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Saviola Holding : Regenerative Manufacturing

Working solely with 100 percent recycled wood, Saviola Holding and the Composad furniture division embody the circular economy. We peel back the layers with Senior Managing Director, Nicola Negri.

Saviola Holding & Composad

Pioneering Circular Economy Eco-ethical particleboard manufacturer Saviola Group has been embracing principles of sustainability and upcycling decades before it was considered fashionable Writer: Dani Redd  |  Project Manager: Matthew Taylor This is the decade that matters. In 2016, 174 states and the European Union signed the historic Paris Climate Agreement, pledging to develop sustainably and to limit the increase in global temperature to well below two degrees centigrade above pre-industrial levels (pursuing efforts to limit the increase to 1.5 °C). With temperatures edging up 1.16°C, there is pressure on both the public and private sector to reduce emissions and become more environmentally friendly. But while many businesses are only just waking up to the necessity for sustainability, it is built into the very DNA of the Saviola Group, the world’s largest consumer of post-processed wood. “We use 100 percent recycled wood; 1.3 million tonnes of it every year, which is the equivalent of saving 10,000 trees every day, and one million tonnes of CO2 saved every year,” proclaims etc. etc.  Nicola Negri, Managing Director of Saviola Holding and its integrated furniture company, Composad. class="blockquote"> "One of the things that got me to join Saviola – after working for multinational companies – was that I was really fascinated by the founder Mauro Saviola and his idea to produce particle board with 100 percent recycled wood" Nicola Negri Circular visionaries Negri has a background working with large multinational companies, but in 2015 was offered the role of Managing Director at Saviola Holding, which he was happy to accept.

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