexibility [where] the time from idea to execution is extremely short.

“Our goal is to maintain this dynamic way of doing business, which is not only crucial when delivering the best service and highest standards, however, also to maintain and encourage ownership and motivation among our employees.”


UHT’s scope was given a timely and significant boost in September, 2016 through a merger with strategic partner, Thorco Projects, with whom the Company cooperates closely with now.

By combining the two companies’ fleets, expertise and knowhow, the aim for Thorco Projects was to become a major player within the project and heavy lift market, offering clients a full range of services, the highest quality, and ultimately the best solutions.

The project-oriented carrier, Thorco has one of the largest fleets in the world which, together with the size and diversity of its vessels, creates a flexibility which makes the Company able to handle just about all types of commodities and reach anywhere in the world at any time.

“Meanwhile, United Heavy Lift, established by industry leader, Lars Rolner, serves the project and heavy lift market, raising the standard of performance and quality within the industry,” a statement added upon the unveiling of the partnership.

“The way we complement each other in respect of clients and markets couldn’t be any better,” added UHT’s Rolner. “Thorco has many years of expertise and a large and diverse fleet. We have very strong engineering skills and posses a deep knowhow within heavy lift. Together our combined fleet and experience enable us to provide a full range of services, offering everything from general and project cargo to heavy lift, with vessels geared up to 800 tonnes and deck carriers which can load units up to 8,000 tonnes.”

Thomas Mikkelsen, Chief Executive Officer and Partner at Thorco, concurred: “Geographically we have different strong points which can benefit us mutually. All in all, our profiles fit each other very well and by joining forces, we believe we are creating a very solid and even better platform, meeting the needs and demands of all our clients.

“In this way, Thorco Projects can simply cover the entire project market.”

Rolner picked up: “The two companies already know each other very well which, furthermore, eases the process. Both of us have known the people behind each others’ companies for many years.

“There are good and long-term relationships between our employees which naturally make things more smooth and we are really looking towards the future with great aspirations.”


With each new strategic merger and acquisition the business builds upon a solidity and scope within the market which has already been earmarked through its internal sister companies, Engineering Solutions and Wind Power.

The former aids in delivering solutions to well established and renowned firms; providing motion analysis, method statements, engineered lifts, technical support and numerous other services in compliance with marine standards and practices.

Also offering port captain services, the UHT-United Engineering Solutions combination is able to offer whole and integrated logistics services and project management in order to exceed the expectations and requirements of its clients.

Meanwhile, the UHT-United Wind Logistics force has led to concerted participation in the Burbo Bank extension project for its client, MHI Vestas in 2016.

“United Heavy Lift planned consecutive voyages with a time chartered vessel which United Heavy Lift also operated,” the Company adds.”Additionally, United Heavy Lift and Heavylift@Sea also delivered the cargo securing solution for this very project and optimised the lashing/securing dunnaging throughout the project.”

While each strand offers something slightly unique and sought-after, the similarities and sharing across the three domains critically include access to one of the most comprehensive fleets in the industry, and a set of principles and ethics that are adhered to throughout every project.

“As a company performing services globally, we are committed to maintaining the highest level of ethical, social and environmental standards,” the Company affirms. “United Heavy Lift recognises its responsibility to provide a healthy, safe and secure working environment for everyone in its employ and within its facilities as well as the preservation of the environment.

“United Heavy Lift has defined expectations and requirements in this regard. In order to meet these expectations, the execution of required performance objectives is mandatory.”

Embracing the social, environmental, safety and compliance facets of corporate social responsibility, such ethical considerations help to pave the way for the world-class operational practices that UHT is renowned for and that will continue to drive the ever-expanding business forward more in the future. 

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