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Holcim and Lafarge Deal Re-Emerges

Europe's two largest cement companies Holcim and Lafarge have rescued their stumbling €41 billion ($43.82) merger.

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Adidas Turnaround Plan Brings Production Back to Europe

Adidas has outlined a new strategy that includes manufacturing some of its apparel in Europe rather than Asia.

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Lantech : The First Name in Secondary Packaging

Lantech has customer uptime, accessible customer support and the highest machine performance right at the heart of all it does.

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Saab and Damen Team up to Develop Walrus Submarine

Saab is teaming with Dutch shipbuilder Damen Shipyards Group to explore future opportunities in the international submarine market.

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United Cast Bar Sets Yet Another World Record

United Cast Bar has again taken the lead in the manufacture of large section continuously cast Iron, increasing its already large portfolio.

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United Cast Bar : Rock The Cast Bar

The growing European support for the manufacturing sector is a solid foundation that secures the position of United Cast Bar in the economy.

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Premier Tech Chronos : Packing Innovators

Premier Tech Chronos stand out through a plethora of custom technical innovations on the bagging/packaging lines.

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Ecophos : Europe’s Phosphate Experts

EcoPhos' new and innovative technology drastically increases phosphate reserves and eases the pressures on price for this commodity.

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