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Novo Nordisk to Build Insulin Manufacturing Plant in Iran

The Danish drug maker Novo Nordisk has committed approximately $78 million to build an insulin manufacturing plant in Iran.

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United Cast Bar : Raising the Bar

United Cast Bar (UCB) is setting increasingly impressive standards in 2015 as it continues to raise the bar.

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Marriott Drilling Group : Global Knowledge, Local Presence

As the UK’s largest onshore deep drilling Company, Marriott Drilling Group continues to expand its portfolio of international projects.

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Measuring Performance in New Product Development

New product development (NPD) is one of the most important strategic and operational levers an organisation can use to sustain growth.

Pirelli Announced as a Leading Force in Sustainability

A recent study has awarded Pirelli 99.60 points (out of a maximum of 100) in the Environmental Sustainability category.

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Manufacturing Innovation Pays Off Within One Week

Leading UK-based pressworker Brandauer has invested more than £250,000 into a new Special Products Division (SPD).

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Constellium and STELIA Aerospace Partner to Explore 3D Printing Applications

Constellium has formed a partnership with STELIA Aerospace to engage in a research and development project called FAST, focused on topological optimisation of aero structures and additive manufacturing, also known as 3D printing.

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Volvo Introduces Luxury “Excellence Child Seat” Concept

Volvo Cars’ design team have completely re-imagined how children could travel safely in cars in the future with its rearward facing seat position that enables either driver or passenger to keep eye-contact with their child during journeys.

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Industry 4.0 Business Ecosystem to Change the Global Industrial Landscape

In the evolution towards the Smart Manufacturing paradigm, end-user requirements are set to evolve and become more complex than ever before.

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Longer Wind Turbine Blades for Higher Production Capacity Bodes Well for Composite Materials Manufacturers

Escalating energy demand and improving wind turbine technologies are fuelling the wind energy market and encouraging wind turbine installations.

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