Latest Manufacturing sector features, company profiles, and executive interviews from across Europe and the Middle East.

Latest Manufacturing Corporate Stories

Commercial Vehicle Group : Vehicle for Change

Driven by innovation, engineered to perfection. We speak to the executive team at Commercial Vehicle Group about diversifying the future of manufacturing.

Jack Salter David Knott By Jack Salter David Knott

Inha Works : Premium Marine Performance

Part of the Yamaha Motor Group, Inha Works has a renowned presence in the Nordic marine market. We talk future investment and keeping business afloat with Vice President of Operations, Tomi Juhola.

Phoebe Harper Ryan Gray By Phoebe Harper Ryan Gray

Aernnova : Flying Forward 

Aernnova is ready for lift-off. Vice President Miguel Angel Castillo discusses spearheading clean and innovative R&D in the European aerospace sector.

3T : Pedalling Performance 

3T is breaking new ground with its revolutionary cross-terrain bicycles. We speak to CEO, René Wiertz, to find out more.

TMK GIPI : Success in the Pipeline 

TMK GIPI produces pipes for the oil and gas industry that are as true as steel. CEO, Sulaiman Al Farsi, lifts the lid on Oman’s leading carbon steel pipe manufacturer.

Jack Salter Thomas Arnold By Jack Salter Thomas Arnold

Toly Group : 50 Years in Beauty

Andy Gatesy, CEO and Chairman of Toly Group, tells us about the company’s origins beginning with his father, and the people-centric nature of the business that has not changed to this day.

SPEA : The Test of Quality

SPEA conceives, invents, designs and develops industry-leading test equipment for electronics worldwide. Founder and CEO Luciano Bonaria explores the spirit of ingenuity and aspirations for growth.

Phoebe Harper Editor By Phoebe Harper Editor

Scame Parre S.p.A : The Spirit of Italian Innovation

With a heritage rooted in innovation, Scame Parre S.p.A is riding the waves of the e-mobility boom. We speak with the CEO from the company’s founding family, Stefano Scainelli.

Elanders : Streamlining the Supply Chain

We speak to Kevin Rogers, Managing Director of Elanders, and discuss the company’s investments and success in providing international customers with end-to-end solutions.

Saviola Holding : Regenerative Manufacturing

Working solely with 100 percent recycled wood, Saviola Holding and the Composad furniture division embody the circular economy. We peel back the layers with Senior Managing Director, Nicola Negri.