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Oracle Middle East : The World’s Tech Hub

Oracle is replicating its globally successful model with Oracle Middle East, creating more and more success stories to call upon in its quest to digitally transform the world.

Editorial Team By Editorial Team

G4S UAE : A Winning Culture

G4S UAE has been closely monitoring regional security trends for a number of years, in order to bring a diverse range of turnkey solutions.

United Heavy Lift : Driven by Passion

United Heavy Lift is meeting every day and every new project with a vigour, drive and professionalism indicative of a Company looking to become a market leader on a global scale.

Editorial TeamJosh Hyland By Editorial Team Josh Hyland

SaxonAir : Above & Beyond

SaxonAir has been exceeding customer expectations in the aviation industry for a decade now, as its ever-broadening array of aircraft and chartering services bring luxury and efficiency to businesses, private clients and offshore oil & gas giants alike.

Editorial TeamJosh Hyland By Editorial Team Josh Hyland

King Hussein Cancer Centre : Pursuit of Excellence

King Hussein Cancer Centre is a leading facility in the developing world, breaking new ground in the Middle East in the pursuit not only of internal excellence, but of improved regional healthcare.

YIT Corporation : Creating Better Environments

YIT Corporation has built a solid reputation for constructing, developing, renovating and maintaining homes and business premises, ranging from private companies to public organisations.

Editorial Team By Editorial Team

Gemini Property Developers : Building Trust

Gemini Property Developers, the real estate arm of the Gemini Group, is part of an exciting new venture into the UAE’s real estate industry, tapping into more than 30 years of experience.

Editorial Team By Editorial Team

Impresa Pizzarotti & C. S.p.A : Anticipating Customer Demands

Impresa Pizzarotti & C. S.p.A has undergone a process of ongoing evolution in the construction industry for more than a century, driven by the potential in projects which have led to the Company’s successful establishment abroad.

Editorial Team By Editorial Team

Arabian International Company : Commitment to Customers

Arabian International Company has experienced organic growth within steel construction over the past 20 years, cementing itself as the go-to one-stop shop in the industry.

Editorial Team By Editorial Team

Valx : Going the Extra Mile

Valx is working on an upward trajectory, in the direction of modernisation, large scale production and axle specification for the European market and further afield.