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Oracle Middle East

Oracle is replicating its globally successful model in the Middle East, with more and more success stories to call upon in its quest to digitally transform the world The power of cloud technologies and computing in particular is something which Oracle has harnessed and instilled into the world’s enterprises in recent years. Embracing enhanced speeds of data transmission, marketing requirements and internal technological efficiencies, never before has a Company such as Oracle been in as much demand, and - as a consequence - the global business is dedicating itself to meeting those needs on an increasingly large scale. The broadness of Oracle’s cloud services bridges areas of customer management, marketing, ERP and much more under one seamless opportunity for Oracle’s partners and customers to cherry pick from, in accordance with their own bespoke requirements and the most pressing trends in their fields. And perhaps in no other region in the world is such a turnkey offering more prevalent than in the rapidly evolving tech haven of the Middle East. As recently as last year, its influence was showcased on a grand scale in San Francisco as the UAE further strengthened its reputation as a global hub for innovation; as leading local companies, Dubai Airports and Landmark Group, bagged top honours at Oracle OpenWorld for implementing next generation IT innovations.“Oracle OpenWorld has been one of the industry’s most important business and technology conferences for the past 20 years,” said Arun Khehar, Senior Vice President, Business Applications, ECEMEA, Oracle. “Recognition on this global stage is testament to the UAE being at the

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G4S UAE has been closely monitoring regional security trends for a number of years, in order to bring a customisable and diverse range of turnkey solutions to meet the growing demands of the market Writer: Matthew StaffProject Manager: Kane Weller To reflect the continued growth of the security sector in the Middle East, G4S UAE has widened its already extensive offering to bring a more diverse range of turnkey solutions to the market; offering custom-made solutions that are designed to fit the needs of each customer and their respective industry.Under the watchful eye of the Company’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Alida H. Scholtz - who hopes to replicate her track-record for executing successful growth strategies by leveraging a wealth of experience from working in the service and manufacturing industries - G4S UAE is on-target to implement a robust regional expansion and development plan that will deliver on both a technology and innovation front.“Following the rapid economic development in the Middle East, national security has become a top priority for the United Arab Emirates,” Scholtz said in an interview in September, 2016. “The Middle Eastern security market is expected to maintain its ongoing growth; urging government and private sectors to boost their budgets for modernisation of national security through more professional security partners in the fields of technology, risk and gap analysis, and the sourcing of quality equipment.”Having operated as a trusted security partner across all seven Emirates in the UAE for the past 25 years with dedicated contact points across the region, G4S UAE continues to expand and

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United Heavy Lift

United Heavy Lift is meeting every day and every new project with a vigour, drive and professionalism indicative of a Company looking to become a market leader on a global scale   Writer: Matthew Staff Project Manager: Josh Hyland   United Heavy Lift’s (UHT) mission to ensure long-term business relationships through customer satisfaction is being realised on an ever-broadening scale as the Company’s - and indeed the wider Group’s - remit diversifies and expands exponentially. Alongside United Wind Logistics and United Engineering Solutions, the United Heavy Lit arm of the organisation comprises a highly experienced team of engineers, naval architects, operators and shipbrokers in order to provide effective, innovative and tailor-made heavy lift transport solutions to a range of industry sectors. Ensuring safe and cost efficient project execution without fail, areas of power generation and renewables, infrastructure, mining and material handling, floating cargo, and offshore oil & gas have all benefited from the bespoke portfolio offered by the UHT. “The core value of our services is engineering. We have a large team of engineers and naval architects who have a vast experience in creating innovative solutions to match the needs of our clients,” the Company affirms. “We value and endeavour to build long-term relationships with our clients, employees and all of our stakeholders. “We meet every day with the same vigour, drive and high level of professionalism, striving to be a market leader worldwide and the preferred carrier of choice of our clients.” This ethos has brought UHT to the forefront of numerous large-scale projects over

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 SaxonAir has been exceeding customer expectations in the aviation industry for a decade now, as its ever-broadening array of aircraft and chartering services bring  luxury and efficiency to businesses, private clients and offshore oil & gas giants alike Writer:Matthew Staff Project Manager:Josh Hyland   SaxonAir has been offering the optimum in private air travel for the past 10 years and is celebrating its monumental anniversary through the reemphasis on a vision which will see the Company soar to new heights in the years to come. Initially established as an aircraft operator and charterer, the business has diversified in line with acquisitions and organic growth into adjacent aviation services, as well as aircraft management and operating, and later aviation logistics support and offshore facilitation. “It’s been an exciting journey and the Company hasn’t looked back since,” enthuses Group Commercial Director, Chris Mace. “Growth has been a fundamental element to our success, including in 2011 when we built the multi-million pound Business Aviation Centre and hangar facility in Norwich, which we now use as a UK HQ base (although the majority of the aircraft fleet are based from SaxonAir locations around London, including Luton, Stansted and Denham Airports).” SaxonAir operates under the umbrella of the Klyne Aviation Group and is comprised of four divisions: SaxonAir Charter, SaxonAir Flight Support, SaxonAir Helicopters, and SaxonAir Aircraft Sales. And engulfed into these ever-diversifying and expanding remits is a host of services primarily centred on private and business aviation. Jets and helicopter chartering; group travel charters; aircraft management; aircraft sales; flight support; pleasure

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King Hussein Cancer Centre

King Hussein Cancer Centre is a leading facility in the developing world, breaking new ground in the Middle East in the pursuit not only of internal excellence, but of improved regional healthcare   Writer:Matthew Staff Project Manager:Callam Waller   In just 20 years, the King Hussein Cancer Foundation and Centre has grown from a hospital comprising just two full-time oncologists to be one of Jordan’s, and indeed the region’s, leading non-profit healthcare institutions with more than 250 consultants and oncologists to call upon. Established by Royal decree back in 1997, the institution has evolved exponentially not just from a capacity perspective, but in the quality of care offered and across the research & development carried out. The result: King Hussein Cancer Centre (KHCC) now treats more than 60 percent of all cancer cases in Jordan, with survival rates comparable to anywhere else in the developed world. “KHCC is the only specialised tertiary hospital that provides all treatment modalities and services for cancer care in addition to bone marrow transplantation for adult and paediatric patients in Jordan,” elaborates the Centre’s Chief Executive Officer and Director General, Dr Asem Mansour. “It has developed its organisational structure from mere medical and non-medical departments, to include cross-departmental units and programmes that focus on specific cancers.  “This is referred to as multidisciplinary management of cancer patients and is practiced continuously at KHCC through multidisciplinary organised teams (MDT) or clinics (MDC).” Developing in collaboration with leading institutions from around the world, KHCC’s clinical cross-departmental services include: breast cancer, gastrointestinal malignancies clinic, adult

YIT Corporation

YIT Corporation has built a solid reputation for constructing, developing, renovating and maintaining homes and business premises, ranging from private  companies to public organisationsWriter:Phoebe Calver | Project Manager:Richard Thomas YIT Corporation has always had a very clear mission, vision and values that have helped to build the foundations of its incredibly successful operations and ways of working, having committed itself to a long-term business strategy within the industry.The Company has always ensured that its values are paramount and therefore it will not simply pursue good financial results at any cost. Instead, in order to achieve such high business success, YIT consistently shows respect to its stakeholders in order to create value for all of them.“This of course includes customers and employees,” explains Timo Lehmus, Senior Vice President of Real Estate at YIT. “We strongly believe that the ways of working outlined within our YIT business principles are supporting and boosting the long-term success of our business.”These business principles are a concrete expression from the Company, demonstrating what compliance with its values means when it comes to its work with different stakeholders; of course there is also the Company vision, to always be a step ahead with care for people.“Our relationship with the society we operate in is particularly important and subsequently we find our business is characterised by locality,” adds Lehmus. “Currently we are present in a variety of different countries and within these; we operate in small municipalities, big cities and of course everything in between.“To match our local conscience, we employ local people and, through

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Gemini Property Developers

Gemini Property Developers, the real estate arm of the Gemini Group, is part of an exciting new venture into the UAE’s real estate industry, tapping into more than 30 years of experienceWriter: Phoebe CalverProject Manager: Richard ThomasGemini Property Developers is the new boutique property development company of choice in Dubai, under the wing of the Gemini Group - a Company that has been involved with businesses from the energy sector to the infrastructure sector across the UAE and India - and established a short few years ago with the aim of offering better value homes to property buyers.The Company motto is ‘Building Trust’ and through that it hopes to gain customer trust and confidence through offering incredible value for money, subsequently building a name for itself and inevitably having its own solid reputation to work with, not just that of its parent company.Currently Gemini Property Developers is focusing on the completion of its first project ‘Gemini Splendor’, a Dh300 million residential housing venture with 134 units on offer.“As part of the Gemini Group, Gemini Property Developers has of course taken on some of the structures and values of the parent group,” explains Prabhakar Raghavendra, joint Managing Director of Gemini Property Developments. “As a diversified business with interests in energy, trading and real estate, the Company is well and truly part of this family owned business.”Gemini Property Developers is currently engaged in developing real estate projects across India and the Middle East as its core business.“I would say that the main philosophy of the Company is in

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Impresa Pizzarotti & C. S.p.A

Impresa Pizzarotti & C. S.p.A has undergone a process of ongoing evolution in the construction industry for more than a century, driven by the potential in projects which have led to the Company’s successful establishment abroad Writer:Phoebe CalverProject Manager:Richard Thomas Impresa Pizzarotti C. S.p.A has been privy to many significant projects over the years, establishing itself as a prominent construction company, held in high esteem by both those in the industry and the Company’s clients. Perhaps one of the most prominent of these projects was related to the construction of the high-speed railway lines from Milano to Bologna and Treviglio to Brescia.This project changed the lives of many Italian citizens and together with other Italian companies, Impresa Pizzarotti completed the project to an incredibly high standard.“During the project, we were able to use interesting and innovative systems for the construction of more than 10 kilometres of railway viaducts and beyond,” explains Francesco Aguglia, Project Director at Impresa Pizzarotti. “This solved the problem to the numerous interferences for densely populated territories, while also allowing for optimal landscaping and environmental integration and permeability of the highly relevant infrastructure.”With some of the more challenging overhangs that the Company came up against - particularly in terms of length - the solution had to be integrated in a similar manner, designed with hyperstatic solutions which were poured on site.The Company was founded in 1910, following the constitution of an artisan firm named Gino Pizzarotti, and having built upon this, more than a century later Impresa Pizzarotti stands out as a truly modern organisation.“It

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Arabian International Company

Arabian International Company has experienced organic growth within steel construction over the past 20 years, cementing itself as the go-to one-stop shop in the industry Writer:Phoebe CalverProduction Manager:Richard Thomas Ever since the early days of Arabian International Company (AIC Steel), the Company has been incredibly focused on tackling the most challenging projects in terms of high quality demand and schedules.In order to differentiate itself from its competitors in the region, AIC has built extensive references in an array of business sectors, including the aluminium smelter projects in the GCC region, fossil power projects, as well as projects for the oil & gas sector as a whole.“With AIC working hand in hand with the main contractors of such prestigious projects, we are able to establish ourselves as the steel partner of choice,” explains Wasim Attieh, President of Arabian International Company. “This is especially when we take into account our projects that share a challenging volume, a short execution schedule and stringent requirements for quality.”AIC Steel has been described as a Saudi business conglomerate, after starting in 1995 from a simple workshop located in the Mekkah province and specialising in steel fabrication.“As we look back over the past 20 years or so, I can see the way in which we were able to grow organically into a business that now spans multiple industrial disciplines and supporting functions,” continues Attieh. “With projects that branch right across the MENA region - as well as selected international destinations - we pride ourselves on being a stronghold that comprises four regional hubs with multiple product

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Valx is working on an upward trajectory, in the direction of modernisation, large scale production and axle specification for the European market and further afield Project Manager: Matthew Cole-Wilkin Writer: Phoebe Calver Valx is a Company of ever evolving stature, with an impressive reputation when considering its young age; founded in 2009 by a Dutch trading company, with the benefit of a previous 20 years experience as a distributor in the industry. Two years ago the Company was acquired by Chinese manufacturing giant FUWA, and with the biggest axle manufacturer in the world joining its team, the Company has had to adapt its strategy. “Our axles were coming across from China, fully dressed with brakes and hubs, with the remainder of the parts provided and mounted locally in Europe,” explains Martin Van Willigen, Managing Director of Sales and Operations. “In order to maximise efficiency, we wanted to make our supply chain as lean as possible in order to be able to carry out the final assembly of products locally.” This has been achieved by the Company to great success, with assembly hubs in the Netherlands, Spain and looking to build a hub in Poland in the near future. Having made these changes to its strategy, Valx is able to act quickly on customer requests with the assembly being housed as close as possible to the end customer. “During our period of transition over the past few years, a lot of industry experts have been employed to develop our axle range,” explains Van Willigen. “Around the same

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Universal Robots

Universal Robots is changing the dynamics of manufacturing; complementing - rather than replacing - the labour force with advanced technologies Writer:Matthew StaffProject Manager:Tom Arnold Universal Robots has quickly changed the face of manufacturing automation over the past 12 years via a concerted drive to make robotics more accessible and flexible for businesses of all sizes.Initially targeted towards the SME segment of the market, the Company’s UR3, UR5 and UR10 robotic arm products have not only revolutionised internal processes for the unsung heroes of manufacturing, but are now etching their way into the shop floors of larger industry players as they too search for enhanced agility and more sustainable consumer trend adherences.“It all began in 2003 when I was working at the Technical University of Denmark on various projects, where the idea was to make an easy-to-use and easy-to-programme flexible robot arm that gave more flexibility to the factories and more ownership to people working the robots,” explains the Company’s co-founder and Chief Technical Officer, Esben Ostergaard.Universal Robots officially incepting two years later in 2005, the products on show and gracing factories today are essentially the ones derived from these projects; as the business opened people’s eyes to the idea of collaborative robotics.“This market is now bigger than the established industrial robot market and we’re still growing and opening up the potential,” Ostergaard continues. “The traditional robots that were built up for automotive domains initially are now too complicated to build and set up in the modern climate and in other sectors, so what we wanted to do was

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Aston Martin Confirms Production of First All-Electric Model

Less than two years after being unveiled as a concept, Aston Martin is today confirming that the all-electric RapidE will enter production in 2019.Set for a limited production run of 155 cars, RapidE is Aston Martin’s first all-electric model. As such it spearheads development of the brand’s low- and zero-emission vehicle strategy laid out by Aston Martin’s President and CEO, Dr Andy Palmer, in the company’s Second Century Plan.RapidE sees a continuation of the collaboration with Williams Advanced Engineering who worked on the original RapidE Concept. Based in Grove, Oxfordshire, Williams Advanced Engineering will assist Aston Martin with the complex task of engineering integration.Based upon the forthcoming Rapide AMR concept, RapidE will deliver four-door sports car looks and dynamics of the Rapide S powered by an all-electric powertrain replacing the six-litre V12 engine. More information will be revealed about the RapidE’s all-electric powertrain in due course. The instantaneous delivery characteristics of electric motors means the RapidE will offer a unique driving experience of a kind not experienced before in an Aston Martin.Aston Martin President and CEO, Dr Andy Palmer, said of the RapidE: “Having unveiled the RapidE Concept back in October, 2015 we reach another milestone with the confirmation that we are now putting the first all-electric Aston Martin into production. RapidE represents a sustainable future in which Aston Martin’s values of seductive style and supreme performance don’t merely co-exist alongside a new zero-emission powertrain, but are enhanced by it. The internal combustion engine has been at the heart of Aston Martin for more than a

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Travel In Europe: Late Summer Destinations That Aren’t On Your Radar

The most famous and glamorous European summer travel destinations are written about constantly. From Mediterranean getaways to beautiful cities farther north, the entire continent is full of places that are terrific to visit in general, but even nicer during the warmer months of the year. But instead of recapping the same old highlights of European travel we’re going to focus on a few less obvious destinations that can make for excellent options in the waning weeks of summer.Kotor, MontenegroCroatia is the dominant destination in the Baltics these days, largely thanks to some of its seaside towns and cities on the Adriatic. In particular, Dubrovnik seems to have skyrocketed up travel lists in recent years. But if you actually look at Dubrovnik on a map, you’ll notice that it’s almost in Montenegro, at the far southeastern tip of Croatia. Of course, that means that Montenegro is home to many of the same beautiful landscapes that make Croatia so popular for tourists.Kotor isn’t actually directly on the Adriatic Sea. Rather, it’s tucked slightly inland on the Bay of Kotor (which does open to the Adriatic a short distance to the west of town). It’s a stunning place that feels secluded without being too remote. It’s surrounded by small mountains and Venetian fortifications, and also has lingering historical influence from periods like World War II and Napoleon’s conquest. The town was listed as one of the best places in Europe to escape the crowds, and while it lacks some of the major activities and attractions of larger cities, it’s

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